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Felicia C Period

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BC: Felicia Couture

FC: EAST OF EDEN Caleb Trask | EAST OF EDEN Caleb Trask | EAST OF EDEN Caleb Trask | EAST OF EDEN Caleb Trask

1: Caleb Trask Caleb Trask is a very complex character in the book. He was born as one of the "evil" characters in the story. This inheritance of personality comes from his mother. But, he is not just spawn of one, he also has the good of Adam in him too. Caleb is a twin, he is extremely jealous of his brother Aron and feels rejected by his father. Cal is not the typical "Cain" either, he wants to do good. Cal has moments where he does bad deeds, but he also has a big heart. By taking in the meaning of "timshel" Aron tries to move on and knows that he can be forgiven for his sins.

2: "Cal looked more like Adam. His hair was dark brown. He was bigger than his brother, bigger of bone, heavier in the shoulder, and his jaw had the square sterness of Adam's jaw. Cal's eyes were brown and watchful, and sometimes they sparkled as though they were black. But Cal's hands were very small for the size of the rest of him" (333). | This quote is a descriptive quote on Caleb's appearance. This also shows a lot about who he is and his inheritance. Although he has a lot of Adam in hims physically there are clues to the Cathy in him. Cal has tiny hands, a trait of the persuasive Cathy. Also, there is a lot to say about his Eyes. First, they were watchful, Cal inspected his surrounding and learned about people. Also, he could tell when something was going on. Secondly, They appeared to be black at times. Black eyes are generally associated with evil and darkness. Just like his eyes Caleb can be evil and dark at times.

3: "Cal felt pleasantly excited. He had found another implement, another secret tool, to use for any purpose he needed. He studied Aron, saw his quivering lips, but he noticed in time the flaring nostrils" (335). | The scene that leads up to this quote is when the boys find out that their mother may still be alive. Their difference in reaction causes a fight. Cal looks at the situation and evaluates it. He is trying to use Aron's weakness against him. Cal looks for ways to hurt Aron, and this by far is the biggest weapon he can use to manipulate Aron.

4: "Cal did not question the fact that people liked his brother better, but he had developed a means for making it all right with himself. He planned and waited until one time that admiring person exposed himself, and then something happened and the victim never knew how or why. Out of revenge Cal extracted a fluid of power, and out of a power, joy. It was the strongest, purest emotion he knew. Far from disliking Aron, he loved him because he was usually the cause for Cal's feeling of triumph. He had forgotten- if he had ever known- that he punished because he wished he could be loved as Aron was loved. It had gone so far that he preferred what he had to what Aron had" (345). | People feel completely different towards Caleb and Aron. They could do the same exact thing and would get different reactions for people. Everybody loved Aron, and Cal had jealousy raging through his veins. Caleb creates his own method of acceptance because he wished he was loved like Aron. Because Aron took his glory, he felt the need to triumph over him all of the time.

5: "'Dear lord,' he said, 'let me be like Aron. Don't make me mean. I don't want to be. If you will let everybody like me, why, I'll give you anything in the world, and if I haven't got it, why, I'll go for to get it. I don't want to be mean. I don't want to be lonely. For Jesus' sake Amen.' Slow warm tears were running down his cheeks. His muscles were tight and he fought against making any crying sound or sniffle" (377). | Cal had just finished listening in on the conversation between Adam and Lee and found out that Cathy is truthfully alive. He knows that he can use this again Aron but feels that if he is mean for any longer his life won't turn out how he would like for it to be. Also, he is realizing that he is cruel and wishes that he was more like his lovable brother. Cal is a caring person who is just taken as bad by others.

6: "The pale eyes looked until they found Cal. Cal's mouth moved dryly and made no sound. Lee's voice cut in, 'I don't know how long you will live, Adam. Maybe a long time. Maybe an hour. But your son will live. He will marry and his children will be the only remnant of you.' Lee wiped his eyes with his fingers. 'He did a thing in anger, Adam, because he thought you had rejected him. The result of his anger is that his brother and your son is dead'" (600). | Cal feels ultimately rejected my his father in the way that he was treated differently. If he could only get his father's blessing he would be able to move on with his life. Cal feels like a failure unless he is told otherwise. He couldn't earn his father's love. His rejection resulted in the death of Aron, the one Adam treasured most.

7: Money | When Adam loses all of his money Cal decides to work to help pay for Aron's education and to give back his father the $15,000 he had lost. Cal finally decided he made enough money and that his father would be proud of him so he set aside a date to give the money, Thanksgiving. This would be his day. But, when he gives his father the money Adam ultimately rejects it and tells Cal the pride of Aron's success is better than his money. As a result Cal becomes furious, takes the money, burns it, and gets revenge on Aron for stealing his day. Aron is taken to see Cathy.

8: Inheritance is a key part to the novel. Cal inherits his mother's personality to do bad, and be persuasive. Although this is important, what Cal does not inherit is also important. Money being passed down in the novel is tainted, nothing good comes of the money passed down from the trask family, Cal is the only one who does not inherit money and he has become freed of the cycle. | Inheritance

9: CAIN AND ABEL | The story of Cain and Abel can be summed up in few words. They are in rivalry, Cain is jealous, Abel is the innocent one. The story ends in the eventually death of Abel by Cain. Cal and Aron follow in this same path, Caleb being Cain and Aron being Abel. Their differences end in Aron's death. Although this part of the religious story relates to the twins, one thing is different. There is in fact good in Caleb Trask.

10: Jealousy is a key point in the life of Caleb. This is what makes Cal use the evil in him that he has. Because of his jealousy over his father's love Cal is always looking for a way of revenge, until one day he goes over the top and goes to far in hurting Aron. He is not only jealous of the love from father, but he wants to be with Abra, he has since they first met. But, since Cal feels Aron always gets his way, his jealousy cannot be solved until Aron is completely out of the picture. | Jealousy

11: Cal has this desire to be loved, he wants a wife, children, his father, and his brother to all appreciate and care for him. He feels left out and he searches for love and attention. He acts out to find love, but in the process does evil and gets in trouble. | LOVE

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