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Fever 1793 A-Z

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FC: A-Z Fever 1973 by Alyssa Caimi

1: This A-Z Book is Dedicated to Lexi's violin case.

2: A | "If Polly doesn't get here soon, she may need to find herself another position"(10).

3: Another Position | This foreshadowing was important because it shows that something will happen to Polly.

4: B | "But he needed me back home, not standing in the street in the dead of night brandishing a bloody sword like a pirate" (146).

5: Brandishing | To shake or wave as a weapon

6: C | Matilda, or Mattie, is the protagonist in Fever 1793. | Mattie is dynamic and round because you know a lot about her and during the story she matures from a slightly bratty teenager to a responsible adult.

7: Cook, Matilda | "Beautiful. Clever. My sweet Mattie" (147). This quote practically summarizes Matilda Cook in her grandfathers words.

8: D | 4,044 people out of the city's 50,000 fell victim to Yellow Fever and were registered on the official dead list.

9: Deaths | This fact is important to the book because Mattie had people very close to her die from Yellow Fever. Early in the book Mattie's best friend Polly died of the fever that would only kill thousands more.

10: E | Eliza could be thought of as the mentor in the story | Eliza is a round and static character. I know this because there is a lot to be known about Eliza and she remains the calm caring person she is throughout the book.

11: Eliza | "Black people were treated different than white people, that was plain to see, but Eliza said nobody could tell her what to do or where to go, and no one would ever, ever beat her again"(8).

12: F | "' And we could reserve space to sell paintings, and combs, and fripperies from France'"(38).

13: Fripperies | Finery in dress

14: G | "'It must be a grippe, a sleeping sickness'" (6).

15: Grippe | An acute, commonly epidemic disease, in several forms like a flu.

16: H | Horseshoeing is when the horseshoe is removed from a horse and replaced with a new one.

17: Horseshoeing | If done properly this can cause no pain to the horse but very few people did it correctly so the ones that did were very well payed. Eliza's husband made his money through horseshoeing. This was the same money that bought Eliza's freedom.

18: I | "Mother couldn't prepare a meal fit for pigs. I found this amusing, considering our last name was Cook"(8).

19: Irony | This is significant to the book because someone who couldn't cook most likely wouldn't go into business serving food without someone like Eliza to cook for them.

20: J | Jaundice was one of the symptoms of Yellow Fever. It is a disease of the liver characterized by yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes. Jaundice is caused by an accumulation of bile pigment in the blood. Jaundice is also called icterus.

21: Jaundice | This fact is important to the book because it is a major symptom of Yellow Fever being as many details in the book are related to the yellow, fever yellow.

22: K | "Pepperpot! All hot! Make strong! Make live long!"(27)

23: Kettle | This rhyme scheme of aabb is important in showing the commotion of the market.

24: L | Lucille, Mattie's mom, could also be a mentor. | Lucille is round and dynamic because you know about her and she becomes more caring throughout the story.

25: Lucille Cook | "When Mother allowed herself a still moment by the fire on winter nights, I could sometimes see the face she wore when Father was alive. Back then Mother smiled at me with her eyes and her laughter and her gentle hands"(17).

26: M | "'It's the source of a deadly miasma, a foul stench,indeed'" (19).

27: Miasma | Polluted atmosphere

28: N | Nathaniel is Mattie's love interest in the story. He is most likely a flat and static character.

29: Nathaniel Benson | "His voice had a low, sweet note in it like a cello, and his smile light up every shadow"(216-217).

30: O | "...the joys of the Ludington family barnyard and their odiferous pigs"(80).

31: Odiferous | Diffusing an oder

32: P | Acute Phase: -Fever -Headache -Muscle aches -etc. Toxic Phase: -Jaundice -Abdominal pain -Bleeding from nose, mouth, and eyes -etc.

33: Phases | This fact is important because if doctors knew these symptoms they would know which phase they were in and how urgent it is to care for them.

34: Q | The story comes to a quick start at the inciting incident. Mattie, Eliza, Mother, and Grandfather are getting the coffee shop ready to open. All the while an employee who is also Mattie's friend is nowhere to be found. Mother had went out to run some errands and when she came back she brought bad news. Polly was dead. After this start people were dropping like flies.

35: Quick Start | "'Matilda, Polly's dead'"(13).

36: R | People infected with Yellow Fever after the acute phase often went through a brief state of remission before entering the toxic phase in which most victims were taken.

37: Remission happens for a brief period. | This fact is important to the book because it would have been useful information to hospitals so they didn't release infected patients and spread the fever even more.

38: S | "'He fired the slovenly devils who caused all the trouble'"(102).

39: Slovenly | Untidy or unclean in appearance or habits.

40: T | Matilda had fallen asleep only to be woken by Silas. This annoyed her until she saw the garden with an icy blanket of frost. The first frost! The end of the fever!

41: The End | "'It's frost! The first frost! The end of the fever!'"(210)

42: U | Mattie and Grandfather are sent to the Ludington's farm but end up in a field that went on for miles. They picked berries and went fishing until Mattie fell unconscious and ended up in the hospital where she restored her health. After this the two decided to make their way back to the coffee shop.

43: Uprise | "There was no time to try for another fish. Grandfather was alone and without water. I filled the canteen, scoured for the last berries, and hurried back"(92).

44: V | "If not for Eliza's fine victuals, and the hungry customers who paid to eat them, we'd have been in the streets long ago"(8).

45: Victuals | Food or provisions for human beings.

46: W | Grandfather is also a mentor in the story. | He could be considered a flat static character because you do not have much background and he does not change.

47: William Farnsworth Cook | "Captain William Farnsworth Cook, Pennsylvania Fifth Regiment, here to escort you beyond the lines of the dread and terrible enemy, Yellow Fever, Miss Matilda"(77).

48: X | Mattie is a young girl living above the family coffee shop in Philadelphia in 1793. Her mother, grandfather, and a free black woman named Eliza all work there alongside Mattie. Mattie doesn't have much responsibility but she wants it, bad. the family has goals of expanding their coffee shop to be bigger and better.

49: Exposition | "My city, Philadelphia was wide awake. My heart beat faster and my head cleared. Below the window, High Street teemed with horsemen, carriages, and carts"(4).

50: Y | "Life was a battle, and Mother a tired bitter captain. The captain i had to obey"(17).

51: Yes M'am! | This quote is significant to the story because it shows that in the relation ship between Matilda and her mother, Lucille is very dominant.

52: Z | Sleep was said to heal people of the fever. People were laid in beds and told to rest. While they slept priests would come to hospitals and houses to say prayers for the sick

53: ZZZZZ | This fact is important because when Mattie was sick she slept for so long and she was almost completely cured when she woke up. Mattie said that many other patients would sleep all day and wake only to eat .

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