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FC: FISH | By: David Combs and Jake Sorrells

1: Kingdom: Animalia or animal Phylum: Chordata is the phylum which means it has a back bone Subphylum:Vertebrata Class: Fish Orders: Jawless Fish, Cartilaginous Fish and Bony Fish | Classification of Fish

2: Biomes By Class | Fish live in Freshwater biomes and Marine biomes. Freshwater biomes include ponds and lakes, and streams and rivers. Marine biomes include estuaries, and the zones of the sea. The zones of the sea 1.Intertidal zone 2.Neritic zone 3.Surface zone 4.Open-ocean zone 5.Deep zone

3: Fish Reproduction | Fish reproduce with external fertilization, which means the female drops the eggs and the male puffs out a cloud of sperm. Sharks and guppies reproduce internally, which means the young fish grows in the mother.

4: Behaviors by Order | Jawless Fish There are 2 examples of jawless fish, Hagfish and Lampreys. Hagfish live in only salt water and Lampreys live in only fresh. Lampreys use their round mouths to attach to other fish by suction. They cut the fish with toothlike structures and feed on its blood and body fluids. Cartilaginous Fish Sharks is an example of a cartilaginous fish. Sharks and their relatives eat other organisms for food. This means they are carnivores. Sharks are very efficient at finding and killing their food. Another example is sting rays. Bony Fish Most species of bony fish have separate sexes. To reproduce, the females release large numbers of eggs into the water. Males then swim over to the eggs and release sperm. This behavior is called spawning. Some bony fish are Flathead, Greenback Flounder and Cowfish.

5: Predator/ prey feeding habits | Fish have very complex nervous system giving them a very sensitive warning to any predators. Fish have senses just like us and they can even see better in water then they we can. Fish feed mostly all day so a lot of their habits have to do with feeding. The body of fish are also adapted for efficient feeding. Fish have fins for moving and also so they can get to their food. For eating some fish have blunt teeth and some have sharp teeth.

6: Type of Symmetry | Fish have bilateral symmetry. That means, if you were to cut a line right through the middle of the fish's face it would be identical.

7: Era/Period | Fish started to evolve during the Paleozoic era. It started as early as the Cambrian period and then sharks started to show up during the Devonian era.

8: Characteristics by Order | Jawless Fish Jawless fish have round mouths and long tube-like bodies covered with slimy skin and no scales. These fish have bodies made of cartilage. Cartilage is tough, flexible tissue that is not as hard as bone. Cartilaginous Fish Fish that belong here have skeletons made of cartilage like jawless fish. Unlike jawless fish, cartilaginous fish have jaws and scales. The scales resemble vertebrate teeth and make their skin feel like fine sandpaper. This includes sharks, skates and rays. Bony Fish Fish that belong to bony fish have skeletons made of bones. About 95 percent of all species of fish belong to this. Bony fish have gills which are cover by a gill cover. Gills are how they get oxygen. THe water flows over the gills and oxygen moves from the water into the fish's blood, while CO2 , moves out of the blood and into the water.

9: Fish Food Web

10: Food For People | People always thought that oceans hold a unlimited supply of food for them but lately overfishing has caused a scarcity of certain fish. The U.S and Canada are trying to cut down on overfishing in their countries. Some states have catfish farms. | Caption: catfish farm owned by Auburn

11: Flathead Catfish (Pylodictis olivaris) | These are one of the biggest catfish species and are a great food. They are a great sport fish and put up a great figh when you catch them. One of these big catfish have been recorded as 123 pounds. That's as much as some of us weigh.

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