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five roads meet at one point

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S: Five roads meet at one point

BC: 5 roads meet at 1 point This story is about 5 girls and their adventure before they meet each other. It is about how 5 very different girls can still have similarities and be best of friends. This is a roller coaster of emotions and life. 5 roads meet at one point a truly great story.

FC: Five roads meet at one point | By: Megan Facciola

1: I dedicate this book to my mom, best friends Talia, Jackie, Delaney, Cory, Emily, Ashley and all of Rocket Elite All Stars. I love you Rockets!!!

2: Hi I am Talia, This is my very first diary entree and I am hoping it dosen't get found. I am a pesent, well acctualy I am a serf. I hate being a serf I want to die at times. My father is asking the lord if its alright for me to get married. I'm a full blow adult and it is really tuff. I have to work in the fields and soon I will have to manage a household! I am 11 years old and will be 12 in two weeks. I am so tired of all the constant work and the only thing I get back is protection. Oh I wish i could marry a lord or king-to-be. I would be spectacular. Oh i am sorry I have to go work in the fields now. Bye for now, Talia (I have included paintings)

3: This is me | My father's feild | A wish

5: Hi i'm Charlotte, I live in the castle with my father and mother, they are the king and queen. My brother is waiting for a chance at the crown. As for me well I am wishing I was not almost 13. I now have to manage the castle while my mother is out for the night. I have kept a diary before but father found it and now i'm not suppose to write for a long time. Yet I still write its my favorite thing to do. I can't help but write, write about my life, my feelings, my hopes, my dreams, my bad times and good. i 'm sorry I must go mother is coming to say she's home. Bye, Charlotte :) ( I will always enclose paintings for you)

6: Hi, I'm Delaney, I am so excited I just married a lord! I no nothing of living on the manor except for the fact that there are peasents on the manor and that I get to boss them around. They are so easy to boss around. Yet I kind of feel bad. I mean my great great grandmother was a peasent for a while until she met my great great grandfather.( An old lonly widowed king) Then we became kind of royalty. Or we would be except for the fact that she had all girls. Anyway I now have everything I could ever want. Yet there is still something missing, Like i am missing a peice of me. My husband says i need a kid. Anyway Bye, Laney:p (I have included small paintings)

9: Hi I'm Jackie, Im sorry if my story bores you. I live on the manor where I feel it is a alright life. I would rather be on the manor than on the battle feild. I am not going to die, my goal is to be the oldest living peasent ever! My husband says it will never work. I almost died in child birth just last week. Now I have 5 kids. 2 girls and 3 boys. I so wish I didn't have to have so many kids. Don't get me wrong I love all my children but I really hate all the stupid child birth. I mean it kind of hurts me but my husband benifits from it and when he is happy I am happy. Oh I have to go make dinner, we finally got enough for a small feast. Till tomorrow, Jackie ( I have included some paintings)

10: Hello, Im a peasent with the dream to be a serf. Oh how I wish to live on the sweet sweet manor. I know the lord is quite cruel but it is better than being a peasent nomad. I am alone also so this life style is very lonly. My mom and dad died. My mom died in childbirth with me. My brother teased me about it until the day he died from some disease. My dad died from too much bleeding, he was acidently stuck with a knife when he was about 16. Now i am all alone. Sorry I forgot to tell you I am Cory and I am 13. Anyway I have to go there is someone coming. Bye, Cory ( I included paintings)

12: Hello again, As you know I had to go and work in the fields. It didn't go so well I am now being traded. I am leaving this manor for another. I am very upset about this but maybe the next ruler with be better to me. Give me more food for me and my family. I love my life so much and I hope that they do not kill me. I mean the vikings. There have been a lot of attacks scince the last time I wrote. I have to go to bed now so no one will suspect anything. Always, Talia

13: Me and my feast

14: Hi there, Again i am writing in my diary. it souths me so much like well like I am on a cloud.. It is the best feeling in the world and I never ever want it to go away. I wish I could write when ever I wanted I would always be writing if I could.. If only I could try living as a peasant for one day. Then I would be able to help them and make the world a better place. Oh I long to be a peasant. Isn't that weird, that I want to be a peasant instead of a princess. Most peasants would give anything to be me but instead it is the other way around. I know I should be grateful I have not a care in the world, yet I long for more responsibility and hard work. Oh how I want to be a peasant. Hold on I got to go someone called the guards. Oh my gosh why is everyone screaming. I will write in you later till then good bye diary, Charlotte:(

15: unhappy | a night | clouds | me

16: Hi again, This time I have fantastic news. Everything is going great. I think I might be pregnant with my very first child. Oh I hope it's a boy a beautiful beautiful baby boy. I decided on the names. Connor for a boy and Rebecca for a girl. Oh either way I will be happy, I mean I will love it no matter what. This child will have everything she or he could ever want. This baby will be perfect just like me. Any way I am going to tell my husband to night over dinner. Did I mention I love my husband. Bye now, Laney

17: me | my baby

18: Hi again this is Jackie, the feast was magnificent and it was a huge feast. I absloutly loved it and so did my kid. I wish I could say the same for my husband but of coarse he had to work work work. I know it is only for the families protection and not to just ignore us. He ignore his family before. You see I was kinding around saying how my secret dream was to become a nomad and we got in a huge argument about it. Any way my life is alright. Sure I would love to be a princess or a queen but you can't just be one all of the suddon. It is the hard cruel truth and guess what it isn't about to get any easier. Any way I have to go he is coming back now and I want to make sure his food is still hot. Bye bye, Jackie

19: me and my house

20: Hi again, Its me Cory and I have big news! That someone coming was a lord. He had spotted the smoke from the flames when I was cooking some meat. He said he is looking for hard working peasants to work on the manor. So now i am going to live on the manor! Isn't that great, of coarse it's great I mean it's the manor! Yipppppeeee I am so excited to get to live on the manor it will be awesome anyway I got to pack! Bye for now, Cory ( I drew a picture of my new house)

22: Hi again, It's Talia as usual, and it has been three days since I last wrote and I am very sorry about that. Anyway I am getting married to another peasant and I am very excited and I just cant wait to get married and have little babies working in the field with me and my husband. I found out his name is Brandon and he is super nice. My father picked him out and he drew a picture of us. I just can't wait to get married and not have to work so hard. Anyway I got to go I am getting married tomorrow! I know it is so soon but my father thinks it is best. Till then, Talia

23: my wedding dress | me and my husband | my sisters wedding

25: Hello, This is charlotte once again. The stupid viking have come and I am terrified. I mean the last thing my father said to me was that I need to stop writing so much and start spending time with him. I never now when we will die. Well he was right I mean my punishment was over and I could right again but now. Oh my gosh I dan't belive I am saying this......... my father has been KILLED!!! I mean one minute I am up in my room writing away while he is getting ready for a party and next thing I now I am climbing out my window to escape when in the window I see my dead fathers body laying there. It looked so trashed, they had no respect for him. How could someone do that? I got to go I just got to the manor. I mean my new home. Till next time, Charlotte

26: Hello, It is me Laney again so I now I haven't written in a long time but a lot has been going on and so it has been a ton of stress. I am pregnant for sure I am as big as a house and I am sure that I am having more than one child. I really hope I have twin boys! That would be amazing and awesome for my husband when he works in the fields. My husband says I will blow any day now. I honestly think that is great I mean what else do I have to look forward to except for new neighbor. I forgot to tell you I am getting a new neighbor, Till then, Laney

27: my baby and field

28: Hey again, It's me as usual and my husband is in one of his moods so I told him to go to bed and I will make the kids work on the fields so that he could sleep. I really just did not want to deal with him. My friend Laney says she is getting new neighbors so I have to meet them. I will write when I meet them. See you then, Jackie

29: neighbors and castle

30: Hey it is me, So I moved to the manor that the lord was talking about and it is pretty nice here. I mean I dont have to worry about anything at all. It is nice to be carefree, kind of. I mean don't get me wrong I love it here but it could be better. I met all new friends and they are awesome. Their names are Talia, Charlotte, Laney, and Jackie. They are all so great and help me out a lot. Tonight I am going to tell them about my plan. i mean I love it here but I know how to make our lives even better. Until next time, Cory

31: my room and the middle of the manor

32: Hey..., It is Talia and I feel bad but I think it is for the best. You see I ran away right before my wedding and I am hiding in my new friend Cory's house. Cory was nice enough to take me in and I am so grateful for that. She told me and all my friends her big idea. I totally agree and I am in love with the idea. We are going to go and dress up as knights and while they are all asleep one night we are going to sneak away, trade goods, and make our own city! Anyway bye forever and ever. This will be awesome, Talia

33: my sack, money, and a knight

34: Dear Diary, Hey there so I am finally at the manor and I am escaping tonight. I have only been here for 2 days and I for one am already tired of this place. It annoys me and so I am ready to leave already. Oh well I am packing so I have to get back to that in a minute so if you don't mind I got to go so bye! Bye forever, Charlotte

36: Hey it is me Laney, So I am best friends with my new neighbor. We have a plan to escape the manor and be free. Anyway I am so excited that I am leaving this manor I have been here for to long. By the way I had triplets 2girls and one boy! I have to leave my diary just in case so bye. Sadly, Laney

37: Rebecca | Conor | Avery | My Children:

38: Hey as usual this is Jackie, So the new neighbor is super cool. Actual she has a plan that we will follow threw with tonight. We are busting out of the manor once and for all. I am sorry but I have to do this I just can not take it in here. Good bye forever. Sorry we are leaving now, Jackie

40: Hey, So I told everyone not to bring a diary just in case someone reads it and finds out who we really are. We made it and we started our very own city called the Poraja. I am a queen along with Jackie, Talia, Laney, and Charlotte. Jackie is married the king of Russia named Richie and had 3 kids. Talia married a peasant named Andrew and had 5 kids. Laney married a man named Tony and had 7 kids. Charlotte married the king of France named Ralf and ended up having 9 kids. As for me I married a king form Italy and had 3 kids. I have to go before the others find out I am writing. Good bye for the rest of my life. Cory

41: My new life | I'm sorry I have to go

43: About the author! | Megan is a cheerleader at Rocket Elite All Stars and is working on getting to level 3 or 4 this year. She goes to Howard A. Eyer Middle School. She enjoys mash potatoes, bacon, and watermelon. Her favorite animal is a giraffe. She also enjoys ski ball and playing with her pet dog Spot. In her spare time she likes to bake cookies, cheer, sew, and hang out with friends. Her favorite color is purple and she is very hyper. She enjoys writing books and watching lots of television.

44: Work Citied Davies, Penelope. Growing up in the Middle Ages. Hove E. Sussex: Wayland 1972 Print. History of Our World. Needham, MA: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2005. Print. Winston, Clara, Richard, and Winston. The Horizon Book of Daily Life in Middle Ages. New York: American Heritage pub., 1975. Print.

46: Frequently asked questions!!!!!!!!:) What is a manor? A manor is a place where peasants lived. It was big and exclusive. Who was in charge of the manor? The lord was in charge of the manor. Who all lived on the manor? Peasants and the lord lived on the manor.

47: Special thanks for the making of this mixbook to: Mixbook, Miss. Torpey, Mrs. Brosky, Charlotte Levinson, Jackie Stasurak, Delaney Worley, Talia Kotz, Rebecca Houghton, my mom and Cory Seese.

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