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Fred's Flying Flop

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FC: Fred's Flying Flop By Cameron

1: Fred's Flying Flop By Cameron Merkel

3: Dedicated to my Family, for supporting me and feeding my imagination.

4: “Goodbye!” Fred Fritzwald shouted. His dad had just hopped on his plane to New York, and he would be gone for a week. Fred would miss him, but he knew that the trip would allow him to pitch his big plan to the leader of the company he worked for, Syndical Industries.

5: “I can't wait to hear what they think of his great idea!” he thought. “I bet they're going to love it!” He sat down at his computer, and began looking up his flight. According to the airline's website, his dad's plane was well on its way to New York. Fred is tired from the drive early in the morning and almost falls asleep when he notices a briefcase right by his desk. He instantly realizes it's not just a briefcase; it's the briefcase with all of his Dad's important files!

6: “He forgot his briefcase! Now how is he going to pitch his idea?” Fred exclaimed. “He's going to need it. Ill just have to get it to him!” He ran up to his scanner to e-mail the papers. “Great,” he said sarcastically “The scanner's broken. Now how am I going to get them to him?” He ran up to the screen and went to the Internet Warehouse.

7: “Let's see how much... fifty dollars for a scanner! I could buy fifty chocolate bars with that much!” He thought of solutions. He thought, and thought, and thought! After ten minutes, it finally came to him. “I remember learning about blimps in science, and I built one for the fair! I could just build a blimp like that, but way bigger!” Ten-year-old Fred set out to do the impossible; to build a full-size blimp in less than a week.

8: First, he had to build the engine. He headed down to the air show. He thought of the idea of simply buying a blimp, but if a tiny scanner was a massive $50 dollars, he knew it would be expensive. “Hello sir. Have any old planes?” He asked the man.

9: “As a matter of fact, yes, we do have an old broken down plane. It's over there in the corner. Feel free to try to find any working parts left.” Fred walked over to the plane. “Yes!” He was lucky enough to find that the plane had a rudder and some windows. He screwed out the bolts, and headed home. “Thank you sir!"

10: Meanwhile, his neighbor had been watching. Not his friends Fran, across the street, or Philip, to the left of him. No, it was his slightly insane, lifelong enemy since kindergarten; watching him, was Ferguson McGregor. “Hello, Ferguson,” he said with an evil smirk on his face. “What's the little operation you got here? Not that I wouldn't know, you couldn't keep a secret from the most ignorant person in the world if your life depended on it.”

11: “McGregor, why are you spying on me?” Fred shot back. “What could you possibly want that I have?” “Oh, nothing really, but I do want you to stop. My dad works for Qwerty Computers, and I can't allow your dad to pitch an idea to the enemy company!” “How do you even know your dad works for them? You hardly see him.” “I've heard him mentioning it a lot on the phone.” Ferguson stated. “Anyway, I'm not going to stop building, Ferguson!” “Fine, I'll deal with you later.”

12: So Fred went to get his friends, Fran and Philip. “Guys, I've brought you for a job of utmost importance. I have to deliver this briefcase to my dad. But before I can go, we have to build my method of transport. I give you the engine of the future Blimp!” He unfolded the sheet covering the potential machine.

13: “Let's get to work!” His friends cheered him on, and they all got to work assembling the rest. Philip and Fran asked, “So, what else do we need?” “Contact the balloon company. We're going to need something to make the balloon, as well as a lot of helium; a deflated balloon is useless.”

14: So they gathered the materials for the blimp, and soon it was ready to take off. But meanwhile, Ferguson had other plans. He decided that if he couldn't stop Fred from taking off, he would just have to make his own blimp and race him there. Finally, the blimp was finished, and Fred took off. But he quickly found out that he was much better at building a blimp then flying one. The fact that there was a huge storm that day didn't help.

15: “Up, up, down, down! Now left, now right, now left, now right! Faster! Slow down!” were amongst his cries as Fred attempted to pilot the giant craft. Finally, he managed to get a hold of the blimp. But more trouble was amiss as another blimp, this one going straight through the air, began approaching Fred's blimp. As it got closer, he looked and realized...

16: “It's Ferguson!” Fred shouted. Knowing he had little time to get away, Fred quickly set the engine to overdrive. But despite his efforts, Ferguson got close enough to shout at him. “Lovely weather isn't it?” he shouted sarcastically, “You know, perhaps we should go for a picnic. Oh but wait we're enemies, correct?” He began laughing, first a chuckle, but then quickly a mad laugh.

17: “If you're here to stop me from going, as you can see, you're too late for that.” Fred responded. "I'm here to stop you as you touch down. Better hope you're first." “We'll just have to see then.” Fred quickly set the blimp to max speed (60 mph) and he suddenly blasted off.

18: “I'm going to be in New York in no time!” Fred shouted.“Hey wait; my car goes faster than this!” he realized. “How is this quicker?” Fred thought about that for a moment, and thought, “I don't have to stop for red lights, or traffic jams, or toll booths, and most other things a car has to go through.”

19: Fred finally managed to get a grip (literally) on the controls, and everything was smooth-sailing from there.

20: As expected, he soon arrived in New York City with Ferguson right behind him. As he was about to land, in a last ditch effort, Ferguson took his blimp and crashed it into them!

21: Fred stepped out of the wreckage, and saw he was right outside Syndical Industries Headquarters. “Dad has to be here!” He grabbed the briefcase and ran to the door! He hopped into an elevator and was off. What he didn't know was that Ferguson still hadn't given up, and was in the elevator next to his!

22: At last he had reached his dad, in the conference room. “Fred, how did you- “he began to ask. “Ill tell you later, but right now,” Fred handed him the briefcase, “You forgot your idea, in the briefcase!”

23: His dad looked confused for a moment, and then went “Ah! Fred?” “Yes?” “This is my old briefcase. Mom got me a new one for this trip.” “Wait I came all the way here for nothing?” “Not nothing – I did forget to take my sandwich out of the old briefcase. Thanks for bringing it!”

24: Then Ferguson came in, exclaiming, “Hey, I can't let you-“He then looked, and saw his dad, sitting in the conference room, “Dad? What are you doing here? I thought you worked for Qwerty Computers.” Ferguson's dad got up, and walked over to him. “I DO work for Qwerty Computers, and they're a partner of Syndical.”

25: Ferguson turned to Fred, “So I guess all this fighting was for nothing, huh?” “Yeah, I feel kind of silly too. Friends” Fred stuck his hand out. “I agree, let's be friends!” Ferguson responded, shaking his hand. "I guess this experience wasn't a flop after all-" BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!

26: WAKE UP, Fred...

27: Time to take dad to the airport!

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  • Title: Fred's Flying Flop
  • Fred's dad forgot his important briefcase, and Fred must deliver it in time, while avoiding his enemy. How? A blimp.
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