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Freshman 50 Vocabulary - Hannah Dismuke

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BC: Hannah Dismuke

FC: Famous | Freshmen | 50

1: Indifferent : adj. without interest or concern, having no bias or preference, not particularly good. | Synonyms : nonchalant, neutral, uncaring Antonyms : excited, concerned | She was indifferent towards the decision to get ice cream after the movie.

2: Apathy | Absence of emotion | Noun; lack of interest or concern | His voice was void of emotion, tinted with nothing but apathy. | Synonyms : dullness, insensitivity, unconcern Antonyms : caring

3: Not clear or plain, hidden | Obscure | Synonyms :indistinct, unclear, vague, illegible Antonyms : clear, distinct | The image was obscure at best, and the darkness made it no easier to see. | Adjective

4: Obscure | Verb; To cover or hide from view | Synonyms : shadow, cloud, screen, veil Antonyms : reveal | A lace veil draped gracefully over the brides face, obscuring her expression.

5: Adjective; Having more than one meaning Synonyms : equivocal, enigmatic, vague Antonyms : obvious, definite | AMBIGUOUS | Her answer was ambiguous, leaving her husband even more confused than he was before the phone call.

6: Impartial | Adjective; not biased, fair | Synonyms : unbiased, unprejudiced, disinterested Antonyms : biased, fair | The jury was specifically picked to be impartial towards the argument.

7: Objective | Adjective; not influenced by personal feeling, based on fact | Synonyms : external, unbiased, detached Antonyms : subjective | The article was written as objectively as possible, so as not to anger anyone.

8: Objective | Noun; Goal | Synonyms : goal, aim, aspiration, purpose | For now the objective was to pass geometry with a B.

9: Revere | Verb; to regard with respect tinged with awe | Synonyms : venerate, respect, admire Antonyms : disrespect | He planned to revere the beautiful girl until she would go out with him.

10: Discriminate | Only a few decades ago it was almost expected for white to discriminate against black. | Verb; to make a distinction, to separate from a group | Synonyms : specify, separate, segregate Antonyms : unite

11: Verb; to introduce something new | Too battle the declining economy our company had decided to innovate its product line. | Innovate | Synonyms : create, alter, add, change

12: Denounce | Verb : to condemn openly/publicly | Synonyms : accuse, blame, expose Antonyms : approve, praise, compliment | Ford was quick to denounce the other car companies new cars, revealing their low quality.

13: Subtle | Adjective: difficult to perceive or understand | Synonyms: faint, fine, slight, sophisticated, delicate | The subtle differences between the fake and the original copies were nearly imperceptible. | Antonyms: hard, harsh, noisy

14: love | Stagnant | Adjective: not flowing or running | Just because you dislike change does not mean you should live a stagnant life. | Synonyms: dormant, inactive, stationary, static Antonyms: moving

15: Candid | Adjective: frank, outspoken, straightforward, honest | Synonyms: genuine, sincere, truthful Antonyms: deceitful, tricky | Her hand covered the screen quickly before her friends could see the candid picture.

16: Discern | Verb: see, recognize, or apprehend | Synonyms: notice, observe, distinguish Antonyms: disregard, overlook, neglect | It was difficult to discern a horizon between the sky and the sea.

17: Adjective: acting in contradiction to stated beliefs or feelings | Synonyms: artificial, fake, insincere Antonyms: honestly, candid | Hypocritical | The old man was hypocritical, saying one thing and doing another.

18: Disdain | Noun: a feeling of contempt for someone of something Verb: to look on with scorn | Synonyms: scorn, contempt, disrespect, slight Antonyms: admiration, esteem, honor, respect | Noun: Her obvious disdain for hos ratty and disheveled look was poorly disguised. | Verb: I refuse to disdain someone because of their appearance.

19: Abstract | Adjective: difficult to understand, disassociated from any specific instance | Synonyms: conceptual, ideal, theoretical Antonyms: concrete, understandable, logical | The painting was abstract, following no real rhyme or reason.

20: valid | Adjective: logically correct | Synonyms: rational, reasonable, sensible, logical Antonyms: illegitimate | Though the argument was valid, her father refused to change his mind.

21: Enigma | Noun: something hard to understand or explain | Synonyms: mystery, puzzle, riddle, secret | The enigma of the Bermuda Triangle will probably never be explained.

22: The sinking of the titanic was inevitable, but I still hoped the movie characters would survive. | Inevitable | Adjective: incapable or being avoided or evaded | Synonyms: certain, inescapable, necessary, unavoidable Antonyms: avoidable, uncertain

23: Eccentric | Adjective: deviating from the customary character or practice. | Synonyms: odd, queer, strange, unusual Antonyms: normal, typical | The eccentric old woman spent her days knitting socks for her cats.

24: Provincial | Adjective: unsophisticated or narrow, having the characteristics of a province | Synonyms: rude, unpolished, rural, narrow-minded | His provincial ideas ideas hinted at years of influence from narrow-minded parents.

26: Inferred | Verb: to have concluded from evidence Adjective: something assumed | Synonyms: reasoned, gathered, assumed, concluded | She inferred the high quality of the hotel after seeing a picture of its lavish lobby.

27: Diverse | Adjective: different, varied | Synonyms: assorted, distinct Antonyms: similar, identical | The diverse colors of the candies drew your eyes in several different directions.

28: Apprehensive | Adjective: anxious or uneasy | Synonyms: fearful, worried, uncertain, troubled Antonyms: certain, confident | She was nothing but apprehensive as she waited for her test results.

29: I love the leaves, I do not know why. Is it their colors or how they fly? They crunch and crinkle Under my feet; I pile them up And take a leap! | Vulnerable | Adjective: can be wounded or injured, open to or easily hurt by criticism or attack | Synonyms: exposed, unsafe, weak Antonyms: impervious | The kitten stood out in the rain, vulnerable to the elements.

30: Benevolent | Adjective: inclined to do good, kind Synonyms: good, nice, kind, friendly Antonyms: cruel, mean | He gratefully accepted the child's hug and flashed a benevolent smile as he walked away.

31: Pious | Adjective: having or showing religious devotion, sacred | Synonyms: divine, holy, devout, religious | The most pious man in the town was the priest.

32: Adjective: doubting, questioning Synonyms: cynical, dubious, suspicious | Skeptical | The child was skeptical that the toy was really under the blanket.

33: Resignation | Noun: the act of resigning, patient submission Synonyms: submission, humility, compliance Antonyms: resistance, unwillingness | The puppy's head hung in resignation as it realized there was no getting around a trip to the vet.

34: Illuminate | Verb: | Verb: reveal the truth about, shine light on | Synonyms: bathe, lighten Antonyms: blacken, darken, obscure | I did my best to illuminate the finer points of the agreement, but she didn't seem to follow.

35: Resolution | Noun: a solution | Synonyms: conclusion, diagnosis, judgment, verdict | The mediators resolution to our problem worked to satisfy both side's needs.

36: Servile | Adjective: slavishly submissive, fawning | Synonyms: abject, passive, fawning Antonyms: aggressive, dominant | The servile workers were unlikely to revolt against the lowered wages.

37: Refute | Verb: to prove wrong by argument or evidence, show to be false, deny truth | Synonyms: contradict, disclaim, negate, reject Antonyms: acknowledge, admit, concede, confirm | The defense could do nothing but refute the prosecution's claims, though they had no proof to back it up.

38: Anarchy | Noun: absence of government, chaos, absence of order | Synonyms: lawlessness, misrule Antonyms: lawfulness, rule | The country was in a state of anarchy due to the recent revolt.

39: Virulent | Adjective: extremely poisonous or venomous, full of malice | Synonyms: cruel, nasty, spiteful, deadly Antonyms: benign, benevolent, good | The virulent man constantly looked for faults in his employees so he could fire them.

40: Miser | Noun: one who is extremely stingy with his money | Synonyms: cheapskate, scrooge, tightwad Antonyms: one who is charitable | In A Christmas Carol, Scrooge is the miser of the town.

41: Articulate | Adjective: able to speak Synonyms: fluent, well-spoken Antonyms: ineloquent, unvocal | Verb: to put into words, to give a definition, to speak clearly synonyms: enunciate, define, express Antonyms: slur | Despite her American background, she was articulate in German and French. | The teacher was sure to slowly articulate her directions so the class would understand.

42: Discord | Noun: lack of agreement or harmony Synonyms: conflict, chaos, friction, strife Antonyms: agreement, harmony, peace | Discord was often caused in the market by hagglers fighting for a cheaper price.

43: Diligent | Adjective: characterized by steady, earnest, and energetic effort | Synonyms: busy, engaged, industrious, efficient Antonyms: idle, inactive, unoccupied | The diligent student finished all of his projects a week before they were due.

44: He was perceptive enough to notice the faint scratching sound coming from the closet. | Perceptive | Adjective: having or showing sensitive insight | Synonyms: observant, keen, aware Antonyms: unwise, oblivious

45: Superficial | Adjective: concerned with only the obvious or apparent, seen on the surface | Synonyms: shallow, surface Antonyms: deep, profound | She was superficial enough to ask if the clothing offered to her was designer.

46: Contempt | Noun: lack of respect or reverence for something, act of despising or state of being despised | Synonyms: disdain, scorn Antonyms: esteem, favor, regard, respect | She glanced at the dirty man in contempt, hoping he had brought a nicer set of clothes.

47: Lucid | Adjective: having full use of ones abilities, clear to the understanding. | Synonyms: plain, simple, clear Antonyms: complex, abstract, obscure | The concept of ABC's was not yet lucid to the young children.

48: Immune | Adjective: free or exempt from, protected, not susceptible | Synonyms: free, exempt, unaffected Antonyms: effected susceptible | He was not immune to the children's pleading eyes and eventually he gave in.

49: Aesthetic | Adjective: artistic, pleasing in appearance | Synonyms: beautiful, attractive, lovely Antonyms: hideous, ugly, unsightly | Her house was decorated with aesthetic paintings, each one complementing the others.

50: Inclined | Adjective: having disposition of tendency, having a slope | Synonyms: willing ,ready, minded Antonyms: unwilling | After a threat from the teacher, Ellie was inclined to sit quietly and not cause any more trouble.

51: Prodigal | Adjective: characterized by profuse or wasteful expenditure | Synonyms: extravagant, squandering, wasteful Antonyms: conserving, economical, frugal | The prodigal child had no intention of saving her money, she would spend it right away on a new toy.

52: Uniform | Adjective: having always the same form, manner or degree | Synonyms: consistent, steady, unchanging Antonyms: deviation, varying | All the cookies were of uniform shape.

53: Assess | Verb: to make an official evaluation, to determine importance, size or value | Synonyms: impose, exact, evaluate Antonyms: remit | After the tornado, homeowners were quick to assess the damages.

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