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From Caterpillars to Butterflies: Tales From Mrs. Elliott's Class

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FC: From Caterpillars to Butterflies: Tales From Mrs. Elliott's Class

5: The Enemies!!! Hello, my name is Killer the caterpillar. Today is when my enemy attacks. He is a cougar. He only attacks once a year so I try to hide when he attacks. When he attacks he tries to eat me, but he never finds me because I am green and I blend in with the trees. He almost found me one year, because I forgot about him attacking. Shh! I think I hear him. I am in a tree. He will never find me here. POW!!! Ahhh! It is the hunters! Run for your lives! Shh ! My enemy is here. POW!!! YAY!!! My enemy is dead. I am safe. Thank you hunters. You are so nice. By Shaun R.

7: The Worried Caterpillar Once upon a time there lived a caterpillar named Ted. Ted had a problem. He did not have enough food to eat to help him get bigger so that he could change into a butterfly. One day Ted was crawling on the sidewalk and he met Sam the bird. Sam led Ted to the woods to help him find food. With his food, Ted soon is able to change into a cocoon and then a butterfly! Ted can now fly and he is not scared anymore! Ted and Sam were best friends forever! By Malik M. By Malik M.

9: The Butterfly Way Once upon a time there was a caterpillar named Zack. His friend Mike, the bird played with him everyday. Zack ate and ate until he couldn't eat anymore. One day Zack turned into his chrysalis and it hatched and he became a butterfly. His friend Mike came to visit and they went to fly. They flew all day. By Coryunta D.

11: The Lonely Caterpillar Once upon a time there was a caterpillar named Bob. He was a very lonely caterpillar. He had no friends. One day while he is walking he meets a butterfly, named Froggy. Bob and Froggy become friends. Bob is not lonely anymore. They are friends forever! By Keiston T.

13: Blacky Blacky the Caterpillar went to a party. It was at Dan's house. Dan didn't have any food because he didn't have any money. Blaky the Caterpillar let Dan borrow some money. Dan bought food for the party. The party was exciting and the food was great! By Bradley M.

15: Shawn the Butterfly Shawn the Blue, Red Devil Hounds Butterfly was nice all the time until one day something happened. Jets shot at his village and killed all the butterflies and blew up the whole entire village. Shawn came up with an idea to fight the jets. Shawn made an asteroid. He also made tanks, trucks, helicopters, race cars, and motorcycles. He made people, huge caterpillars and more butterflies. Then the war started and all the weapons they made were just enough to fight in the huge war. All the village butterflies, caterpillars and Shawn save the village and won the war. By Thomas H.

17: Sarah and Cricket Once upon a time a little caterpillar named Sarah was crawling through the woods with her friend Cricket. Sarah was crying because she wanted to make music like Cricket does. Cricket and Sarah stopped and Cricket taught her how to make music with her mouth, while Cricket used her legs. This made Sarah very happy. Sarah and Cricket made music together. By Makiah B.

19: Jecketh Jecketh, the Caterpillar was sad because he could not fly like his friend the ladybug. Jecketh starts to change. He transforms into a J-shape, then a cocoon and a butterfly. Jecketh is happy and he and his ladybug friend flies into the sunset together. By Cameron P.

21: John Cena the Superhero There once was a butterfly named John Cena. One day a woman was captured by a man. John Cena the Super Butterfly came to the rescue. He destroyed the man and saved the woman. John Cena was a superhero. By David O.

23: Ross and Tara Once upon a time there was a caterpillar named Ross and a bird named Tara. Ross and Tara were good friends. They loved each other. One day Tara and Ross had a fight. Tara told Ross their friendship was over. Ross did not like that. Ross went off and became a cocoon. Tara felt bad and wanted to tell Ross she was sorry. Two years has come and she was still looking for her best friend and three years has come. She felt sad that her best friend was gone. Once Ross became a butterfly, he thought about his friend and looked for her. They found each other and they felt so good to see each other again. They flew off to play and were friends forever! By Hannah B. By Hannah B.

25: Sarah There once was a caterpillar named Sarah. She wanted to fly like her friend Michael. Sarah was so sad she started to cry. One day, Sarah changed into a J-shape, then soon after that a cocoon. After a few days the cocoon was hatching! She is now a butterfly! Sarah and Michael fly away together. By Sanaa V.

27: Brittney Brittney the Caterpillar was happily crawling in the grass. She was on her way to find some food. Once she found her food and ate she got bigger and bigger. Something happened. Brittney started to form a J-shape and then a chrysalis. This scared her. Soon Brittney became a butterfly. This made her happy. She was free to play in the air! By Alicia D.

29: Breanna Once upon a time there was a caterpillar named Breanna. Breanna lived in the woods. One day a hawk flew through the woods. Breanna is afraid of the hawk. Breanna tries to escape. The hawk comes after her. The hawk comes down and talks to Breanna. The hawk wants to be friends. Breanna did not need to be worried anymore. Breanna and the hawk are friends and live happily ever after. By Danica G.

31: Dan Once upon a time a butterfly had no one to play with and his name was Dan. The other butterflies names were Bob and Davis. Bob and Davis played everyday and everyday Dan got sadder and sadder. The next day another butterfly showed up and they became friends. He had a friend for once and they flew away together. By Zachary B.

33: Zack the Butterfly Once upon a time there was a butterfly named Zack. Zack's friend Mitchell had a problem. He got stuck on a spider's web. When Zack tried to help, he got stuck too! The spider came and Zack saw that it was his friend Tony. Tony helped Zack and Mitchell out of the web. Zack and Mitchell flew away happy and safe! By Evan C.

35: Honey My caterpillar is named Honey. She loves to eat leaves and she loves to go climbing around. I wish she were a butterfly. One day Honey began to change. She started to form a cocoon. A few days later Honey was a butterfly! I am so happy Honey is a butterfly! By Alexis T.

37: The Caterpillar Once upon a time there was a lonely caterpillar named Brittney. She did not have any friends. In Spring, Brittney began to change. Her skin was shedding. She turned into a chrysalis. She turned into a butterfly. Now she can make friends. She found a friend named Jacob. They were friends forever and they found one more friend. She was named Sam. They had a great time with the butterfly. They were friends forever! By Dimima G.

39: Bolt the Super Caterpillar Bolt the Caterpillar was a super caterpillar. He had super speed, super strength and heat vision. One foggy morning there was a fire in the village. A little girl was stuck in her house. Bolt ran inside to save the girl. Bolt used his super run powers to save her, but the little girl fell and Bolt had to use his super yell powers to call the firemen in. The firemen and Bolt pulled the girl out of the fire and she was safe. Bolt saved the day. By Madison H.

41: Batman the Caterpillar Batman the Caterpillar was flying and he saw someone saying "Help!". He followed the direction that was saying "Help!" and when he landed on the ground he saw someone that was on fire. It was Mrs. Elliott. He had water and he rinsed the fire off of her and he saved the day. By Dylan H.

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