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Ft Roberdeau 09 (Copy)

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FC: Our Adventures at ft. Roberdeau Sept. 2009

1: Thanks to the combined efforts of the staff at Fort Roberdeau and the Penn State Altoona Education Program, we were given the hands-on opportunity to experience "the old days" for ourselves! Each student designed a page in this special scrapbook to share the unique moments with you.

4: The fourth grade students of Myers Elementary went to visit Fort Roberdeau just outside of Sinking Valley. They saw the walls which protected the soldiers from the Indians. by Jared Zitterbart

5: On the field trip to Fort Roberdeau a man is demonstrating a musket. by Tyler Frye

6: At the beginning of the trip, this man demonstrated how to load and shoot this gun. by Grant Beeler.

7: These girls were having a good time dressing up and learning about the fort's history. By Angel Mull

8: When we went into this soldier's house, he told us about colonial life. by Nick Antonelle

9: This is one of the volunteers using a spinning wheel to spin the thread.That is how they did it in the olden days. It is hard even though it looks easy! by Tabatha Thomas

10: Part of Mrs. Kuhn's class is learning how to punch tin to look like a map of Fort Roberdeau. by Danielle Coakley

11: Samantha, Kyra, Trent, and Jake are making a tin project at the tinsmith station. It's a map! by Jaylon Beck

12: Kaylob, Braden, and Annie are pounding nails at the tinsmith station. They are acting like colonial people making things of tin on a block in the shape of Fort Roberdeau. by Trevor Sholly

13: These kids are using a nail and hammer to make a design out of the sheet of tin. The design is for a candle holder. These candle holders will be sold. By: Kermit Foor

14: At this station you put the outline of the fort on a piece of metal. by Dustin Miller

15: Tamra and Sumer are making their initials by carving holes in the tin. They are using nails and poking holes in the figure of their initials. by Tessa Crider

16: We are pounding nails in metal! Some classes pounded a design like Fort Roberdeau and some did their initials. by Aaron Bowman

17: Mrs. Gibbons' class is pounding nails to create a design at the tinsmith station.

18: Jessica and Colin are at the tinsmith station.This is where you take a hammer, nail, hard foil and a piece of wood. Then you put the wood and hard foil down, and you hammer the nail into it to make a picture. by Jessica Worley

19: Colin is making a print of the fort at the tinsmith activity. by Aliza Learn

20: Trent and Jake are having fun making the shape of Fort Roberdeau in the tins. by Tristan Claypoole

21: These students are making a tin picture of Fort Roberdeau. They had to use nails and hammers. It was pretty fun and easy! by Bailey Forshey

22: A volunteer is showing the students how wood could be shaved and shaped. By ALexis Gerwert

23: Here the boys are at the tin- smith station making forts. By Jamilyn Daley

24: The boys have successfully been tinsmiths. They take a nail and a hammer and pound the nail against the metal to make a picture of Fort Roberdeau by Max DeArmitt

25: Lanterns were used to see instead of light bulbs. | By Naomi Stonebraker

26: This is Lara and her group writing with ink made from walnuts and quill pens from turkeys!! by Kassie Evans

27: Mrs.Burns' kids are learning how to use ink pens. by Colby miller

28: In this picture some people in Mrs. Cook's class are learning about the quill pens. by Malacki Harper

29: Some of Mrs. Kuhn's students are writing and drawing with quills and ink.

30: Tamra is learning how to use quills to write George Washington's rules to live by. by Caleb Mayes

31: Mrs.Kuhn's class is writing with quill pens and ink made from walnuts. by Eric Morder

32: Bryce,Zach,Kamryn,Lucas ,Elizabeth are writing their names with ink quills. by Trent Walker.

33: Malacki, Cassidy, and Aliza are painting pictures with their quills. by Alex Hale

34: Ian, Tyler, Hannah, and Malacki are writing with quills made from feathers and are using black walnut ink. by Mikayla Frantz

35: Tyler, Braden and Hannah are writing with a quill pen. by Hannah Matley

36: Here is Mrs.Burns' class writing with quills. by Beau Potter

37: Mrs. Burns' class sewed their initials onto a big quilt! by Kamryn Mercer

38: Mrs.Burns' class is sewing their names on to a quilt like the people in the olden days did. by Cecilia Caporuscio

39: Mrs. Kuhn's Class is Sewing This is what the women do when the men are guarding the fort from the Indians and the British. By: Luke Slekar

40: Mrs.Kuhn's class played dress up. On the top is the fancy ladies and on the bottom is one fancy man and one poor man. by Nicholas Watters

41: Dressing up back then was very fancy! These students were trying it out. By Esme Johnson

42: This is a student from Mrs.Gibbon`s class. Her name is Mikayla and she is dressed up as a rich girl in the olden times. by Dionna Pearce

43: This is Trevor,Jared and Zachary.They were in the dress up station. They were three volunteers to dress up in Mrs.Gibbons class. Trevor was the rich guy, Jared was the poor guy and Zachary is the modern guy. This is how they dressed in the olden days. They had fun! by Mikala McCracken

44: This is half of Mrs.Cook's class. They are in the dress up stage. The girls and Lucas are in the back while Zach and Bryce are in the front. They had an awesome day! by Noah Boslet

45: Girls are trying on dresses from the period. Boys are trying on clothes as well. by Izayiah Coble

46: This is Aaron, Sidney, Mikayla,and Tristan.They were in the dress up station.They had a blast! by Tyler Hoover

47: The girls are playing dress up in the picture. Danielle, far left, is a rich girl. Next is Carlee who's poor and the other girls, Rachel and Mikayla, are rich people too. by Emily Pielmeier

48: This is Briana. She is in the gift shop. She is wearing the hat that she bought. Emily and Lara are at the check out counter in the background. by Shawn Shultz

49: This is the place where you would dress up to look the the people in the past. There were eight students from Mrs. Cook's room. All the boys and girls wore hats. Some were rich, some were poor. by Jocelyn Miller

50: This is the big barn where you learned how to square dance. There's Kermit, tanner and Chris on the left and on the right is Jocelyn and Dionna and a chaperone from Mrs.Kuhn's class doing the dance with the kids. | By Alexis Parson

51: Alexis and Christina were square dancing and they were having fun with it. The two lades were showing them how to dance. by Christina Langenbacher

52: Thor, Kermit, Jocelyn, Tanner, Chris and Dionna are square dancing in the top of a barn. by Bryce Hornberger

53: It was the beginning of a new day at Fort Roberdeau. Some students from Mrs Cook's class are saying the pledge to start off the morning. by Braden Heisler

54: The big barn is where you learned how to square dance. Jocelyn, Dionna, Chris, Tanner, and Kermit are doing the dance! by Christopher Huff

55: Here are some of Mrs.Gibbons' students learning about gun powder. by Samantha Hughes

56: Collin, Trenton, Kristen, Tamra, and Noah are new recruits. This station is where you pretend to be a soldier and protect the fort. by Zachary Coley

57: This is a picture of Mrs. Burns' class. It is of Cassidy, Braden, Hannah, Tyler, and Ian. They are learning to shoot a gun. By Zachary Dean

58: Cassidy, Braden, Hannah, Tyler, and Ian were learning how to shoot a gun. This station was called (new recruits.) By Shayla Branstetter

59: Off to battle, Mrs.Burns "recruits" are marching away.The Drummer Boy is drumming a sad tune."Good-bye Fort Roberdeau!" By Sidney Patterson

60: Mrs.Kuhn's class is learning to march like soldiers. by Braden Nelson.

61: Someone from Fort Roberdeau is shooting a gun to protect the fort. by Ian McFarland

62: In the garden there is corn ,pumpkins ,lettuce ,carrots , green peppers and some squash. by TAMRA LEAPER

63: Students of Mrs. Kuhn's class are at a garden learning how to harvest veggies. By Reagan Brubaker

64: Mrs.Schmittle, Bailey, Thor, and Chris are looking at plants in the garden. by Joshua Stevens

65: Here Naomi, from Mrs.Burns' class, is shucking corn. By Briana Sisto

66: At the fort Briana,Alexis,and Luke from Mrs. Burns' class are plucking corn from the cob. By: Annie Peters

67: Kaitlyn and Jaylon, some of Mrs.Burns students, are preparing the corn. By Elizabeth Alexander

68: Emily,Tabby and Brett are getting corn ready for a game. by Lucas Tuggy

69: Here is Clayton, Jaylon , Kaitlyn, and Kassie from Mrs.Burns' class husking corn. by Alexis Rossman

70: Alexis is throwing corn. Chris, Nick and Jack are throwing feathers. By Kaitlyn Knisely

71: In this activity the kind chaperons teach the children of Mrs. Burns class how to garden.Then, they peeled the corn kernels off the cob. After the cobs are shaved, people throw them like darts. By Hannah Hornberger

72: In this station Alexis R,Brett and Luke are throwing the darts they made from corn cobs. BY RACHEL WERTZ

73: Mrs.Burns' class is in the garden learning about plants. By Brett Tipton

74: Kids from Mrs.Kuhn's class are listening and learning about old toys. There was no such thing as video games back then. By Sumer Grove

75: Angel,Lara,Bryce,and Kameryn are having fun exploring a table of toys. There are some Jacob's Ladders and marbles to play with. By Carlee Gathagan

76: People are learning about long ago toys that kids from Fort Roberdeau would play with. by Noah Sanner

77: At the fort Carter and Shayla were walking with stilts. Look how good they are! BY Alexis Benton

78: Thor's mom, a parent chaperone, is helping Makayla while Jocelyn and Dionna are watching her. They are playing with the toys the children used to play with. by Kaylob Tatsch

79: Thor and Chris are holding Tanner up on stilts at the game station. Tanner kept falling down but still had a great time. by: Olivia Stetter

80: Tessa is watching Lucas try to walk on stilts with help from his mom. Look how good he's doing! By Thor Schmittle

81: Colby, Danielle, and Deric were at the bottom of a barn. The instructor was telling Colby, Danielle, and Deric how to use all of the toys at the bottom of the barn. By:Blake Johnston

82: Tessa seems to be getting the hang of stilts - one step at a time! Jack's helping Shayla's dad so he doesn't fall off of the stilts. Olivia is getting ready to try out the stilts too. By Kristin Wombacher

83: This is when Elizabeth is playing with a wooden ring. You have to try to roll it with a little stick and the point of the game is to not let the wooden ring fall. By Mikayla Mason

84: Clayton and Kassie were on stilts, and Bailey was using a wooden stick to roll the ring around. By Chris Wertman

85: Tessa, Kamryn, and Lucas help Zach walk with stilts that kids use to play with. That they learned from history. by Jack Showalter

86: This is Shayla and her dad. Her dad was helping everyone in this group. But this is him helping Shayla. By Robert VanKirk

87: Ian and Hannah are going in the woods to get to the fort away from the Indians. by Kyra Woomer

88: Here are some students doing the event "Flee the fort" Luke is carrying the gun. they are prepared for any Indian encounter! by Tanner Worthing

89: The Natives try to attack their village. They are heading to the fort. Nick A. is carrying the musket. The girls in the back are carrying blankets.

90: Mrs.Cook's class is fleeing from the Indians and going to the fort! By.Christina Hollen

91: They are gathering food to take with them. by Ruby Mcfadden

92: This Indian is pointing a gun at the students to frighten them. They are scared! By Danielle Peters

93: They were getting ready to flee the fort and were taking weapons and food. by Clayton Engle

94: Tristan and Trevor lead their group as they try to flee the fort from an Indian attack! He tells them they are wandering on his land! The Indian is Luke's dad. By Colin McCaulley

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