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Future Gampistan Kyle-Brittany

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1: To Mr. President, | Our goal as the council is to come with good plans and ideas to pitch to you, the President of Gampistan about Reconstruction. Our plan is to make Gampistan a better country as a whole. By this you need ways to bring the East and West together to make your country a united country.

2: 10% PLAN | The first plan we would like to propose to you, Mr. President, is the 10% Plan. Created by Abraham Lincoln. | This plan would allow the West to rejoin the Union if 10% of its voters swore an oath of allegiance to the Union. | After being reinstated, western voters would be able to elect people to revise state constitutions and establish new state governments. This would allow for Gampistan to become a union in a more orderly manner.

3: RADICAL RECONSTRUCTION | These are 5 plans that are going to benefit the freed slaves of Gampistan. Benefits of freed slaves, voting rights, protection of voting rights, Distribution of land in acres, and freed slaves learning how to manage land that they are new to. | SHERMAN'S GENERAL FIELD ORDER No. 15. | THE MILITARTY CONSTRUCTION ACT | THE PORT ROYAL EXPIREMENT | FREEDMAN'S | BUREAU

4: PRESIDENTIAL RECONSTRUCTION | THE IMPEACHMENT OF ANDREW JOHNSON | President Andrew Johnson had a plan to restore the Union. Meaning returning land to White Southerners, issuing pardons to confederate officers, and allow governors to supervise drafting of new state constitutions of Gampistan | Unfortunately, Johnson was impeached for going against the Tenure of Office Act, by removing a secretary from office. This allowed for the Radical Republicans to have some control over Reconstruction, which could turn out bad for Gampistan.

5: BLACK CODES | Something you do not want in your country, Mr. President, are Black Codes. They are unofficial laws that limit the human and civil rights of African Americans. | These codes went against the 13th and 14th amendments, which under the 13th slavery was officially abolished and freedmen were granted citizenship under the 14th.

6: CARPETBAGGERS & SCALAWAGS | There are a few "nicknames" you should be aware of. Carpetbagger is a derogative word used by Southerners towards Northerners moving south. They were called carpetbaggers because they carried their belongings in carpetbags. | Scalawag is also a derogative term. This word was used towards the white Southerners who supported Reconstruction. | These names could cause much unwanted tension between the East and West, which would only separate them.

7: 13th 14th 15th AMENDMENTS | Mr. President, what we are presenting to you are three of twenty-seven Amendments, however these three are the most beneficial to your country. ~Banishment of slavery. ~Each citizen has equal rights under Law. ~Each citizen is given the right for all men to vote no matter what ethnic background or past.

8: S H A R E C R O P P & T E N A N T F A R M I N G | Sharecropping and Tenant Farming. Renting land to grow crops you pay rent with. Sounds like a good idea right? Wrong. While these ideas seem like a good plan to make money and crops, it is also a good plan to get you in debt. Eventually the workers would run out of tools and no longer be able to make the crops, thus being unable to pay rent.

9: Ku Klux Klan (AKA) K.K.K. | Mr. President, many citizens will oppose Reconstruction, for an example, the Ku Klux Klan. White citizens who would physically showed their objection to Reconstruction. Through terrorism, burning houses, and more. If any signs of opposition make sure it is abolished. | Luckily, there was the US v. Cruickshank supreme court case in 1876. This court ruled case said that only state courts could prosecute KKK members under the KKK Act of 1871. Punished Klan members were fined or imprisoned. This would provide a sense of protection for citizens of Gampistan.

10: ULYSSES S. GRANT | Mr. President, Ulysses S. Grant I present this name to you because he suppressed the violent acts of the Ku Klux Klan. And with Grants the benefits of the Naturalization Act it gives anyone of African Decent citizenship in Gampistan. A very beneficial defense plan. You Need someone like him in your country.

11: Mr. President, any one who is part of the Radical Republicans like Charles Sumner who one of the two leaders, are very dangerous towards your Reconstruction that will take place. However, Charles Sumner did propose the Civil Rights Bill of 1875. So always listen to what people propose.

12: Holding the position of President, or even Senate, you should have someone that is hard working and fights for positives of Reconstruction. | You need someone like Hiram Revels, Mr. President. Not only was he the first Black to seat in the Senate, he wanted best for African Americans working persistently for equality. He also argued for amnesty and restoration of full citizenship to those who swore an oath of loyalty to the United States.

13: CIVIL RIGHTS ACTS OF 1866 AND 1875 | The Civil Rights Act of 1866 is definitely a must for Reconstruction. It was similar to the 14th amendment, protecting the civil rights of African Americans. | Though the Civil Rights Act of 1875 became unconstitutional, it guaranteed everyone, regardless of race, color or previous condition of of servitude, the same treatment in public areas. | This created the feel of equality for those in the East and West.

14: PANIC OF 1873 | Mr.President, you want to make sure Gampistan can be financially supported becuase you wouldn't want to have another Panic of 1873. | The Panic of1873 was an economic scare primarily in the South. Crops were worth less, merchants and cotton factors were going bankrupt, and small banks and stock markets were falling. This would cause major anxiety over the citizens.

15: THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE CASES | Mr. President, The Slaughterhouse cases deal with the prementioned, very positive 14th Amendment. However, the Slaughterhouses Cases limit the the 14th Amendments by covering the Country instead of the individuals.

16: Keep your eyes open... | For those Republicans, Mr. President. A large group of White Militia attacked freedmen at the Colfax Courthouse in Louisiana. The Republicans feared those freedmen and Democrats would take over the local government. Their attempt to stop them indeed in a deadly fight known as the Colfax Massacre.

17: REDEMPTION | Something you also want to prevent is Redemption. White Democratic legislators took major steps in reducing African American rights. | They made voting registration and election rules more complicated, created new constitutions that were more strict towards freedmen and poor whites, and passed Jim Crow laws that made racial segregation required in all public facilities. | This would go against all the rules and laws to get the African Americans of Gampistan to be equal to everyone else.

18: THE COMPROMISE OF 1877 | Mr. President, we finally come to an end of this proposal plan for Reconstruction of Gampistan. This is for your country's best benefit. Ending Reconstruction as in a positive way, a successful way. Also a transportation Railroad is promised in this Compromise for your countries benefit to the economy.

19: In conclusion we want you to take these ideas into consideration and we hope these ideas are successful in your Reconstruction. THANK YOU

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