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Gampistan project

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FC: Our Plan for Rebuilding GAMPISTAN | Taylor Deeney and Stephanie Zambrano

1: Dear President of Gampistan, This is a proposal to advise and explain ways to help rebuild Gampistan. Inside this book we will include photos and details of events and also laws that were passed during the time of our Reconstruction that may help you along the way.

2: The 10% plan was a plan suggested by Abraham Lincoln. It had three main parts. 10% of all southern voters had to pledge their allegiance to the union.Also 10% of southern voters would have to pledge to obey the rules of emancipation.After theses steps were completed by southerners they would formally create their own State government.

3: Abraham Lincoln's 10% plan was not passed, but if it was, it would have highly benefited our country in our time that we needed it. This would be something you would like to include in your plan of Reconstruction.

4: Black Codes were laws set that all former slave States after the Civil War enacted the black codes.The codes were used before and after the Civil War to limit the rights of some slaves or free slaves. | Hiram Revels was the First African American to serve in the United States senate.

5: Black codes were unofficial laws that most people in the South followed because they did not think that although the blacks were free, they deserve the same rights as whites. You should not include these in your plan because it will turn into a large mess. Being the First African American to serve in the US senate, Hiram Revels became a successful person towards the Reconstruction.

6: The 13th Amendment abolishes and prohibits slavery. The 14th Amendment states that all born in the United States are there citizens of the U.S. The 15th Amendment was the third of the reconstruction amendments and it stated that the color of a citizen's skin had nothing to do with their qualification to vote.

7: The Amendments all were a benefit to Reconstruction. They helped to make difference in U.S. Creating Amendments like this would really help in making peace and success between the citizens of Gampistan. These will all help and show citizens good ways of Gampistan.

8: A Scalawag was a nickname for southern whites who supported Reconstruction following the Civil War. Some were former Unionists. They formed a winning coalition with black freedmen and Northern newcomer to take control of their state and local governments. | A Carpetbagger was a term during Reconstruction that southerners gave northerners who moved to the south.It also had northerners Republican Politics.

9: Neither the scalawags or the carpetbaggers were a bad thing for the Union states but the Confederate states were not in favor of any of these because carpetbaggers were considered to be intruding their land and scalawags were considered to be traitors of their land.

10: The Military Reconstruction Act was an act in which the former confederate states could come join the union again if they used new state Constitutions. | The Radical Reconstruction was when many white southerners did not feel blacks should have rights like whites.Some did not feel they should not get new schools also.The white men usually did verbal and physical ways of putting the point across. | The Presidential Reconstruction was when the President sought to quickly restore the rebel states to the Union after helping to push through the 13th Amendment of abolishing slavery. He considered Reconstruction a "restoration" and wanted to quickly readmit the former Confederate states after they had repudiated their ordinances of secession, accepted the 13th Amendment, repudiated the Confederate debt, and pledged loyalty to the Union.

11: The Military Reconstruction Act benefited our country because it allowed our confederate states the chance to rejoin the union. Radical Reconstruction did not benefit because it went against the 13, 14, and 15 amendments. Presidential Reconstruction benefited to the US because the presidents wanted to restore the rebel (confederate) states. You should really try to pass acts similar to Military Reconstruction Act and the Presidential Reconstruction because they were good ways to try to get the country back together as one. Beware of the citizens who are trying to practice Radical Reconstruction.

12: The Civil Rights Act of 1866 was an Act that declared that people born in the United States and not subject to any foreign power are entitled to be citizens, without regard to race, color, or previous condition of slavery or involuntary servitude. A similar provision was written a few months later in the proposed Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. | The Civil Rights Act of 1875 sought to guarantee freedom of using inns and public places of enjoyment regardless of race.With this Act all Federal Courts were given authority to all cases dealing with the Act.This Act was later done away with.

13: This was benefit for Reconstruction in the U.S. because they both declared that African Americans should be free and have equal rights as whites, although the act of 1865 ended up not working out. U can try something like this to help out Gampistan. Passing acts similar to these will highly benefit in the Reconstruction of Gampistan.

14: The Freedmen's Bureau was a federal agency formed to aid and protect newly freed slaves.It was made after the Civil War also established an act on Mar.3.1865 it was to function for one year after the War. | The Port Royal Experiment was a program that began before the Civil War. This was when the white residents fled in 1861 after the union liberated the sea islands including Port Royal.The approximate ten thousand black slaves were left there.Then these former slaves successfully worked on the abandoned land. | People would have to find ways to grow and sell their own food. Sharecropping was selling crops to make money from their own land tenant farming was selling crops from land they would pay rent to. Sharecroppers obviously made more money.

15: For the most part, these events were supportive of the Reconstruction. The Freedmen's Bureau really helped the newly freed African Americans safe and secure. The Port Royal Experiment first was stopped by Andrew Johnson but then, an organization in the North stepped in to help out the former slaves. There was a good and bad side to sharecropping and tenant farming because money was being made but then getting put out again.

16: Ulysses S. Grant was the 18th president of the United States who was also a military commander during the Civil War. He remained in command of the Army and implemented the Congressional plans to reoccupy the South and hold new elections in 1867 with black voters, during the Reconstructions. The Republicans then had control of the Southern States. | United States v. Cruikshank was an important United States Supreme Court decision in United States constitutional law and one of the earliest to deal with the application of the Bill of Rights to state governments following the adoption of the Fourteenth Amendment.

17: Ulysses S Grant really helped out with the Reconstruction. Every country should have someone just like him. He really stepped up in having to be the new president after the impeachment of Andrew Johnson. The US vs. Cruikshank was a great success to the Reconstruction because it is what helped adopt the 14th Amendment.

18: Redemption was imperative during our reconstruction era. The Union gave the Confederacy a chance to redeem themselves. During Reconstruction, the South was under occupation by federal forces and the state governments were dominated by Republicans. Republicans nationally pressed for the granting of political rights to the newly freed slaves as the key to their becoming full citizens. The Thirteenth Amendment, Fourteenth Amendment, and Fifteenth Amendment enshrined such political rights in the Constitution. | Charles Sumner was the leader of the anti-slavery forces and also the leader of radical reconstruction. He worked to punish the ex-Confederates and guarantee equal rights to the Freedmen.

19: The Redemption was important in the Reconstruction Era. It was another thing that benefited our Reconstruction. This will work well with our laws and help. | This shows a good side of Reconstruction to get equal rights for all.This leader helped many and his strategy will benefit u sir.

20: The seventeenth president of the United States, Andrew Johnson, was attacked by republicans for reportedly favoring“white south. He then went under an impeachment trial. | The Colfax Massacre was in Louisiana on Easter Sunday around 136 years ago a white militia attacked for political power many Africans and killed them. | The Slaughter House cases were the first US supreme court interpretation of the relatively new 14th Amendment of the Constitution

21: Even though the President was going to an impeachment trial this is a benefit to Reconstruction Era. | The Colfax Massacre did not benefit the Reconstruction because many African Americans were attacked and killed.This shows a side of prejudice and sadness in this part. | The first U.S. supreme court interpretation of the fourteenth Amendment were the Slaughter Cases that happened.

22: The Ku Klux Klan was a racist group of whites who hated any immigrants, people of different color, and people of different religions. They wore white robes, masks and hats to cover themselves up and they would assault any of those people. They started to come about during the reconstruction period right after the 15th Amendment was passed. | Sherman's General Field Order 15 was when Major General William T. Sherman wanted to rid his army of the many escaped and homeless slaves who were in his army's flanks. | Panic of 1873 was considered to be an international econmonic depression. The US was affected by a boom in railroad construction mostly because of the high risk and the high prices which caused America to have an abnormal growth. | The Compromise of 1877 refers to a purported informal, unwritten deal that settled the disputed Presidential election of 1876 and ended Radical Reconstruction.

23: Sherman's General Field Order 15 was a benefit to Reconstruction because Sherman helped and took care of the homeless slaves. The KKK was most definitely did not benefit the Reconstruction Era. All they did was kill anyone who was not like them. They especially did not like blacks & Carpetbaggers | The Panic of 1873 did not help the Reconstruction because people and their businesses began to get the fear of bankruptcy. | The Compromise of 1877 benefited the Reconstruction. It was the last event in which ended the Reconstruction Era.

24: Good Luck to you, Mr. President

25: Reconstruction Political Cartoon

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