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Gampistan Proposal

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FC: Proposal | Breanna Smith

1: Dear Mr. President, My country is aware of the Civil War that has taken place in Gampistan and we would like to give you some suggestions on how to reunite your great nation after a time of turmoil and division.

2: The 10% Plan-stated that southern states would be allowed to rejoin the Union if 10% of the votes from the 1860 election would pledge their allegiance the U.S.

3: President Lincoln suggested the 10% Plan during his term in office. The 10 % Plan was never passed by Congress. Many citizens believed that this plan would have saved lives, resources, and time but, Congress was controlled by Radical Republicans who believed this plan was to lenient for the South. This plan would help Gampistan by providing a quick and easy solution for reuniting the country without bloodshed.

4: Now during this time in your history you will have opposing views on how you should sustain this country and you will have to choose a side. But remember that your goal is to make decisions that will benefit Gampistan as a whole nation. Radical Reconstruction and Presidential Reconstruction are two of the many views that existed during this period of my country's history. These views were positive and negative. Radical reconstruction wanted to help the newly freed blacks but they also wanted to punish the Southern states for their part in the Civil War. Presidential reconstruction was to lenient on the Southern states and while they were deciding to do what they felt was best for them, they passed Black Codes.

6: Black Codes- unnofficial laws that were passed in the South that prevented the rights of newly freed blacks | Freedmen's Bureau- an organization that helped freed men learn how to adjust to society

7: Black Codes made life much harder for freed men living in the South despite the efforts of the Freedman's Bureau. The good deeds of the Freedman's Bureau could not outweigh the lasting impression of slavery that the South placed on the blacks. Black codes were completely counter-productive to the plan of Reconstruction. Black Codes also challenged the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments that were passed by Congress. Now Black Codes should NEVER be enforced in your country. This will cause a total breakdown in your plans for Reconstruction. Nothing positive will be accomplished if you allow these codes to be enforced.

8: Now many of the the freedmen had families but they did not have jobs. So they turned back to what they knew. Many of them became Sharecroppers or Tenant farmers. Sharecropping ad Tenant faming are similar but different in many ways. Sharecroppers are given land and the tools they need to plant, grow and harvest crops. At the end of the harvest season you would pay the landowner a portion of your profit. It sounds like a simple process, easy and profitable. Well it was the total opposite. Many of the tools that the sharecroppers were given were

9: broken and at the end of the harvest season they had to pay for the broken tools. They were charged obscene prices for these tools. This left the sharecroppers in debt. Tenant farmers had to pay for the land they used and the tools they used but at the end of the harvest season they were allowed to keep their profit. Mr. President this is another decision that you will have to make based off of your countries economic stability. I can not say how this will effect you unless I know how much you will benefit from these different forms of farming.

10: Mr. President the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments were the most important bills passed during our period of Reconstruction. They challenged Black Codes and the many organizations, like the Klu Klux Klan and The White League who wanted to destroy the progress of Reconstruction.

11: 13th Amendment- abolished and continues to ban slavery and any form of involuntary servitude | 14th Amendment- granted all freed blacks citizenship. It also prohibited states from depriving citizens of their basic human rights. | 15th Amendment- prohibits the government of the U.S. from denying any citizen the right to vote based on race, color, or previous condition of servitude.

12: Klu Klux Klan- wanted to destroy Radical Republicans and blacks to stop the plan of Reconstruction The White League- an organization that focused their attacks on Blacks, Jews and Radical Republicans | Colfax Massacre- On Easter Sunday in Colfax, Louisiana members of The White League killed over 100 freed blacks and only 3 members of The White League were killed

13: The White League and The Klu Klux Klan were horrible organizations that committed acts of hated based on the physical differences of people such as Jews and Blacks. Thousands of lives were taken unnecessarily because of the existence of the groups. Mr. President please do not allow these groups to form in Gampistan. Nothing positive come from their existence. These groups will hinder you from making any positive progress during this time.

14: Hiram Revels, Ulysses S. Grant, and Charles Sumer. (from left to right)

15: These three men made amazing contributions to Reconstruction. Hiram revels became the first African American to hold a seat in the Senate. Ulysses S. Grant became president in 1869 and passed laws the benefited the nation as a whole. Charles Sumner helped establish the Freedmen's Bureau and he also enlisted blacks to fight in the Civil War. These men were great citizens and they did what was necessary to help the country succeed. Mr. President if you find good men like this then they will help you reach your goal of reuniting your country.

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