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Generations Project

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FC: Generations Project By: Kurtis Walden Psychology Mr. Blough

1: Table of Contents 1: Table of Contents 2-3: Who I Interviewed 4-5: Parenting Styles (3.3) 6: Theories of Motivation (12.1) 7: Environmental Psychology/Ecoliteracy 8: Attitude Formation (20.1) 9: Sources of Stress (15.1) 10-11: Roles of Family and Peers (4.3) 12: Conformity and Obedience (19.1) 13: ? 14-15: Three Paragraph Conclusion

2: Who I Interviewed For the generation above mine i chose to interview my mother, Tina Walden. Due to the fact that she was the one that raised me, i was interested to see if we had some similar answers and viewpoints on things.

3: For my elder generation i chose to interview my grandmother, Pat Martin. She has been a huge part of my life and i really looked forward to hearing her answers to my questions.

4: 1) Which of the four following parenting styles did your parents use to raise you? A- Authoritarian: Parent in complete control of everything the child does. Child's input means nothing. B- Democratic: Parent is strict and has a ton of rules; however they will listen to the child and be a little more lenient if they feel the child is right. C- Permissive: Parent is very lenient, big part of the child’s life but does not enforce many rules at all. D- Uninvolved: Parent has nothing to do with the child's life whatsoever and just doesn’t care. | Me: My parents used a combination of both B and C. They were Democratic due to the fact that they enforced some rules, like knowing where I was at all times, and calling parents before I spent the night somewhere. However they were permissive because I had a ton of freedom and not very much structure when it came to chores and stuff. I also had say in pretty much every conversation. My parents were very accepting of my opinion. Mom: My parents were a mixture between both A, Authoritarian, and B, Democratic. My parents were heroine addicts, and alcoholics whom did not listen to their kids opinions at all during my youth. Once I became a teenager, my mom become a little more understanding and cared about what I felt. Grandma: B, Democratic. Well, my parents believe that you are to do what your parents tell you to. They were willing to talk to about it late, but when you were out in public or something you were to do what they told you.

5: 2) Looking back at question one, did you agree with this style of parenting that your parents used? Did you use the same to raise your kids? | Me: I definitely feel like my parents did an amazing job with raising me. I really appreciate the parenting styles and methods they used with me as I was growing up. They were always there for me and helped me through anything I needed. I agree with this parenting style they used very much. The only thing I would personally change for when I raise my child is giving them a little more structure by giving them weekly chores, etc. Mom: When Kurtis was 1 year old, I joined a parenting group called Parents in Recovery. I had a councilor come to my house, it was part of the program, and asked me when I thought a child knew between right and wrong. I answered 6 months old. The program taught me that I would break my child’s spirit if I expected him to know everything by 6 months old. This taught me a lot and changed my style of parenting. I do not agree with the way my parents raised me, and I feel like I learned how to raise a child the right way from that program by using both Democratic and Permissive. Grandma: Yes, I agreed with this. I used the same.

6: 3) In your teenage years, what motivated you to keep progressing forward in life? | Me: Well for the majority of my teenage years I was really not motivated do to anything at all. Just recently I have been becoming more motivated and trying to push myself to progress in life. The thing that really motivated me is the fact that I realized that if I want to have a job that makes enough money to give my future family what they want and to be able to support them, then I really need to get my act together now and learn as much as I possibly can to prepare me for the real world. Mom: In my teenage years I saw how terrible my parents lives were from their substance addictions. I knew I was an alcoholic at the age of 16 and that if I did not want to end up like them, I needed to get sober. This was a huge motivating factor for me in my childhood. I focused all I could on battling my addiction and staying sober to prevent from failure in the future. Grandma: I think part of it is because we were expected too. Parents had their jobs in life to work, and our jobs as kids were to succeed.

7: 4) How much time did you spend outdoors in your youth? Provide examples of your interactions with the natural world around you growing up. | Me: As a young kid I spent pretty much as much time as I possibly could outside. My neighbors and I were always in our yards playing together everyday. I did spent some time playing video games and watching television, but not nearly as much as I did playing. Even in my preteen years I spent pretty much everyday skateboarding in town. I was always outside during the day time. However, as my teenage years progressed, I spent less and less time outside. I became addicted to the computer and video games and I stayed inside all the time doing that. I still try to go do things outside and always have so much fun when I do, its just hard to get yourself out there sometimes when its so much easier to just sit on the computer. Mom: In my youth I didn’t spend much of my life outside because I lived in a very bad neighborhood. Grandma: Well when I was younger, we were outside almost all the time. I would go outside to play at 8 or 9 am on the weekends, and basically I just needed to check in at noon and then go back outside til dinner. We always had to tell our parents where we were going though and must have finished our chores before we could go play.

8: 5) Do you see a lack of respect from teenagers and young adult now compared to when you were growing up? What do you think changed that? | Me: Well this has been the only era I have seen since I am still a teenager. However everyday I see a huge disrespect from kids and young adults to everyone, no matter what age. I’m not sure if it has always been this way, but I have always heard that people were always supposed to respect their elders and I definitely do not see that now-a-days. Mom: Yes I definitely think there is a lot of youth now who are very disrespectful. You see kids now-a-days who have their pants sagging down, they cuss in public, and they don’t care about anybody but themselves. I think what changed it is that some parents felt like they could not tell their children “no.” I feel that some parents are afraid to upset their kids, so they let them do whatever they want. Grandma: Yeah I do. I think a lot of the change when both sets of parents started working and there was no adult supervision at home.

9: 6) Do you believe that life has become more stressful and faster paced from when you were growing up? Give an example. | Me: Again, since this has been the only time period I have seen, I can not compare it to any other time. I don’t know if life in general has become faster paced and more stressful then it used to be, but I would personally imagine it to be. Life is very stressful for so many people out there. Back in the day it was a lot easier to find a job, people have to compete for jobs with very low incomes now. Plus collage used to not be a thing that was really mandatory for life. But now, if you do not go to collage then you will most likely not have a job with a very high income compared to those that go. Everything is more expensive now and people have to work 2-3 jobs just to pay for their rent and groceries to feed their family. I could imagine it being more stressful now. Mom: Yes I have completely seen a change from when I was growing up. When I was in school, all I had to worry about was dealing with school issues. Now-a-days kids have to worry about terrorist. They also always have to stress over money and technology. Grandma: Yeah I do. Families are not together as much as they used to be and they are all running in all different directions and there is no structure there. Parents have a lot more responsibly.

10: 7) Over the years, have the roles of family members changed? Example: Husband worked, Wife cleaned and cooked, kids did chores, etc. How have these roles changed since you were a child? | Me: This is another question that I cannot answer correctly due to the fact that I have only seen this era. I feel like the role of family members differs from each house hold. In some homes they still probably have the old standard stereotypical family life. Yet in others I believe that it is completely opposite. Mom: Yes, when I was growing up, most mothers were stay at home moms. Today you must have two working parents to keep up with the economy. Kids are left doing a lot more on their own and being unattended than they were when I was a kid. Grandma: Yeah the definitely have change, cause now both of the parents are working. The mother is often still expected to clean the house and cook as well as work. And the kids are left alone and are something expected to do work around the house as well.

11: 8) Were a person's peers as influential to them as they are now? Have they always affected the kids behaviors, emotions, fashion style, etc? | Me: I am sure that a persons peers have always been a huge influence in their life. People will always care about what others think about them at least to an extent. However i feel like the things that kids are having to do to feel like they fit in are getting worse and worse. Some people will do terrible things to be liked by their peers. Mom: Yes definitely. That is something that will never change. Children strive for their peers approval. They are trying to be liked and fit in with all the other kids. Grandma: I think so, they have always been a huge part of the kids life. You always worried what the other kids thought about you. No body wanted to be different.

12: 9) Were the kids from your era known to rebel against conformity? How would they do so? | Me: In this generation, tons of kids are rebelling against conformity. A lot of teenagers are lashing out authority and disrespecting the system. The thing that is funny is that by being a non-conformist and trying to be unique, they are conforming with all of the other people trying to be non-conformist. Mom: Yes, I was a teenager in the 70s and most the kids rebelled against conformity. They used sex, drugs, and rock and roll to say “screw you” to “the man.” Today I realize that we were only hurting ourselves. Grandma: Actually no. I’m sure that there were some that did, but for the most part no.

13: 10) Now-a-days over 25% of kids who live in the U.S. are on some sort of prescription due to emotional issues or behavioral problems. Was this common to see when you were growing up as well? If not then why do you think it is increasing? | Me: It is ridiculous how many i people i know that are on prescription medication in this era. These medicines are being flashed in the face of every person in society, and when parents are seeing their children depressed or a little bit to hyper, the suspect their kid has a problem because they have been told that. Of course kids are going to be hyper, their kids. And of course teenagers are going to be depressed, a life of a teenager is hard to handle. Especially since the rate of bullying, drug use, and sex is increasing and moving to younger ages. Kids are going to struggle with this and be sad sometimes. Mom: I was shocked to hear this statistic. It was not common to see kids on any other prescription drugs, other than Ritalin for ADHD. This was definitely not seen as much as it is now-a-days though. I go to a 12-Step Meeting, and 75% of the people there are on some sort of anxiety or behavior health medication. I think it is very sad. I think it is increasing because these drugs make companies big money so they are promoted and advertised in every persons face, making them feel like there is an easier way out. This is affecting peoples bodies and they don’t even know it. Grandma: No it was not common at all when i was growing up. You know, I’m really not sure why its increasing, I’ve often wondered that myself.

14: Conclusion I found this assignment to be very interesting. I was surprised to hear some very similar answers, and some that were completely opposite, from the different generations. It was crazy to see how much the world has changed just over these past very generations. The world was a completely different place when our grandparents were kids. The thing that i found to be very fascinating was the drastic change in answers from my moms and grandmas interviews. When i did mine and my moms interviews and compared the answers, yes the were very different but they were were a lot of similarities too. But it was completely different with the comparison of my moms and grandma's. The answers were completely opposite and very different from one another. This made me wonder what happened in between those generations to create such a change.

15: I really enjoyed doing this assignment for multiple reasons. For one, it gave me the opportunity to learn about the past generations and compare them to mine. Another reason is that it made me realize that someday when i have kids, their generation will be completely different then mine was. The kids are going to be into all knew things and have different morals about life. It is really interesting to see how much changes over time.

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