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George's Jungle Journey

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S: George's Jungle Journey

FC: George's Jungle Journey | by Megan Gottschall

1: George's Jungle Journey by Megan Gottschall | 2011

4: “I can’t wait until Monday,” George said to his mom Saturday evening. “Why,” asked mommy. “Because a magician in coming to my kindergarten class. “Well that sounds fun!” “Yeah, it is going to be so much fun!”

5: Later in the evening, George went to bed. He got into his tiger suit feety pajamas. Then he got under his jungle themed blankets, and was ready for his mom to come in and read him a bedtime story. When his mom came in she let him pick out book. Of course, he chose the jungle book.

6: His Mom read, “Once there was a boy, who went to the jungle with his family, they were on a safari, and the boy suddenly disappeared from the jeep. His parents searched for him everywhere, but they never found him. Some people in that jungle have told stories about a boy that they have seen in the jungle from time to time, but every time they went to look for him, they couldn’t find him, and they still never have.”

7: As soon as George’s mom had left his room, he fell asleep. That night, he dreamt about the boy from the story. In his dream, he dreamt that the boy was in the jungle still, and he learned how to communicate with all of the animals that live there. He also imagined the boy going on great adventures were he wrestled alligators, snakes and giant mosquitoes.

8: When he woke up that morning, it was Sunday, exactly one day before the big day in school. George went down stairs to eat breakfast. When he got there, he saw his mom and dad. They were both reading the morning paper at the dinner table. | “Good morning!” George said. “Morning Sunshine,” his parents both said in unison. “I had the bestest dream in the world last night!” “It’s best,” mom chuckled, “What was it about.”

9: George went on to and explained his dreams to his parents, they thought that he had such a big imagination. In the evening, he thought about more adventures about the boy. Then he began to imagine himself as the boy. All that George could think about that night was him going to the jungle.

10: When he woke up that morning, George was so excited. It was finally Monday. He quickly got dressed and brushed his teeth. Then he went down stairs to eat breakfast. His mom came downstairs to see what all of the ruckus was.

11: “George, what are you doing up so early. Your dad and I were up stair sleeping and we heard so much noise.” “I'm getting ready for school!” “At six in the morning” “It’s not six!” “Look at the clock” George stared at the clock on the kitchen wall. It read six o’ clock, two hours before he had to get up. | “Woops,” George said. “It’s okay,” Mom told him, “Just go head on up to bed for a while, school will be here before you know it. George went up to bed, then fell asleep.

12: When he when he woke up that morning, for the second time, George was so excited. He could not wait until the bus came to pick him up for school.

13: When the bus arrived at his house, he saw all of his friends, they were all very excited to see him. When he got on the bus, he chose a seat next to his best friend, Vaughn Keip. | “I thought the weekend would never end” Vaughn told George, extending the ‘never.’ “Me to,” said George, ending the conversation.

14: When they arrived at the school, all of the hung their jackets and backpacks up in the closets. The they sat down and waited quietly for their teacher to start talking. When the teacher got stood up to start talking, Vaughn whispered something to George and the rest of their table.

15: “My mommy said that magicians always carry a magic wand with them wherever they go to fight off bad wizards,” Vaughn told them. “There’s no such thing as wizards,” Brandon Watral yelled to him. “Brandon! There will be no yelling inside of the school!” Mrs. Tyler told him “But Vaughn told me a lie,” Brandon told her in front of everyone. “Mr. Kiep, there is no lying allowed in this class, you two .” “Now, I have an important announcement to make this morning. As you all should know that this morning a magician was supposed to come to our class, but unfortunately he could not make it due to a sickness,” Mrs. Tyler told them. “Oh man,” the class said in unison.

16: “Tada!” The class gasped in shock. They couldn’t believe their eye. The magician jumped out of the box sitting in the middle of the room.

17: “Welcome, to The Great Joshua’s show of Magical Illusions. Today, I will show you many of my amazing tricks, and at the end of the show, I will choose someone from the audience and grant them any five wishes. But for now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.” George knew that he was the one in the class that wanted the wishes the most out of everybody. So he just enjoyed the show until the magician said, | “Okay, and now for my last trick, I the Great Joshua will choose one of you to be give any five wishes of your choosing.” George and the rest of the class sat up with excitement.

18: “And the winner is George!” George jumped up with excitement, speechless. | “Now George, what would you like as your first wish?” “Let me thinkhow aboutumI wish that all animals, even the ones in the jungle, could talk to me, and I could talk to them.” “Okay, whatever you say.”

19: Then the magician recited a poem that he had, written on an old scroll type of thing. | “I gave you these wishes, If you want, you won’t have to do the dishes. But whatever you say goes, Out with your nose, Onto your toes, Begging on your knees, I give you this first wish as you please.”

20: Then everything got all blurry, and it ended with a loud pop! And everything was back to normal. George ran strait over to the hamster cage to see if his wish had come true. When he got there, he said to Hammy, “Hi Hammy, can you hear me?” “H-hello George,” the hamster recited back to him. George could not believe it, the Hammy had just talked back to him, and he could understand him. | Then George told his class that his wish had really come true. And thought of other things that he could wish for, like a race car, or a dog, but then George thought for a minute, aha, he thought, I’m going to wish that I live in the jungle all by myself and with the animals.

21: “Oh Mr. Joshua, I have my second wish for you to grant,” George said, making the rest of the class even more jealous. “I wish that I lived in the jungle with no one, except for Vaughn Keip, my best friend.” “Okay, whatever you say.” | Then the magician took out another scroll and read it aloud.

22: “I gave you a wish before, Now here’s another out the door. But whatever you say goes, Out of you nose, Onto your toes, Begging on your knees, I give you this second wish as you please.” | Then all of the same stuff happened as before, but when it had ended, George, the magician and Vaughn, where in the middle of the jungle.

23: “Wow,” both boys said at once. “Yes, it is amazing, but you have to be very careful, things can get very dangerous at times in here,” said Josh. “Um, Joshua, for my third wish I would like all of my wishes, even the ones that I already wished for have the same effect on Vaughn as they do on me too,” said George. “Oh, no, that won’t be necessary, cause I am going to give you that wish for free, that even means that Vaughn will get five wishes that you two can share too.” “Really, you would do that?” “Yes,” Josh said. “Thanks,” said Vaughn and George.

24: Then George said to Vaughn, “What do you think we should ask for next wish your eight wishes?” “I don’t know, maybe something that we will need to have while we are living out here.” “Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.” “Maybe we should ask for a tree fort to live in,” Vaughn suggested. “Okay, good idea.” “Joshua, we are ready for are third wish. We would like to have the biggest, nicest, tree fort ever in a nice area, and in it we want every thing that we will need out here, okay.” “Alright, let me get the magic scroll,” Joshua said.

25: “You are an expert at this now, So I give you a nice bow. And you know that whatever you say goes, Out of your nose, Onto you toes, Begging on your knees, I give you this third wish as you please.” | And then all of a sudden they were in a very nice area of the jungle, and right in front of them was a huge tree fort.

26: It was huge! The whole outside was made of bamboo. There were at least eight round sections, connected by long bridges. And on the sign, at the beginning or a long path made of stones, in had the words, King George and King Vaughn, No entrance without permission. When they went to see what was inside, they could not believe their eyes. In each of the round sections there was different things that were so amazing to the boys and the magician.

27: The first section was a place were they could relax and play board games. The second section was a kitchen, and following it was a dinning area. In the forth one, there was a room that said, George’s Room, on the sign in the front of it. In his room, there was a bed hanging from the sealing, and a ladder for him to climb up into it. In the next area, the sign read, Vaughn’s Room. When they went inside, in looked the same as George’s room. The rest of the areas were all different places were the two of them could relax and hang out.

28: After they were done examining the fort, they talked about what else they could wish for. George suggested a jungle jeep, and Vaughn said that they should ask for an animal guide. They both sounded great, so they decided to ask for them both. “We have two more things that we would like to ask for right now,” George said. “Oh yeah, and what would that be,” said Joshua. “The first thing is a car that we can ride around in out here,” Vaughn informed him. “Okay, coming right up,” said the magician as he pulled out another scroll.

29: “Now here is number four, I know it won’t be a bore. But whatever you say goes, Out of you nose, Onto your toes’ Begging on your knees, I give you this fourth wish as you please.” | Then, right in front of them, a Jeep looking vehicle appeared in front of them that was made of bamboo and leaves. It was amazing, they both thought, so they took it for a quick ride and returned back to the fort to ask for their fifth wish.

30: I think that we should ask for some friends for while you and me are out here,” George said calmly. “Fine by me, but which kind should we ask for, human or animal?” “Animal,” they both said as one. “But what kind of animal should we ask for?” Asked George. “How about a tiger and a zebra, nice of course,” Vaughn said. “That sounds good,” George told him. “Okay, now lets go ask for it then.”

31: The two of them ran over to Josh and asked him for another wish, and as usual, he pulled out a scroll and read it to them. | “You are half way there, Always nice and fare, So whatever you say goes, Out of your nose, Onto your toes, Begging on your knees, I give you this fifth wish as you please.”

32: Then out of no where an large tiger and zebra appeared right in front of them. And since they could both talk to animals they introduced themselves and asked if the two of them would help them out along the way. And of course they said yes. But they animals never introduced themselves to George and Vaughn, so then George said, “So, what should we call you, I mean do you just go by the type of animal you are, or do you have names just like me and Vaughn?” “Oh, we are so sorry; we must have forgotten to mention that. My name is Symba,” said the tiger. “And my name is Cloe,” the zebra informed them. The four of them went on, and George explained to the Cloe and Symba about the wishes that the two boys were granted. Then he talked with Vaughn and asked him if it would be alright if they would give the animals a wish each. Vaughn said yes, so they told them.

33: “I know what I would like to wish for,” said Cloe. “And what would that be,” said Joshua. “I wish that George, Vaughn, Symba, and myself would be protected for our entire lives, so then no enemies can get to us.” “Okay,” said Josh.

34: Then he took out another scroll and read it to all of us. He read, | “One more you say, Don’t bother to pay, Because whatever you say goes, Out of your nose, Onto your toes, Begging on your knees, I give you this sixth wish as you please.” | Since it wasn’t a physical wish, nothing really happened, but then they all felt something inside of them, and Joshua told them that it was the wish. Then they moved onto Symba. He thought for a minute, and then said...

35: “I wish that I could have little tiger cubs, and Cloe would have a little baby zebra. And that my tiger wife would be here with us.” “Okay, that’s a big wish, but I can make it happen. Now just let me find my scroll. Oh! Here it is.” Then he cleared his throat, | “Why would you wait, For dinner on your plait, When whatever you say goes, Out of your nose, Onto your toes, Begging on your knees, I give you this seventh wish as you please.”

36: Then there was a pow, and there were tiger cubs, and a tiger mom next to Symba. And next to Cloe, there was a baby zebra. Symba had three cubs, and Cloe had one baby zebra. George asked them what they would name them. Symba said that the two girls would be Maya and Shay. An that he would call his boy Nigel. Since Cloe’s was a girl, she named her Lucey.

37: Then George thought about the animals, and thought that they should have a place to stay. So without even consulting with Vaughn, he ask the magician for another wish. “I would like to have an add on made to the fort, so that Symba and Cloe’s families can have a place to stay.” Then josh read, | “You are almost at the end, If you want I can make you bend, But whatever you say goes, Out of your nose, Onto your toes, Begging on your knees, I give you this eighth wish as you please.”

38: Then they looked over at the fort, and as they knew, another two sections had appeared on the fort for the two families to live in. Later that night, they all gathered around a fire and told stories. Then after all of the story telling was over, they decided to make it a tradition for them to tell at least one story every night that they were there. It was getting late, so josh went to bed. When he was sleeping, they all talked about how they want to do something for him. They all had good ideas, but then Vaughn said that they should give him the ninth wish. | In the morning they told him, and Joshua was so happy that they would do that for him, so in return, he said that Vaughn and George would have the ability to go to the jungle and home whenever they wanted to.

39: Since they had only had one wish left, Josh they could live there by themselves, and he would go home until they would decide among something. So Joshua went home, but before he left, he told them that when they were ready to make their final wish all they would have to say is Joshua the Magnificent grant my wish, and he would appear right I front of them.

40: After he left, they all went on to live there life. They two boys had a great time playing with the four young animal, and doing things with Symba, Cloe, and Symba’s wife Lexi. They all went on with the tradition of telling stories every night. And one night, about three months after Josh had left, George told the story about the boy who was lost in the jungle for many years. They all decided that the last wish should have something to do with finding lost people, but they decided that they would wait a few years before they would wish for it.

41: And they did, it wasn’t until George and Vaughn were nineteen till they said they should call for Josh. All of the eight animals and the two boys said at once, “Joshua the Magnificent grant my wish,” And then They saw Josh floating down to them. “Hello Joshua, it is great to finally see you. We have decided on a good wish to use as our final one.” “Okay, lets here it.” “We wish that Vaughn and I owned and founded and successful business that helps find people that are missing, and every time we look for a person we will find them,” said George. “Okay,” said Joshua,

42: “We are finally done, I had so much fun, And for the last time, whatever you say goes, Out of your nose, Onto your toes, Begging on your knees, I give you this tenth wish as you please.”

43: Then all of a sudden they were in a large building with Josh. He told them that they could still go back to the jungle to visit their friend. And they did many times. By the end of their carriers, they rescued over three million people, including the boy from the story. And the two of them still take many trips back to the jungle, were Symba, Cloe, Lexi, Maya, Shay, Nigel and Lucey still live in the fort.

44: About the Author | Megan Gottschall is thirteen, and goes to Lower Macungie Middle School. In school she is on the softball team. She is also a part of NJHS. Out of school she is involved in People to People Student Ambassador Programs. She also has a horse that she enjoys spending time with.

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