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FC: By: Cassie, Sarah, Cody | Chapter 2: The forest journey

1: Gilgamesh dreamed of his destiny, of Kingship! But he wanted to be immortal.

2: Gilgamesh prays to the sun god Shamash for protection on their journey.

3: He sacrificed a goat to the sun god.

4: The gods gave him the powers to lead, to be courageous, and to deal with the people servants justly. | His friend Enkidu is sick, and Gilgamesh must travel to the land of the cedars, so not to end up unknown like Enkidu when he dies.

5: Gilgamesh wished to travel to the land of the cedars to make his name known by killing the forest demon Humbaba. | Humbaba protects the humongous forest and breaths fire, he roars like a storm, and his jaws are death themselves.

6: To ready for his encounter to told the armorers to make them their weapons. And that he and Enkidu will watch as they were made. | Gilgamesh and Enkidu had their weapons, all weighed thirty score pounds.

7: Gilgamesh and Endinku went to the the market place to tell them that they will kill Humbaba, cut down the cedar, and leave his mark | The towns people and counselors question their journey and how they will defeat Humbaba. | ? ? ? ? ?

8: Gilgamesh and Enkidu went to Ninsun the queen of Egalmah for directions. | Ninsun prayed to the sun god why Gilgamesh wanted to do this.

9: Gilgamesh and Enkidu readied themselves for their journey to the land of humbaba by gathering their weapons and blessings from the council. | They were on their way to the forest,with Enkidu leading the way.

10: They reached the gate of the forest within a week which would usually take a month and two weeks. | Once at the gate Enkidu refused to open it and wanted to turn back, Gilgamesh is calling him a coward and urged him to continue.

11: They entered the the forest and was in awe of how beautiful it was and saw the path of Humbaba. | After being there Gilgamesh and Enkidu found a place to rest, but Gilgamesh could not sleep but it soon fell over him. In the middle of the night he had awoken to someone calling him.

12: He woke Enkidu up and asked if he had called for him to touched him, Enkidu hadn't. | Gilgamesh had thought it to be only a nightmare a horrible nightmare. He wanted to talk about it and figure out what they should do.

13: Gilgamesh and Enkidu go down the mountain, and cut down a cedar tree. When the axe touched the tree Humbaba cried out in a terrifying roar and he was angry. | Gilgamesh was extremley sleepy that he dropped on the ground in a deep sleep. Nothing could wake him, not even Enkidu until he cried out what would he do coming back home to bring the news of his death.

14: Struggling to get up, Gilgamesh got himself together and was ready to battle with Humbaba | Enkidu discouraged Gilgamesh to fight Humbaba because he does not know his power and how great Humbaba is. Also that he will return to the city.

15: Gilgamesh makes Enkidu stay and fight. Before engaging in battle once again Gilgamesh cried out tot he great Shamash to know how to escape. | Strong winds beat down Humbaba, and his own land was against him, Gilgamesh cut the first tree down.

16: Humbaba raged in anger but Enkidu and Gilgamesh cut down seven more trees to take home, they were laying at the bottom of the mountain. | Reaching Humbaba's lair he begged Gilgamesh for his life and promised to be his servant and provide all the cedar he wanted.

17: Enkidu did not buy this one bit, he refused the offer but Humbaba told Gilgamesh that Enkidu was speaking of evil, and that he was right. | Enkidu said that Humbaba must be killed and if not killed all glory will be lost.

18: Gilgamesh took out his axe and hit Humbaba in the neck, knocking him to the ground. Enkidu then struck a blow, and they kept until Humbaba was dead.

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