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Going Under

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FC: Going Under

1: Katrina and her friends have always been afraid of the old house on the hill where they live, all their parents told them to stay away from the house, and they never said that it was because the house, they never said that it was haunted, but just to stay away because the house was old and not very sturdy. Katrina has tried to go to the house many of times at night, but she always heard screaming from the house and ran back home. Katrina and her two best friends Stephanie and Maria wanted to go into the house, so tonight they are going to go to the house. They would have to wait till it was dark out, if they went out when it was light out, their parents would see, so at nine when it got dark out and all walked to the end of the street, and to the hill the house was on, as the girls walked they held hands and looked over their shoulders constantly as they walked. When the girls got to the house, Stephanie and Maria pushed Katrina onto the porch and at the door, she screamed and looked back at her friends.

2: “You guys are chickens!” she said as pointed at her friends, turned around and pushed the door open and slowly started to walk in. “You two better come in too!” She screamed at her friends from inside the dark house “Fine!” Stephanie screamed back at Katrina and walked forward, pulling Maria along with her, onto the creaky porch and into the house. Stephanie and Katrina held onto each other as they walked into the house. “I don’t want to be here.” Maria said, clearly she was the most scared out of the three girls. “Oh you’ll be fine, unless a ghost gets you” Katrina said from down the hall.

3: Katrina was the bravest out of the three, she was never afraid of ghosts or anything like that. She went around talking about how she has seen them before and didn’t do anything about it. Stephanie was scared of many things, spiders, chainsaws and snakes, but loved zombies, blood and gory movies. She was your regular death metal girl, not afraid of much. “Are you guys going to come? Or be chickens and stand there shaking” Katrina yelled. Stephanie and Maria looked at each other and then started to walk down the hall, Stephanie in the lead with Maria very close behind. She would hate to be left behind. The two girls found Katrina in what looked like it was the dining room, it had a big table, and chairs but they chairs were pushed around the room, like there had been a fight in the room before the house was abandoned. There was broken glass all over the floor and table as well. Katrina was standing in front of the wall that had pictures hung on it. She felt a cold breeze push her hair from her back and made the hair stand straight up on the back of her neck, and arms, she turned around quickly and looked.

4: “Did one of you just walk past me?” She said looking at her two friends, who hadn’t moved from the door way. “We didn’t move.”Maria said back to her friend, getting even more scared then she already was. “Then whoor what did?” Katrina said to Maria, the girls all looked at each other and just stared. Then out of nowhere, the two doors leading into the room slammed shut, making all the girls scream. Then the room lit up from the dust covered candles on the table. “Alright, I’m scared.” Stephanie said “I’m beyond scared” Maria said quietly, then looked at Katrina who was staring at the candles. “Kat are you okay?” Maria asked and started to walk towards her; As soon as she got close enough to touch her Katrina screamed and scared her small friend away. Maria looked at her friends face; her pale blue eyes had gotten dark like they weren’t her eyes at all. She backed away from her friend and walked back directly into the table, knocking one of the candles over. Maria looked back at the table, and Stephanie looked at the table too, when they looked back up Katrina was gone.

5: The girls looked around the house for half an hour before they found Katrina again, she ran up to Stephanie and Maria, “I’ve been looking for you guys!” She said as her friends just stared at her “What’s wrong?” She said confused, looking at her friends “You were evil! What do you think is wrong?” Maria yelled at her friend, she was terrified from what had happened in the dining room. Katrina was confused on why her friends were so scared. She thought back to the dining room, the cold breeze pushing her hair away from her back and then her turning to ask her friends what happened, and then nothing. “Why can’t I remember what happened?” she said “Because you were possessed!” Maria screamed, pushing her hands toward her friend. The two girls walked away from Katrina again in fear that it would happen again. A few hours later, the girls were all still at the house, odd things kept happening to Katrina and she saw them just as blackouts. The last time it happened to her, Katrina was looking in the one bedroom, and she was looking out the window at the little balcony, Maria and Stephanie walked into the room to check out the room. “He-“Stephanie started to talk to Katrina but Maria stopped her. “Just watch her.” Maria whispered to Stephanie, they two girls watched as their friend walked to the window, opened it, and as she climbed out the window she turned and smiled to her friends. Katrina just sat there; Maria and Stephanie decided to just go home after many failed attempts at getting her back into the house.

6: The next morning when Stephanie and Maria were getting ready for school, the girl’s mother came into the room they shared, and told them to turn on the news, before the girls could ask why, the news reporter started to talk.. “Late last night a neighbor in a small neighborhood called the police reporting a large amount of screaming at an abandoned house, when the police showed up they had found a girl we were informed to be Katrina Black found dead, in a large puddle of her own blood.”

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