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Grant As We Know It

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S: Grant As We Know It By Mr. Steelman's 4th Grade Cass 2011

FC: Grant As We Know It | By Mr. Steelman's 4th Grade Class 2011 | A Guide to Grant Elementary School Columbia, Missouri

1: Dedicated to all friends, far and wide, who read this book | With special thanks to Billy of the Makuchi Friends School & Stacie Pottinger for her photography tips! | This book was created in Mrs. Hughes' Media Class

2: We come to school in several different ways! One way is by school bus. A bus is a vehicle that transports you from your house to school and from school to your house. You can also come to school in a car. Some kids walk to school. When you walk to school it is better to walk with a parent because it is safer.You can also ride your bike to school. | Getting To School | There is a crossing guard to make sure kids get across the busy road safely. | Our principal, Mrs.Borduin greets us every morning. | We have 2 buses that bring kids to and from school. | Bikes are kept in the bike rack. | By, Charleesa and Josh

3: These flowers are kept beautiful by the loving Grant staff, so that they bloom every year. | This is a view of a tree in winter when all the leaves fall off, taken through a telescope. Trees are important because they give us oxygen. We have lots of trees on the Grant grounds. | This is a purple crocus. Flowers are important because they also give us oxygen and bring beauty. Grant has several flower gardens that make our school more beautiful. | This is the 2nd grade garden. They plant a lot of organic vegetables in this plant bed. | The Grant Grounds | By Mary and Marilyn

4: This is one of the 5th grade classrooms. Children learn many things like language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. | This is an electric pencil sharpener.You put your dull, short pencil into a hole and the pencil sharpener starts to whir. If you take it out after a few moments, you have a sharpened pencil which is ready to write. | This is a calculator. It does all the math for you. It has number keys, the +,-,x,and the / keys, as well as the = keys. It also has many other keys that are difficult to understand, so you learn them as you get older. | In the Classrooms... | Sara and Se Bin

5: We use Many Supplies During the Day. The picture on the left shows scissors which we use to cut paper and other things. Next to the scissors is a pen we use to write with like a pencil. It has ink in it instead of lead. | The picture in the middle is a protractor we use to measure angles in objects. The picture on the bottom is a student in our class with a pencil, working on a multiplication math sheet. By: Guthrie and Charlie

6: At our school we read a lot. Each classroom has lots of books. In the Eco Schoolhouse books are stored in baskets. | This is the Eco Schoolhouse. A class of second graders learn there. It is called the Eco Schoolhouse because it is friendly to the environment. It was made using recyclable materials and uses solar panels to collect electricity and rain barrels to collect rain water for the garden in front. | Eco Schoolhouse | Shahed and Alex | Inside the Eco Schoolhouse is a bright and cozy classroom. The walls were painted yellow, green and blue like the sun, grass and sky.

7: What are these students doing? This is our school's P.E. class. These kids are learning how to play basketball. We always enjoy playing games with each other. Other activities we learn in P.E. are soccer, floor gymnastics, and square dancing. We have some P.E. classes outside and some in our school gym. | This girl is waiting for the ball to practice shooting. We have 2 basketball courts on our playground. | This is our P.E. teacher giving directions. | This boy is trying to catch the ball. We play basketball on the blacktop. We play soccer on the field in the background. | By, Aaliyah and Gabriella | Physical Education Class P.E.

8: This is a classroom bookshelf. Kids can read books from the classroom, library or home. | This is a desk where kids learn. | These are backpacks kids use to bring books and materials to and from school. | THIRD GRADE | AVA and MARGOT

9: The blacktop is a part of our playground where we play a game called basketball. You play by throwing a special ball through a hoop hanging from a backboard. Another game we play on the blacktop is 4-square. When it is really wet outside the blacktop is the only place we can play during recess. | Playground Blacktop | Marco playing basket ball. | Marco and Ani | A small basketball hoop for the younger students. | An assorted collection of the balls we play with. From the left they are soccer, four-square and basketball.

10: Many girls prefer to play on the playground with their friends. | Playground By Madison and Drew | Most boys prefer to play soccer with a factory made ball. | This is our school playground where kids play every day during recess in the morning and afternoon. There are dozens of things to do like play soccer, basketball, 4-square, climb on the play structures or just hang out with friends.

11: This is our principal, Mrs. Borduin in her office. She helps people solve their problems. She is a great problem solver! | The Office | These are our secretaries, Ms. Stephony and Ms. Bonnie. They help kids who are hurt or sick if the nurse is not available. They do lots of paper work for the principal too. They greet people when they come in the office. | By Preston and Harrison | Other very important people... | Our head custodian, Mr. Terry! | Our lunch ladies! | Ms. Marla, our school nurse!

12: When we get too much snow we have to shovel it out of the way, so we can walk on a clear pathway. Below, our principal is shoveling snow away at our school. | The spiral ladder on our play structure. | All the kids love to go down the slide. It is very fun to have, but we can not go down it when it is covered in snow. | Covered in Snow | By Andrew and Amelia | This is our play structure in the snow. Kids like to play on it during recess when the weather is nice.

13: Our Eco schoolhouse has solar panels that use energy from the sun rather than using electricity. They help keep the building warm in the winter. | Our school sign. It shows we have been honored as a School of Distinction. | Foot prints in the snow. That is what happens when you step in snow. | A beautiful view of our playground.

14: This is a computer. On a computer you can play games, write reports, read, get information and create things, including this book. We have 2 computers in our classroom and 30 in our computer lab. | Technology at Grant | The fire alarm helps keep us safe. It sounds when you push in and pull down if there is a fire inside the building. Soon the fire trucks will come to the rescue. | To the left is a water fountain where we can get a cold drink. All you do is press a little button on the bottom and out shoots the cold water. | by Riley Keevins Charlie Werth

15: Mr. Steelman's 4th Grade Class 2011

16: Dear Kenya Kids, Hi! My name is Aaliyah. I am in 4th grade. My teacher’s name is Mr. Steelman. My favorite color is blue. My partner and I chose to share about our P.E. class. If you read about what we do, you could play with your friends or your family. My partner and I talked it over and we said how about we do something different than other people. So we did P.E. Your new best friend, Aaliyah | Dear Kenya Kids, Hi my name is Ani and I just turned 10. I really liked meeting you guys (through Billy). I think this is the first time anybody has made a book about Grant. Thanks for all the fun while making this book! Sincerely, Anirudh | Dear Kenya Friends, We are sending you this book to tell you the characteristics of Grant School and Missouri. We show you such things as snow, our playground, the classrooms, and our secretary. You will see a lot more about us in this book. I hope that you will enjoy this! Sincerely, Andrew W. | Dear Kenya Kids, We are doing this awesome project in media class. We are making books for you about life in Columbia, Missouri. I hope you like it because we put a lot of effort into it. I saw a lot of pictures of Kenya. Life in the United States is different from life in Kenya. So open the book and enjoy! Sincerely, Shahed

17: Dear Kenya Kids, I hope you like this book. My partner and I chose the subject snow. We chose this because we didn't think you had much snow in Kenya. Also, we had a LOT of snow then.!!! From- Amelia | Dear Kids of Kenya, I hope you like the book that we made for you. I’m Alex. We worked very hard for weeks. I had a great time. Kenya sounds like a place I would really want to go to. In the U.S. we call football soccer. My friends call me Lex. I’m 10 and I like to play almost every sport known to man. Anyway, I hope you like the book. - Alex | Dear Kenya Students, How is life in Kenya? We have learned what it is like, but you may not know how our life is. So this book will be telling you about technology at our school, lunch at our school, recess at our school, etc. You’ll see how our life is. So enjoy this book! Sincerely, Se Bin | Dear Kenya Kids, I hope you like this book. I am ten years old and I would love to see Kenya. I like reading and I hope you do too.! Happy reading.! Sincerely, Ava

18: Dear Kenya Children, Hi, my name is Charlessa and I am 10 years old. I wrote this book with my friends because I thought you guys would really want to know about America. I don’t know if you got the big bag of crayons. I sent those crayons because I saw how you had to cut pencils in half to use them, so I thought that you could use them. When you get this letter & book, I hope that you will write back. Sincerely, Charlessa | Dear Kenya Children, I hope you enjoy this book; we have put a lot of effort in it. I enjoyed learning about your school and country. I hope you will learn a lot about our school and community. It took a long process to make this book. Maybe someday I might meet one of you. So enjoy the book!! Your Friend, Charlie | Dear Kenya Students, I was so excited when I heard that my class was going to make a book for you. I hope you enjoy this book. I hope that you learned a lot about our school. Every student had a partner and we took pictures. My topic was “Blacktop.” Well, maybe someday you might send us a book about your life! -Gabriella

19: Dear Kenya Students, I hope you liked our book. I also hope that you learned a lot about our school and life in Columbia, Missouri. I did one of these pages with a partner and so did everyone else. Everyone chose a topic and I did technology to teach you what it’s like here. Charlie ; -) | Dear Friends, I hope you like the book. I really want to go to Kenya on a safari and to meet some of you guys and to take photos of my favorite animal, the hyena. Your friend, Harrison | Dear Students of Kenya, I hope you enjoy our class book; it’s about life at our school. Every student had a partner to help create a page of the book. Each group had a topic to write about to describe our life at school. My partner and I chose the playground for our topic. We took pictures of our topic, then we tried to describe our topic as best as we could. We worked very hard to finish our page and we hope each one of you enjoy our finished product. Your American Friend, Drew

20: Dear Kenya, I wish you a good time with this book to understand our world, as we are as much alike as not alike. I ponder what you will think of this book. Love, Marilyn | Dear Kenya Kids, My name is Josh, but my friends call me Mosh. I’m 10 and I did the page about how we get to school. Sincerely, Josh | Dear Children of Kenya, I hope you like this book. We did a lot of work changing and changing again just to get it perfect. I really want to come visit. Maybe I will. Sincerely, Madison | Dear Kenya, My name is Marco. I’m nine years old and I play kickball, soccer, and four-square. My friends call me Co for short. I hope the people in Kenya get this book. Sincerely, Marco | Dear Kenya Kids, My name is Preston. I like to read. I had fun making this book. My partner and I made the office part of the book. Your Friend, Preston

21: Dear Kenya Friends, I hope you enjoy our book. This may be an educating experience for you all in Kenya. This shows you the life of a child in Columbia, Missouri. I hope that you learn something from this book and want to visit America. Your new friend, Mary Brooks | Dear Homeys, I hope you like our book. It has been nice doing this for you guys and girls. It is a pretty brief background of going to Grant School and you know you can trust the information you receive because I made the book with a little bit of help from couple of other people. Well, more like 23 people. Sincerely, Your homey Riley | Dear Kids of Kenya, My name is Margret. I hope you enjoy the book we put together. My partner and I did the third grade classrooms. We took a lot of pictures of the kids, backpacks, and students learning and reading. I also took a picture of some books in a basket. Enjoy our book. Your friend, Margot

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