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Great Depression By Brandon Boyd

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FC: The Great Depression

1: In 1929 Wall Street crashed and the great depression started. To get what happen to the stock market we have to go back a little to the 1920's. The 1920 was a time of economy growth for the U.S every one was spending there money. Around the 1929 there where rumors that the stock market may go down. People that heard this tried to sell their stocks as every one else. So there where too many stocks for sale making the stock price go down. Businesses lost money and had to fire their workers and make life a lot harder for every to live. | The depression got bad, people that had loans from the bank and got fired from their jobs couldn't pay their loans. The bank had to foreclose on their house and try to sell the house so the bank could make some money back. The banks tried to resale the house, but no one was buying in fear of going into debt. Banks couldn't make money therefore the bank had to foreclose, making things worst people lined up to get there money out of the bank. But what people didn't know was that the bank loans their money out to people so the banks had no money. Thing got so bad that the government had to bail out the banks.

2: People that where hit by the depression lost there house,job and money.For most people the only way to get food was at a soup kitchen. Some people that needed money bad tried to buy and sell stocks really fast. But this was risky if no one bought it they be stuck this it and would of spent there money on a bad stock.At the worst of the depression 25% of the population didn't have jobs that was 1 in every 4 workers didn't have jobs. People who didn't have anywhere to live so they'd build Shanty towns. A shanty town was a lot of make shift house made out of wood, fin metal and a lot of garbage. One of the most fames names for shanty towns was Hooverville name after the President of the U.S at the time.

3: Hooverville was one the most fames shanty towns in the depression. One of the most fames Hooverville was in Seattle it was one of the largest, longest-lasting, and best documented in the nation. It stood for ten years, 1931 to 1941. Life in a shanty town was hard the was no jobs no order and no stability, There was no food and if you find food you haft to make shore no one if going to try to take it from you because people would kill for food in shanty towns. The drop of jobs raised crime there was more robbery more assault and more murder live in the depression was hard. Note: there are more then one hooverville.

4: The election of 1932 saw the rise of Franklin Roosevelt. Franklin Roosevelt quickly passed the new deal.The new deal introduced types of social and economic reform. In president Franklin Roosevelt he a address the nation with his fames speech that we have nothing to fear but fear it self this became one of the most fames speech in U.S history. In the new deal Franklin Roosevelt passed several bills to help reform the nation like the AAA that provide economic relief to farmers.

5: Franklin Roosevelt reformed the nation from one of it most darkest times. Franklin Roosevelt toke office from 1933 to 1945 he toke the U.S from the depression and made it one of the of the most prospers county of the 1940's Franklin Roosevelt was in office for 3 terms. Franklin Roosevelt was the only president to be in for 3 terms of office, Franklin Roosevelt would led us to victory in ww2. Some people thing that Franklin Roosevelt was one of the greats leaders of the U.S. By Brandon.Boyd

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  • Title: Great Depression By Brandon Boyd
  • Great Depression started in 1929. Wall Street crashes and the U.S suffers.
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