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Group Midterm

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S: There And Back Again!

FC: e-Assessment Toolbox Examples of applications of E-Assessment tools researched by students as part of the UW Stout "Assessment of Student Learning in the Online Classroom", Fall 2008. Compiled 10/24/08

1: Categories: Collaboration Tools Course Tracing Tools Quiz and Test Builders Reflection Assessment Tools

2: Group 1 Amy, Craig, Jeanne, Nancy Zoomerang Blogs Wikis Micrograde

3: Example of Application of Zoomerang in an Online Classroom Quizzes with multiple choice, short answer, Likert type feedback or essay type of responses Can be personalized with open ended questions End of the semester course evaluation Feedback loop with student’s perspective of how certain activities were effective or not with achieving the learning objectives and course competencies Student self-assessment of learning needs Pre-assessment and post-assessment tool Evaluation of the instructor for professional development

4: Example of Application of Blogger in an Online Classroom We are using blogs as an e-Portfolio in our class, however, there are many applications of blogging as listed below: Can be used as a medium for students’ e-Portfolios. Can be used as a medium for FAQs. Student self-assessment of learning A resource for sharing common web links, favorite articles and other resources

5: Example of Application of Wikis in an Online Classroom Students can collaborate on a group project. Instructors can create a wiki to communicate announcements, assignments, course expectations to both students and parents. Allows students to develop communication skills, especially consensus-building and compromise participate in the creation of the wiki, giving them a sense of ownership. A wiki is a great place to collect useful resources, student work, and link to useful websites define vocabulary lists and provide examples of the words in use.

6: Example of Application of Micrograde in an Online Classroom For online instructors, the Micrograde tool offers several alternative tools as opposed to traditional evaluation tools currently on the market. Most of the following tools are critical when facilitating an online course. Communicate with students directly via email Post reports so students and instructor can track their grades throughout semester Internet posting Log student notes and comments Create own grading scale: letters, numbers, or symbols Monitor student’s performance by highlighting low scores with colors

7: Group 2 Jingfang, Ann, Debora, Marcela SurveyMonkey LiveJournal Wikis MicroGrade

8: Example of Application SurveyMonkey is an easy to use tool in online learning environment. It can be used for objective tests. The question types can be multiple choices, short answers, true or false and essay. It also can be used for learners' self-evaluations and course evaluations. The feedback from both course evaluation and self evaluation will help the instructor to improve the course delivery. I have created a simple sample to apply SurveyMonkey as one of my online Chinese course assessment tools combining learning objective tests, self evaluations and course evaluation questions.

9: Live Journal - Example of Application An example of how to use a blog as an assessment tool: •Use the blog to post project papers. Posting the paper in a blog allows easy access for peers and instructors to review and offer comments about elements of the paper such as thesis, topic development, strength of arguments, etc. In addition, topics to expand the paper or different perspectives could be offered as well as links to additional information related to the topic. The project allows the instructor to review and measure the application of learning principles and to determine whether learning objectives have been achieved. Suggestions for additional research or areas to strengthen the project can be explored.

10: Wikis - Example of Application Perhaps the most authentic example of application of this tool is that our group actually created a wiki http://assessment-toolbox.wetpaint.com to participate in this jigsaw puzzle activity. The members of this group posted, reviewed, and edited each others’ work and collaborated to develop our final project.

11: Micrograde - Example of Application •Built-in email function hosted by Chariot lets teachers send e-mail messages and grade reports to an entire class or to individual students •WebGrade allows teachers to post grades online •Students can view their progress at anytime •Instructors can easily upload their student roster from MicroGrade to Blackboard •Instructors can quickly download their quizzes test scores from Blackboard to MicroGrade •Demos available: http://www.chariot.com/micrograde.html

12: Group 3 Linnea, Robert, Eric, Cathleen Interactive PowerPoint Quizzes e-Portfolios, Blogs Wiki, Webex, Breeze, Elluminate Excel spreadsheets, GradeBook

13: Interactive PowerPoint Quizzes - Example of Application Since I work in a corporate world and not a traditional classroom. I currently use this tool when training a new system. Learners read or watch a tutorial about a portion of the system and after they have done this they are to answer correctly each question within the corresponding Interactive PowerPoint Quiz, and write STAR feedback regarding the training within that specific module to submit to a discussion form.

14: e-Portfolios, Blogs - Example of Application One example of use that I would be interested in perusing would be the housing of students writing over a period of time. I would organize the portfolio by genre and have the student select one piece that they would like to include in their e-portfolio. The students would select the piece and be required to write a reflection that demonstrates and documents their learning over time. I would pass this information on to the next years’ teacher so he/she would have a starting point for instruction and a clear view of the student’s performance throughout their first grade experience.

15: Wiki, Webex, Breeze, Elluminate - Example of Application Asynchronous and synchronous online communication tools are allowing online education to develop at a rapid pace. Synchronous tools allow teachers to duplicate and enhance the face-to-face classroom, in an online setting. The asynchronous Internet based sharing applications can also allow classes a location to create and share information online, with restricted or unrestricted user access. All of these applications enhance the teacher’s ability to conduct both formal and informal assessments of student learning. The online conferencing tools can allow teachers to measure participation and conduct oral or verbal assessment with students. The wiki based online tools allow teachers to monitor student activity in the class. A student created wiki can also serve as a summative assessment. The online collaboration tools allow online teachers to create a variety of frequent assessments.

16: Excel spreadsheets, GradeBook - Example of Applications The application in online classroom for Excel and Excel based programs is quite good. The versatility and interchangeability of Excel makes it very desirable for online educators. When dealing with virtual classrooms the need for being able to generate and communicate information over a wide area is quite good. Excel is widely used in many areas of business and education. The features of the GradeBook are customizable grading systems, sophisticated scaling tools, advanced preferences, easy-to-use tracking system, and exports to Excel and integrate with other online products. Some of the benefits of this system are it can be adapted to other systems, try different values without altering existing points, can be customized to individual needs, absences can be taken into account for final grade, hard coy can be printed out, and can be used as a single product to do many functions.

17: Group 4 Diane, Rory, Gail, Chris Exam Builder ePortfolio2 Zoho BlackBoard Academic Suite http://writer.zoho.com/public/northwoods1111/Jigsaw-Midterm-Group-43/scrip

18: Exam Builder - Example of Applications Learning Activity: I have created an online quiz using Exam Builder. First read my review of Exam Builder and then complete the quiz. Read my review of Exam Builder Complete the online quiz on Exam Builder at: http://ExamBuilder.com Click on employee/student login on the top right of screen Student ID as follows: martinc@uwstout.edu nicholsg@uwstout.edu pritchardr@uwstout.edu reinfeldtd@uwstout.edu Password: go

19: ePortfolio2 - Example of Application Learning Activity for Students: Create a nursing clinical ePortfolio to reflect on daily clinical experiences in three sections, including: Patient clinical pathway, including diagnoses, procedures, and critical lab values. Assessments, decision-making, interventions, communication, teaching, professional behaviors, management, and collaboration for each patient. Supportive materials, including evidence-based articles, research, etc.

20: Zoho - Example of Application The student will analyze a personality characteristic inventory to identify recommended teaching strategies for working with that personality style. -With your triad determine three personality characteristic inventories that you will evaluate. Each member of the triad will choose one inventory for their part of the jigsaw project. -Identify the advantages and disadvantages of your selected inventory. -Identify recommended teaching strategies with at least four of the personality characteristics of your inventory. -Compile all findings into one unified document using the peer-to-peer collaborative tool, Zoho.

21: BlackBoard Academic Suite - Example of Application The Blackboard Academic Suite. is a widely used web-based, course-management system that was designed to allow students and faculty to participate and interact in web-based online classes. As an academic resource center, Blackboard enables instructors to provide students with course materials, discussion boards, virtual chats, and online quizzes. As a course tracking tool, Blackboard provides systematic individual evaluations through the integration of assessments and grading functions.

22: Group 5 Kathryn, Shanda, Michael, Lynn Survey Monkey Calendar Software Blogger Microsoft Groove

23: Survey Monkey - Example of Application -Instructors can collect data about the learners at the beginning of a class to help the instructors understand where the learner is in terms of demographics (age, gender, education, etc.), technology use (beginner, comfortable, expert), if they are familiar with the CMS software, etc. -Quizzes and tests might be constructed by the instructor to access the depth of understanding of the readings assigned. -Survey instruments might be used by the learners to collect data that would be used during the class to prove a hypothesis.

24: Calendar Software - Example of Application For the teacher who has a simplistic approach to their planning, this would be a good tool for them to use. The calendars are primarily used to be printed out and put on a wall. For the busy teacher this tool would be great with organizing multiple classes. If an instructor teaches both online and in a classroom, this would help keep those dates and times straight. The link for the RKS Calendar software is: http://www.rkssoftware.com/calendarbuilder/overview.html

25: Blogger - Example of Application Online publication of student generated work. -Student Scribe – Students are assigned as scribes to post lesson reviews, homework, and due dates. http://www.classblogmeister.com/blog.php?blogger_id=56473 -Screencasts – Blogs have been used to post screencasts of mini-lessons. http://mrhowd.com/ Example of a classroom activities update.

26: Microsoft Groove - Example of Application -Collaborative document storage and editing. Especially with a global audience or group members. -Collaborative creation of multi-level projects that may include such things as templates, budgets or promotional materials. -Online collaboration on any type of document with real-time communication and editing options. -Peer editing or collaboration on educational documents or papers.

27: Group 6 Ginne, Sherry, Pamela Survey Monkey and Zoomerang Edublog, ePals, Our Story, LiveJournal Adobe Connect

28: Survey Monkey & Zoomerang - Example of Application -Determine students’ views on discipline prior to the course lecture and research assignments. -Evaluate and utilize appropriate technology tools including e-gradebooks, calendars, spreadsheets and e-portfolios. -Design a post-survey questionnaire regarding the activities that we researched and designed in the course. This type of survey can be used to plan future course instruction/ activities to generate student interest and motivation. -Online surveys can also be used to test for pre-, mid- and post-knowledge, for course evaluation and to provide instructors with the opportunity to plan instruction on topics of the students’ interest.

29: Edublog, ePals, Our Story, LiveJournal - Example of Application -Writing, reading, and eportfolio purposes for reflection and assessment of academic, social, and emotional growth. -EPals provided the blog for students from the U.S. and China to interact – reading and writing to each other in Chinese and English. -OurStory site has great potential for younger children to set up timelines about themselves, their families, and the relationship to the world around them. -On-line reflection services can also provide students the opportunity to publish their own work, follow the news stories serving as editors of a newspaper, comment on each other's work, and develop learning communities for continued and lifelong learning. -EPals has been used for English Language Learner students to set up educational blog sites in schools to build and practice language skills and writing methods. Low-income schools set up virtual field trips and have on-line discussions with other students from around the world.

30: Adobe Connect - Example of Application -Collaborative teamwork for a jigsaw exercise where small teams could work in breakout sessions. For example, analyze what went wrong with a variety of infamous structures, including the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and the John Hancock Tower. I would assign teams to analyze a structure that failed. -Sudent presentations, similar to traditional classroom presentations. Adobe Connect interfaces well with PowerPoint. For example, my students are required to complete a research project on biotechnology.

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