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gunpowder and fireworks

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FC: Gunpowder Ezy

2: Chinese people have a lot of inventions they are more advance and have more inventions than we do. Two of the inventions they created were the Gunpowder and the Fireworks. I chose this topic because people may want to know how and where and when did they create them. Do you want to know more about it? Just keep reading and find out more about it.

6: Ancient Chinese invented gunpowder over 2000 years ago. Gunpowder was made with a mixture of saltpeter, sulfur, and some charcoal and nitrogen. They poured everything into a paper container and wrapped them tightly together. Later on the Chinese discovered that gunpowder could be used to make fireworks. They found fireworks would be brighter by throwing salt into the fire and it actually worked a lot for them. With all of this ideas and ingredients it would be satisfactory for the people in china. The Chinese people said that saltpeter and sulfur was a combination of negative and positive so that would make the gunpowder. So as you can see the fireworks are now really bright and of course now in this days everything is more advance for example, you have different colors, | they make different shapes, they sound really loud, there are a lot types of fireworks and some can be better than the others. But in ancient china everything was the same, the colors, the shape and etc. so they weren’t any different and if you wanted to buy the best firework there was you would buy the same one as everybody else. I wish to know how they actually threw the fireworks in those times because I want to compare in this days. With the charcoal, the saltpeter, and the sulfur it wouldn't be a good idea to take these fireworks to the war because, it wouldn't explode that hard to scare all the enemies away so they could win the battle

8: Fireworks in china were used for entertainment, for example the processions, festivals and maybe also ceremony and the best one for them to celebrate with fireworks was the New Year's celebration. They enjoyed a lot throwing this but remember that it was really good throwing it but that was also bad they could burn something or injured a little kid in the street anything can happen. By time passing and all the Chinese throwing all of these fireworks they learned how to make patterns in the fireworks when it exploded and that would look really awesome and at the same time beautiful. That in the air would be something to enjoy. Then after that they learned how to make fireworks with colors, that way was by putting ingredients to the gun powder like if you putt indigo the explosion colors may be blue or green, white led and carbonate to make white, red lead and tetroxide to make red, cinnabar to make purple, and arsenic's sulfudes to make one of my favorite colors yellow. But remember they were not to joke around or something they are always used just for festivals. If any police saw you at what ever place in china throwing fireworks they would tell you’re father and maybe they could arrest you without caring about you’re age, so as you see they are really strict with the law of the fireworks. But know a day we are not like that we just throw everything when ever you want and were ever you are nobody cares in these days.

9: When was it the first time that Chinese people used gunpowder and fireworks for a war? The first time that fireworks and gunpowder was used for war was 1000 years ago when sung china was under invasion by the KATTAN BARBERIANS. They tried to put grenade by putting gunpowder into a paper box. Unluckily this was not successful. Then time passed and they decided to use fireworks against the KATTAN BARBERIANS. These fireworks were thrown by catapults so it would hit directly to someone instead of just exploding in the air and nobody dying but they did obviously want people to die. The fireworks consisted of artigery, shells, fire drug, saltpeter, sulphur and willow wood and charcoal. Then Wei Shing who was threatened by the Mongols created the heaven quaqqing thunder which was another type of firework but this one was stronger and sounded louder so that is why he putted that name to that type of firework. That type of firework was made with saltpeter and fire drug, it was so loud that people who were 30 miles away could hear it, and for the Chinese people that was good because they’re enemies would be so scared about the explosion that they would be scared and go away, by these the people in china would win the battle every time so if they went to battle someone they know they would win so that totally has became really famous to the Chinese people well and like today you see they are also more advance they have better things that we now do.

11: So know you know how the Chinese people defend themselves and how gunpowder are made and in those times whet were fireworks used for. Remember that in china fireworks were only used for celebrations but then Wei Shing had the idea to putt it on the wars.

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