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Haley Clayton (:

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S: Eros god of love

BC: That's all folks (:

FC: Eros god of love

1: Greek Mythology Project Eros god of love English 9 Honors Haley C April 29, 2010

3: 1. In roman mythology he was called Cupid or Amor. 2. Eros' children with Psyche: Volupta or Pleasure, Nyx (Night).

5: 3. Eros was the god of love and passion, he would prick you with an arrow and someone would instantly fall in love.

7: 4. Eros was a very cunning and good looking boy with wings. He was the son of Ares the god of war and Aphrodite the goddess of beauty. Aphrodite was also the steady companion of Eros. He was a symbol of desire and love. He shot magic and golden arrows into people of all kinds mortals and immortals, in order to spread physical desire but this also caused pain and numbness. He was also very in love with the goddess who incorporated human emotions Psyche.

9: 5. Early from the legend it is said that Eros was responsible for the embraces of Uranus and Gaia, and from their union were born many offspring. It is also said that he hatched our race and made it appear first into the light. He was one of the oldest god, but yet he was a late comer to Greek religion and was worshiped in many regions of Greece.

10: The Story of Psyche and Eros Psyche was one of the three sisters, and she was the most beautiful one out of them all. | Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty was extremely jealous of all the attention that Psyche seemed to be getting. So she called on her son Eros, and told him to put a spell on Psyche.

11: Eros obeyed his mother and took to vials of potions down to earth. While Psyche was sleeping he sprinkled the first vial on her that would make men avoid her when it came to marriage. Accidentally he pricked her with one of his arrows and she woke up. Eros was startled at how beautiful she really was and accidentally pricked himself. After all that he felt bad about what he had did and sprinkled the second potion of her that would provide her with joy in life.

12: Although Psyche was still very beautiful, no man would marry her. Her parents were afraid that they had offended the gods somehow and took her to an oracle | for him to reveal her future husband. The oracle told them that no man would ever have her but there was a creature on top of the mountain that would. | So she headed for the mountain, when she came into sight she was lifted by a gentle wind and carried the rest of the way. When she arrived she saw how beautiful her new home was.

13: Her new husband never let her see him, but proved to be a true and gentle lover. But what she did not know was that she had married Eros. After awhile she began to miss her family and asked if her sisters could visit. When they arrived and saw Psyche's beautiful new home they became very jealous. They went to her and reminded her that her husband was a monster. | They gave her the idea of hiding a lantern and knife near her bed, so when he visited next time she could see if he really was a monster and cut his head off. The next time he visited her she raised up the lantern to discover that her husband was not a monster, but that he was Eros. Eros then flew out the window. Psyche jumped out after him but fell to the ground unconscious.

14: When she woke up, the palace had disappeared and she found herself in a field near her old home. She went to the temple of Aphrodite and prayed for help. Aphrodite responded by giving her a list of tasks to do that she thought was impossible for a girl to do.

15: The first was sorting a huge pile of grains into separate piles. The second was getting a snippet of golden fleece from each one of a special herd of sheep. The third was to get a cup of water from the river of Styx where it cascades down a terrible height. | Her next task was to go into hell and ask Persephone, wife of Hades, for a box of magic make up. A voice then told her to go that he had it under control, but under no circumstances was she to look into that box. So get got the box and what do you think she did? She looked in the box. | To her surprise there was nothing inside the box but darkness which then put her into a deep sleep. Eros could not help himself so he woke her up. He told her to take that box to Aphrodite and that he would take care of it.

16: So Eros went to Zeus in the heavens and begged him to intervene. Eros told Zeus of his love for Psyche. He spoke of it so fluently that Zeus was moved to grant him his wish. Eros brought Psyche to Zeus who then gave her the drink of immortality. Zeus then joined then in eternal marriage.

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