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Haley the Hippo

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S: Biology 3rd Anderson Haley the Hippo By: Megan Luttmer & Julianne Krodos


FC: Haley the Hippo

1: Haley the Hippo is always sick. "The water is full of trash and its making my food sea grass dies!" She doesn't know what to do.

2: Haley was with her friends one day when they met a scientist named Henry that said he could help them clean their stream

3: "There is a chemical plant at the end of the stream and I think they are throwing their chemicals away in the water," Henry said. "What should we do?" Haley and her friends asked. "Let's go down there and talk to the owner," the otter suggested.

4: "Wow, that's a big chemical plant I don't know if I want to go anymore," Haley stuttered. "It's okay Haley I be right there beside you!" said Henry.

5: "Hi, my name is Henry and you must be the manager of the plant" "Why yes I am, what can I do for you?" "Well because your chemicals are being pored into the stream you are harming he animals," Henry said. "LIKE ME!" exclaimed Haley

6: "Well I had no idea what the chemicals we doing" said the manager, "We will find a way to fix it." "Hey I have an idea," Henry said, "why don't we put the chemicals into barrels and then throw the barrels away somewhere where they won't harmed and thing or any one.

7: "I hope this works Henry the water is really gross" said Haley

8: It took a awhile, but all the plants and animals finally started to grow and come back! The stream was finally beautiful again, | The fungi as a decomposer also got back to eating all the dead plants and clearing up the stream again.

9: and Haley once again got to eat her favorite food, the sea grass!! The otter also got back to catching it's sneaky prey the freshwater salmon.

10: Haley and her friends live happily ever after with no pollutants in their water ever again. Haley and Henry also live happily ever after being best friends!

12: Bibliography | -- Sydenham, S. & Thomas, R. Water Biome : Fresh Water [Online] www.kidcyber.com.au (2000) -- Freshwater Biome. 2010 University of California Museum of Paleotology. May 25, 2010 . -- McGinley, Mark. Freshwater Biomes. April 1, 2007 The Encyclopedia of Earth. May 25, 2010 .

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About This Mixbook

  • Title: Haley the Hippo
  • Heley the hippo gets sick a lot because of all the pollutants in the water from humans. One day when Haley is really sick she meets a human named Henry and he tells her that he is there to help her get better and clean the water. There is a factory on the end of the river and Henry and Haley work together to stop the chemical waste from going in the water and put it somewhere else. They have to show the owner of the factory how sick Haley is and when he finally realized what his factory is doing to the animals in the river he wants to fix it. He decides to despose of the chemicals in different ways by putting it in barrels and making sure that it never goes into the water again. When the water is finally clean Hnery helps Haley get better and Haley lives happily ever after with her new friends Henry.
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  • Published: over 9 years ago