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Hawaii. - Page Text Content

FC: I-N-S-P-E-C-T By:Mr. Cody Hall

1: I. Ideas.

2: Thomas Jefferson | Thomas Jefferson had the idea to send out explorers to western America to make better, updated maps and study rivers and waterways

4: John Quincy Adams had the idea to build up stronger navy, government fund, and economic growth. | John Adams!

5: Andrew Jackson! | Andrew Jackson had the idea for equal protection and equal benefits for all Americans. He also had the idea of India Removal, the act of removing all the Indians to the west.

6: N. National/ Geographic

7: The building of the Erie Canal was a big accomplishment because they used the land in a way that improved boat traffic. It also took a lot of workers to build, so it brought the country together.

8: The Santa Fe Trail was a trading route where William Becknell and others traded goods and supplies. The trail eventually evolved into a path to the Pacific Ocean.

9: The Santa Fe Trail

10: Indian Removal: The Trail of Tears | The Cherokee Indians were forced to move from their land and move. The were very sad and bad weather made it worse. The cried cause it sucked so much, so they named this event The Trail of Tears.

11: S. Social.

12: The Indian removal act was also a social event. The Americans and the Indians had to interact with each other so they could get this bugger licked, but the communication obviously didn't work out all that well. The Indians didn't like it. At all. It was so bad, that they absolutely had to force them to move. Yeah, kinda harsh.

13: ;)

14: The Adams-Onis Treaty gave the United States east Florida and abandoned all claims to west Florida. Pretty sweet. Woo! We got good ole sunny Florida!

15: This treaty also made it that the the Spanish possessed most of the west from the Gulf of Mexico to the pacific Ocean at a diagonal up to middle California, which gave the United States a giant chunk of the Pacific Northwest.

16: P. Political

17: Andrew Jackson won the election of 1828, and promised equal protection rights and benefits. His republican competitor was John Adams. Jackson won with 2/3 of the vote. He made changes to the candidate selecting process by switching it from having the congress select them, to holding a nominating convention to find the best candidates.

18: McColloch vs. Maryland | Maryland tried to tax the bank, and the bank refused. It went to court, and they decided that the state didn't have the right to tax them and it was unconstitutional.

20: E. Economic

21: Cotton Gin | The cotton gin was made, and it helped the economy because it produced more cotton items and did it faster. As a result of that more cotton was sold and it created a larger cash flow.

22: Newer and More Factories | More factories were made and they were made more efficient. They can make the products faster and a bunch at a time. These factories helped the economy in a huge way because, once again, it created way more money flow. Yay!

23: The Growth of Industry | During the colonial era, workers were in short supply. Americans learned to develop tools that made work easier and more efficient.

24: C. Cultural

25: Davy Crockett | Davy Crockett of Tennessee won notice for his frontier skills, his sense of humor, and the shrewd knowledge he often displayed in politics. When he lost his seat in Congress in 1835, he did not return to Tennessee. Instead he went to southwest Texas.

26: The Indian Removal Act | I am going to use the Indian Removal Act again, cause it fits in this one too. There was a clash of cultures here. The Indian culture, and the American culture. They didn't get along, and they fought. Bummer.

28: T. Technological / Scientific

29: The cotton gin is part of the new technology. It produced more cotton and stuff. It's kinda cool.

30: Steamboat. | The steamboat made it so that you could travel on water faster. duhh. They were pretty big.

32: Works Cited.

33: The American Republic. Joyce Appleby. New York. 2005. Glencoe/Mcgraw Hills.

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