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Hell on Earth

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Hell on Earth - Page Text Content

S: Karleigh Jacoby - Period. 1 - Holocaust Studies

FC: Hell on Earth

1: Anti-Semitism is the hatred of Jews for no logical reason at all. First, there are three types of anti-semitism, one of them is religious anti-semitism. One example in the pogroms, destroying of synagogue and Jewish temples. also saying the Jews killed Jesus is an example of religious anti-semitism. Next, the Nazi's organized and labeled Jews with stereotypes. Some examples are: big nose,greedy, work in banks, fat, ugly and stealer's. Finally, there was racists anti-semitism which was the belief that Jews were racially different than non-Jews. Some examples of this are: Jews were not allowed to hold certain jobs, raise children Jewish or practice Jewish burials. Anti-semitism can do no good and almost always leads to violence, it should not be tolerated. | A N T I - S E M I T I S M

2: Nazi's developed death camps to systematically annihilate the Jews. First, there was Auschwitz; the biggest of the camps. Auschwitz killed 1.1 million Jews in the 5 years it was open. Next, there was Sobibor; where some Jews almost had a perfect escape. Sobibor killed 250,000 Jews and during the Jewish resistance 300 Jews escaped. Finally, there was Treblinka; one just like the others, a death machine. Treblinka killed 870,000 Jews and also had a Jewish revolt where 750 tired to escape. There were 19 camps, all ran by Nazi's and they were all machines of murder. | Death Camps

3: Hitler's rise to power was somewhat of a gradual process but very powerful and infamous. First, the hatred of Jews and the idea to "save Germany" came early in his years. After Hitler's mother died he got rejected as a painter and ended up in a hospital from a poison gas attack and he blamed all his early misfortunes on the Jews. Next, Hitler started out as not a very big voice in the government. He started out as chancellor then started working to voice his ideas into the minds of more powerful leaders. Finally, Hitler started to do public things to get his anti-semitic followers to form together. He boycotted all Jewish businesses and took away their citizenship. Hitler gained his followers by doing anti-semitic things in public to draw in attention and become infamous. | Hitlers Rise To Power

4: The Ghettos were holding places for the Jews until they were send off to their deaths. First, the ghettos living conditions were unbearable. Some examples are: not enough food, disease from no sanitation and slave labor. | The Nazi's made the Jews dance to music or they would be shot, people came to see the dead Jews in the street. The ghettos were like a hotel compared to the death camps, but the ghettos still consumed many Jewish lives. | Next, the Warsaw ghetto was one of the most famous ghettos. 450,000 Jews were squeezed into an area meant for only 145,000 people. Finally, they treated the Jews like animals and gave tours of the ghettos. | T H E G H E T T O S

5: Dr. Mengele was a cruel meticulous man. First, he took in many children under his wing, gave them candy then destroyed them. One example is Mengele took two twin brothers in then sewed them together until they got an infection. Next, Mengele had an intense infatuation with experimenting on twins. He would take out their cells for study, killing these young children. Finally, Mengele also kept pregnant women alive then deliver the baby to run tests and kill the mother. He treated these mothers like animals to dissect in science class. Dr. Mengele never got punished for his murders, he lived with the guilt of having bloody hands. | Dr. Mengele

6: Out in our world today are people who should be known as ignorant, these people are Holocaust deniers. First, how do these people reject the images and video taken during this time? The Nazi's were meticulous record keepers they wrote down everything. Next, the trials the Nazi's faced about what they did is also evidence. Most Nazi's confessed about what they did. Finally, The many similar stories told by the survivors of the holocaust. All these stories have similar facts that can't be denied. When coming across these ignorant people, they should be questioned about why they think the holocaust never happened. | Holocaust Deniers

7: There were many forms of resistance during the holocaust, and a few attempted escapes. First, spiritual resistance was the attempt to keep ones faith in the face of Nazi dehumanization. Underground schools and secret prayer groups were practiced to keep the Jews faith strong. Next, unarmed resistance was to fight and rebel without weapons. An example is escape with no means of murder. Finally, armed resistance; the use of weapons to become free. The Jews would smuggle weapons and attack Nazi officers. The Jews who did revolt were very brave and had a strong will to live. | Jewish Resistance

8: The Nazi's used propaganda to show everyone who they believed the enemy was; the Jews. First, they used a technique of card stacking. An example is showing the Jews bad features. Next, the Nazi's used glittering generalities as a technique also. An example is showing a picture of a Jew and writing enemy, that provokes an emotional (hatred) response in them. Finally, the Nazi's used the technique hidden fears. One example is "the Nazi's and Hitler will save Germany from the Jews"! The propaganda was everywhere during that time and it had a great effect on the German citizens. | Nazi Propaganda

9: Eugenics are experiments that try to rearrange or change genetics. First, the Nazi's who believed in eugenics wanted to have a pure Aryan race. They studied how to ensure an Aryan child will be born. Next, they believed this is how they would get rid of misfits. They killed mentally challenged people and studied there genes to find a "cure". Finally, and "mistakes" they created they would have to destroy. That is morally wrong and should not be tolerated. Eugenics should have strict rules they must follow in their studies. | Eugenics

10: A genocide is a systematic extermination of an entire national, racial, religious or ethnic group. First, the Nazi's had a very planned out idea. They had camps set up and officers, everything was very systematic. Next, they had mass killing centers. Two examples are the gas chambers and crematoria. Finally, they starved the Jews and had horrible conditions starvation and disease was another factor the Nazi's were depending to kill the Jews. Genocides are still going on today, the reason people so these things can't be understood. | G E N O C I D E

11: In memory for all who died in these selfish and unbelievable acts of violence. You will always be remembered.

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