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Help me find my Class!

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FC: Help Me Find My Class!!

1: Hi my name is Jordan. My class and i went on a field trip to the aquarium. I was really excited to see all the neat fish.

2: When we got there my my teacher explained to us we needed to stick together as a class but i just started looking around and all of a sudden...

3: My Class was gone!!! I didnt know where they went and i was lost. But then i remember some characteristics that my teacher tought us to help identify the animals

5: I stoped at the first exhibit and saw a spongy looking thing. Then i thought about the first pore bearing phylum we learned about. The phylum porifera includes different sponges that are sessile meaning they dont move. But if they dont move how do they eat? well, they have pores the "fliter feed" the orginisim meaning like i sponge we use to clean our sick its sucks in water and all of the tiny stuff thats in the water then it sqeezes clean water out of the top. Their body is made of spongin. And for protection they can blend in with the rocks and plants surronding them. I dont think my bones are made of spongin and i move alot so this is definitely not my class.

7: At the next stop i saw some creatures that i knew all to well...The jellyfish Jellyfish are part of the phylum Cnidaria. Jellyfish live in all depths of the ocean.They start their life as a polyp (sessile) and then turns into a Medusa (swimming ). They are carnivores meaning they eat other orginisims. They have a really soft top body but pericing stingers that shock their food so they can eat them. I thought to myself that i have a hard body and i move all the time i could never stay still half my life and the only time i shock someone is when i rub my socks on my carpet. So this is not my class but i think were getting a little closer.

8: This is an earthworm i saw this guy at my next stop. He belongs to the phylum Annelida. Annelida means little rings refering to the body segments of the worm. Earthworms eat dirt and soil. A worm has no heart but archs and blood vessles that carry the blood through his body.

9: Right next to the earthworm was an octopus. An octopus belongs to the phylum mollusca and his class is called the cephaolpods. | molluscs are carnivores, herbivores, or filter feeders Cephalopods have a beak to grab and hold prey and the octopus uses its 8 legs to hold tight so his food doesnt get away. To protect themselves they can change their color and texture of their skin to match their surroundings. I know i dont have 8 legs and i remeber learing that i have a 4 chambered heart so i know neither one of these is my class.

10: My next ehibit i saw a snail. Snails belong to the same phylum as an octopus but is in a differnt class. A snail belongs to the class Gastropoda. They eat tiny orginisms. A snail has a 4 body parts a shell a foot a mantel and viseral mass. Snails are very slow so they have a open circulatory because they dont need their blood to go throught their body fast.

11: EW! ANTS! Ants belong to the phylum arthopoda and the class Insecta. Ants eat all kinds of food and their mouth is adapted to break down their food. | Ants live in colonies. They have 3 part bodies a head thorax and an abdomen. They have an exoskelton for protection and its also really light so they can fly. I never really liked ants and my mom tells me i move slow like a snail sometimes but i know either one of these arnt my class.

12: A crayfish is aslo in the phylum arthropoda but belongs to the subphylum crustacea. They breath through gills. Crayfish eat any living or dead animal or plant. They have big front claws for protection and catching their food. I dont have gills cause we as humans breath through lungs. Even though i do eat plants and animals like crayfish i would never eat anything living this is deffintly not my class.

13: As i was moving along i saw a star fish. The star fish belongs to the phylum Echinodermata. The star fish has a 5 part radial symmetry. They eat clams and other shell fish. Star fish protect themselves by its spiny sking and also can blend in with the pants and rocks around them. I decided that this isn't my class either because i only have 4 appendiages and i have bilateral symmetry

14: AH! SHARK!! but lucky for me he was in his cage, and a cool fact about sharks is its only real preditors is man himself. | Sharks belong to the phylum chondrichthyes. They are in this phylum because there body is made from cartilage not bone like you and me. Sharks eat all kinds of fish and sea mammals like seals. They live in all depths of the sea. I know that sharks arn't part of my class but after learning about them im really not as scared as i was about them because they are just as scared of us.

15: Fish belong to the phylum Osteichthyes because they have bones like you and me. They also have a 2 chambered heart for a more productive blood flow through the body they also have paired fins and breath through gils. Fish eat anything from plants to any orginisim. Even though it would be cool to live in a school of fish like this one i this also isn't my class that i belong to.

16: They lay eggs in the water cause they have no shell. Amphibians eat plants and small organisims.They also have a 3 chambered heart. | I saw the phylum Amphibia next. Frogs, toads and salamanders belong to this group. The word amphibian means "double life" because they go through metamorphosis .

17: Snakes, turtles, and alligators belong to the Phylum Rebtilia. They live on land and also lay there eggs on land because they have a shell. They are carnivores so they eat other things.

19: Reptiles and amphibians were not my class either i was stating to get worried if i ever was going to find my class when i came apon the next exhibit. Birds belong to the phylum aves like aviation because they fly. But not all birds fly. Most birds do though and there bodies have great features to help them fly. Like their bones are hollow, they have wings and strong chest muscles. Birds like reptiles lay eggs that have a shell this egg is called an amniotic egg. Like us birds have a 4 chambered heart which is the most productive heart for the blood flow through the body because the oxygen rich blood never mixes with the no oxygen blood. They also breath through lungs. Birds eat insects and fruits. The only way i can fly is if i go on an airplane and i dont have feathers either, and if our bones were hallow all of them would broken. 'This isn't my class. Will ever find them?

21: And then i foud them!!! They were in the phylum mammalia exhibit. Because thats what we are we are mammals. The phylum got its name because we have mammry glands which produce milk. Mammals are carnivors. And instead of having like 30 babies and just hoping they all survive mammals have one or two and take lots and lots of care for them so they know they survive. Im so glad that i finally found them but it was alot of seeing all the animals. Thanks for your help!

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