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Heroic Cycle

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FC: The Heroic Cycle -as seen in- THE HOBBIT By: Nick Lindholm Images taken from 1977 cartoon adaptation of the movie

1: The Hobbit, first published in 1932, shows every part of the heroic cycle in great detail, character archetypes will be shown as their part in the story is explained.

2: Ordinary world and the call to adventure. Bilbo is first met living his normal life, doing next to nothing but sitting on his front porch and smoking a pipe, he is living in his ordinary world. Then Gandalf shows up. He calls Bilbo to adventure to tall mountains to see dangerous and wonderful things, and, naturally, he refuses certain that he had no need to adventure.

3: The Hero - Bilbo Baggins Following the heavily used idea that a small, insignificant person can rise to be a fabled hero, the, at first, reluctant Bilbo rises to the challenges set before him (usually with a complaint or grumble) and triumphs over them. He starts off reluctant with no weapon but his pipe, but earns a sword and several hefty bags of gold.

4: Meeting the mentor and Crossing the threshold. Ignoring Bilbo’s plea to be left alone, Gandalf invites thirteen dwarves to visit him, along with himself. | Bilbo relents and agrees to go. They pack up onto ponies and ride into the unknown.

5: Mentor - Gandalf Both the one who gives the hero his first goal, and the one to shove him out the door, Gandalf gives Bilbo bits of information and little tips to make his sanity last a little longer on his dangerous missions. He also pops in now and again to save the group from probable death. | Minor shapeshifter- Thorin Okenshield At first reluctant to bring Bilbo along on his quest to regain his family clanhold, he warmed to his company until Bilbo refused to fight against people who would take their gold. Thorin disowned Bilbo, calling him a coward and thief, until his unfortunate demise when he forgave Bilbo and decided that sharing isn't such a bad idea.

6: Allies, tests, and enemies. Bilbo, along with Gandalf, and his thirteen dwarven allies, march off into the unknown. Before long they are beset by trials to test their mettle and wit. Like trolls trying to eat them. | And being forced to climb their way over a mountain range and being taken prisoner by goblins.

7: Allies, tests and enemies cont. The troupe escapes to the edge of Mirkwood Forest, they are given some supplies by Gandalf. Gandalf warns them from leaving the marked road. Their trip is filled with perils. They are poisoned by spiders which Bilbo kills. | After a minor run-in with the goblins again, the troupe escapes on the backs of giant eagles to the edge of Mirkwooood Forest, they are given some supplies by Gandalf, and Th(u/o)rin is given a key, and Gandalf warns them from leaving the marked road. Their trip is filled with perils, they almost drown crossing a river, and they are poisoned by spiders, which Bilbo kills and help his allies escape. Hungry, lost, and frightened, the group decides It would be best to leave the path, whereupon they are captured by the wood elves. The twelve dwarves are held prisoner for several days, and only escape after invisiBilbo sneaks them out using wine barrels. | Shapeshifter- Gollum While not holding the same pivotal role as he did in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Gollum earns the title ‘Shapeshifter’ due to his willingness to help Bilbo escape from the goblin caves, then proceeding to try to eat him. | They are also captured by the wood elves. And escape after Bilbo sneaks them out.

8: Threshold Guardian- Trolls, goblins, giant spiders Along the travels of Bilbo and the twelve dwarves, the troupe is accosted by trolls, Goblins, the giant spiders of Mirkwood, and the wood elves. Not counting Smaug himself, the four groups are the ones who give the hero the most grief, blocking his path and making him unwilling to go on. | Trolls Mostly teaching Bilbo what could happen if he fails, he is caught by these three while trying to steal some food from them.The twelve dwarves and him are almost eaten, but saved when Gandalf forced them to argue until sunrise, turning them to stone.

9: Goblins The troupe was captured by goblins half way through a mountain range.They are almost executed by their king until Gandalf saves them, again. | Wood Elves The group is held captive by wood elves for several days, condemned as POW's, this time, it is Bilbo who helps them escape. Stowing them away in wine barrels.

10: Approaching the cave and the Ordeal Nearing the end of their journey, Bilbo and the twelve dwarves, quite literally, approach the final cave. Frequented by the murderous dragon Smaug who stole the dwarves’ treasure many years ago, the point of the quest was to break in and steal, at the very least, a certain Arkenstone. Bilbo was sent, alone, into the heart of the cave to confront the dragon. This was his hardest ordeal, choosing to go on or to retreat like a coward. Bilbo decides to bite the bullet and confront the dragon certain that doing that would overshadow anything he has done, and ever will do.

11: Shadow- Smaug. The constant overlooming doom to be confronted at the end of the book, the dragon Smaug was the reason the thirteen set off in the first place. Advertising himself as powerful and godlike, he is, rather anticlimactically, killed off by a minor character, ending the fear of failing their mission.

12: Road back, resurrection and return After he confronts the dragon, Bilbo leaves to tell the dwarves what he learned, and after many interesting happenings, like: and

13: The dwarves and Bilbo are rolling in liberated gold. But the people of the destroyed town and the Wood elves both come to claim part of it. A battle of five armies ensues and Bilbo becomes certain that he wants nothing to do with bloodshed, his resurrection into a better person. | After the battle, Bilbo scrambles back to what remains of his companions. Realizing that most of them are dead, he takes a reward of two sacks of gold, a magic ring, and several nice memories about his travels.

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  • Title: Heroic Cycle
  • The heroic cycle as seen in The Hobbit. Images taken from the 1977 cartoon adaptation.
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