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FC: Adventures Through Time

1: Hello friends, I would like to dedicate this book to cat Mittens. He is an amazing cat and I love him very much. Enjoy!

2: Five boys are walking out of school, talking about their plans for the weekend. Hunter and Alan are talking about the baseball game coming up, they are excited because they play and hope that they can take their team to the finals. John is happy with his running team and how well they did at practice. Ian and Tucker were talking abut how happy they were to just be out of school. All of a sudden they where stopped by Jeremy, an 8th grade bully that all the other 6th graders feared.

3: “Hey twerps!” shouts Jeremy, “Going home to your mommies?” “Be quiet”, says Hunter. “Oh stop acting tough.”, chuckles Jeremy. “There are 5 of us and 1 of you.” chimed Tucker “We are tough enough to beat you.” “The only way I would believe you were tough is if you were to stay a night in the abandoned museum on Maple Street.” “But that place is haunted”, exclaimed Alan. “We’ll all die,” shouted Ian. Jeremy piped in, “Well its up to you, you can be babies or stay a night in the museum, its your choice.” “Guys, we can do this!” said John, “I bet its not even really haunted.” “Fine, we’ll do it”, moaned Alan “But as soon as I see a single ghost I’m leaving.” So it was settled the boys would brave a night in the abandoned museum.

4: Mesopotamia | The kids landed in a boat on the Tigris river, we were up north in the north east central part of Mesopotamia. it was very vast and flat part of the Mesopotamia area. Mesopotamia is located in present day middle east. We met up with a villager and he tells us that we are part of a trading caravan and they went to visit the Hammurabi statue, under that was a Slab with the title, Hammurabi’s Code written on it.

5: “hmm what an interesting piece of craftsmanship this boat is” Exclaimed tTucker “We just have to get to shore, so grab an oar everybody” said John When the kids got to shore, they went to the center of the city, there, there was this big slab statue, under that was a slab with the title, Hammurabi’s Code written on it. “whoa” exclaimed Hunter. “this is the Hammurabi's code, a law system that we use here in Mesopotamia”Said a villager “This law system is what we have used for a very long time” Villager “ How does this law system work?” asked Ian. “well, kid if you were to stab hunter’s eye out, then your eye would be removed”Villager “Hmmm fascinating law system you guys got going here” said John “ Is this Hammurabi dude still alive”Said Alan “No, he was are ruler many years back” said the Villager

6: “OK that's cool, MOVING ON” impatiently said Hunter “Lets get home, I’m hungry.” said Hunter. After the kids went back to there trading caravan to get to the next portal to get home, on there way there they pass the ziggurats. “Whats that” asked Alan. “that is a ziggurat” said the Villager “What is a ziggurat“ asked Tucker “A Ziggurat is kinda like a pyramid that is used for religious ceremony's” Said the Villager “Ooh” They all exclaimed! Just as the boys pasted the last ziggurat a portal appeared in the road and sucked the five boys into the portal to the next civilization!

7: India | The five adventurers travel to Ancient India when they open the next door. They are teleported into a small ancient Indian village on the banks of the Indus river right during a Hindu Holiday called The Festival of Lights. There the hero’s learn about Hinduism and the caste system. From there the hero’s go east on a trade boat that is going to another ancient Indian city. When they reach the city there are directed by some inhabitants to go and talk to a wise am holy man named Asoka because only he can knows how the 5 adventurers can get back to there time.

8: “Really really this is the second time we have landed in water.” said Hunter. “Better than being in another desert.” said John. “Hey look over there there is a town on the other side of the river.” said Ian. “Looks like there having a party or something.” said Tucker. “OK lets go there and find out were we are.” said Ian. As the boys swam closer the the town they realized that it was not an ordinary celebration that was going on in the village. “They most be having some sort of festival for harvest time or a ritual to the gods.” said Alan. “It seems really important what they are doing” said Tucker. “I think were in India.” said Ian. “How do you know that?” asked Tucker. Without saying a word Ian pointed to a statue near the center of the village were stood a 6 foot tall bronze and brass statue of a women with 6 arms sitting down as if she was praying.

9: “What’s that?” asked Hunter. “That's Shiva 6 armed Hindu goddess.” said Alan. “Okay cool, I want to get back to the museum this place seems boring.” said Hunter. “First I want to find out what they are doing.” said Ian. “Me too.” said John. “When in Rome.” said Tucker. The four boys started running to the festival leaving Hunter wondering if he should go too. “O.k. fine. we’ll check this place out for a little while but I don’t want to stay here to long.” said John.The boys settled themselves on some seats near the center of the festival. “I wonder who is hosting this party.” said Hunter. “I already said this isn't a party this is a festival.” Said Alan. “Well everyone is dancing, there is food and everything is light up and there is music. I am pretty sure that this could be described as a party.” said Tucker.

10: Then Hunter turned his attention from the party to a middle age man who was sitting near them chanting some ancient song. “You there who are you and who is hosting this cool party?” asked Hunter. “Greetings strangers I am Aamod son of Bhandu and this is no party this is the Festival of Lights.” “Whats that?” asked Tucker. “ It is when the water spirits who have enveloped the heaven's since the beginning of the rainy season stop their magic and return the light back to the world.” said Aamod.

11: “We celebrate this holy day by prayer and lighting the holy sights and are houses with clay candles in honor of the coming days of light.” emphasized Aamod. “Who do you pray to?” asked Ian. “Is it that six armed goddess lady over there.” “You mean The Great Destroyer Shiva. Yes we pray to her and the other 2 higher powers Vishnu the Preserver, and Brahma the Creator.” “O so you believe in Hinduism.” said Alan. “Yes many of the people in this part of the world are Hindu. In fact it has been around for longer than most elders can even recall.”said Aamod. “What’s Hinduism?” asked Hunter. “Hinduism is a religion Hunter.” said Alan. “Our religion believes in reincarnation or the process by which a soul is reborn continuously until the person achieves perfect understanding.” said Aamod. “When this soul achieves perfect understanding it is called Moksha.” continued Aamod.

12: “Oh cool. What else can you tell us about your religion?” asked Hunter “Well, we devote are lives to try and fulfill Dharma and with good Karma.” said Aamod. “Karma that sounds familiar but whats Dharma?” asked Tucker. “Dharma is the religious and moral duties for Hindus.” said Aamod. “Karma are the effects of a person’s life long actions that determine his or her destiny in his or her next life.” said Aamod. “How do you know what the rules are for a perfect life?” asked Ian. “Yes we have two main sacred texts they are called the Vedas and the Upadishads.” anwserd Aamod. “Do you have monks and temples and stuff?” said Hunter. “That's China Hunter.” Alan harshly exclaimed. “Oh, right sorry all I can remember is Bruce Lee movies.” said Hunter “Yes we have temples that we pray and sometimes we go to holy sights like the Gangus river and temples.” We also have high priests called Brahmins they are closest to Moksha in the cast system.” Said Aamod.

13: “Whats the caste system.” asked Ian. “The cast system is a social class system were the Brhamin Hindu priests are next in line for Moksha if they have good Karma and Dharma they will only reincarnate once.” said Aamod. “Then the warriors are next if they go by good karma and Dharma they will only have to reincarnate twice.” Then the skilled craftsmen and merchants who if had a good life would have to reincarnate three times.” said Aamod. “Then the next in line are the peasant farmers who have to reincarnate four times to achieve Moksha .”said Aamod. “Are the peasant farmers at the bottom the the caste system.” asked John. “No they are not.” said Aamod. “At the bottom of the list are the untouchables.” said Aamod “Who are they.” asked Ian. “They clean up the waste and prepare dead bodies for burial.” said Aamod. “So were is your capital of your civilization here in India?” asked Hunter.

14: Aamod gazed at the boys with a strange look then explained his curiosity. “There are many united kingdom's in the area you can India my homeland. Many cities have small centralized governments.” said Aamod. “Are there any smart Brahmin priests that will be able to tell us w to get back home.” Asked Ian. “I do not know any high priests that would have an idea of how you would get home.”Said Aamod. “But i can tell you there is a very wise leader that might know how you five can get home.” said Aamod “What is his name.” asked John. “His name is Asoka. If there is anyone who can help you get home he can.” replied Aamod. “Were can we find him.”asked Alan. “You can find him to the east of the city he lives in the palace. Tell them you wish to talk to the wise Asoka and they will let you by.” said Aamod. “Okay cool, and thank you Aamod we can never repay you for you help.” said Hunter. “No matter.” said Aamod “Glad to help. Good luck travelers.” said Aamod turning around and walking back to the festival.

15: The boys made there way to the center of the city as Aamod had said. When they got to the palace they were stopped by guards and servants of the high priests and rulers of the city. “Please we mean no harm we want to speak words with the wise man called Asoka.” said Ian. The boys were then directed down a long corridor within the palace which led to a great throne room. As they entered they were greeted by a humble but inquisitive voice. “They tell me you are travelers from distant times who have come to talk to me.” said Asoka. “Yes we have come to talk to you great Asoka.” said John. “Speak what it is that you must say travelers.” said Asoka. “Great Asoka we need to get back home to our time can you help us. Do you know of a way that we can get back?” asked Ian. “To get home you must answer a riddle ‘What destroys but we can not stop it. What heals and we can’t help it. Finally what gives that we can not take.’ You have a few minutes to think about it.” “O.k o.k. guys what the heck is he talking about.” said Hunter “I think it has to do with the caste system” said Ian. “How would it have to do with that. It clearly has to do with something other than that.” said Tucker.

16: “Guys be quiet lets just think about this for a while.” said Alan. “What about the Hindu gods.” Said John. “Yes that's what I was thinking but what were there names again.” Said Alan. “I remember one of them. Was one of them called Shiva the Destroyer. That's what I thought Aamod said right.” said Hunter. “Ya and the other two I think it was Vishnu the Preserver and Brahma the Creator.” said Ian. “Great Asoka is what we have said the true answer to your riddles.” said John “Yes. Now leave through those doors and get out of my sight. With a whisk of his hand the five adventurers were thrown from the grounds of the palace back to the museums marble floor.

17: “Were are we?” asked Hunter. “I think we’re in another desert?” Tucker said. “Yeah, I can figure that one out” Hunter sarcastically exclaimed. “I don’t think we are in the middle east anymore” Alan observed.“The air is dry and hot here, and there are no mountains. | I don’t think we are in the same desert anymore." Said John.“We could be in the Gobi desert” stated Alan. “Or somewhere in Africa” said Ian.“What about Egypt” said Hunter. “I mean this could be Egypt” Hunter said. “We could, but it doesn't matter, a desert is a desert. If we don't find civilization we won’t live long out here!” said John “Well how are we going to find civilization or a town or something if we don’t even know what direction we are going.” said Hunter. “See where the sun is and how it is really high up now. It is only high up like that at noon.” said John. “Ya so, we already knew that. How does that help” Hunter complained. “Well the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.” stated John. | Egypt

18: “So that means that behind us it south and in-front of us is north. If we travel north we will find the coast. Then we can find the nile river and travel down it until we find an Egyptian town." “Good thinking, let’s go” insisted Tucker. A couple hours later the boys come to a village filled with people. Just then it started to get chaotic, people running, grabbing children and running, running fast like a herd of elephants. behind them were men. dressed in what looked like war clothes with weapons. chasing the people. “Run!” yelled Ian. Everyone started to run to the coastline. The boys got to the edge of what they realized was the Red Sea and just then the sea split. When everybody got across, the sea was put together. “YAY!” all the boys yelled. “Now lets get to the next portal.” exclaimed Tucker “And get this journey underway.” claimed John After that the kids joined all the other Jewish people they started talking to some of them and learned about there life.

19: “Hi, My name is Hunter, whats yours?” asked Hunter . “My name is Mark.” said the traveller. “How long have you been living with those people?” asked Ian. “I have been living in that village all my life.” stated Mark. He continued to explain how he lived there, and how he work all day. The kids realized that Mark was really talkative. “Us Jewish people live under the example of the golden rule.” added Mark. “What is the golden rule” politely asked John. "The golden rule is that you don't hold grudge on someone” said Mark. “We also follow the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments are kinda like a honor code, listing things you do and what you are forbidden to do” stated Mark. “Interesting!” exclaimed Tucker “Look guys!” Hunter exclaimed. Behind a pyramid was a old guy flagging the boys over. When the boys ran over the old man magically made the teleporter appear to bring them to the next civilization. They were sucked in never to see Mark again.

20: China | By the time they had arrived back to the museum everyone was tired. There was too much time to just stand there and their curiosities were brimming. The trip to India was amazing. “Why don’t we keep going. There are only 2 doors left.” Ian persisted. “Yeah, we got time it’s not even 10 o’clock yet.” John said. It didn’t matter about opinions Alan once again whisked back in time. The band of friends went hurdling through and immediately noticed that the geography of the land was very diverse. On their left was desert, in front of them were mountains, behind them were plains, and to the right looked like hilly farmland. John thought aloud “I read a book on ancient China and it described this very landscape of mountains, desert, plains, and farmland all hurdled into one large country.” It was decided. The land they were in must be ancient china. The boys peered off into the distance searching for some form of civilization. Bingo, they saw smoke off to the east in the farmlands. "That must be a town off in the distance” declared Ian. “We must go to the town.” exclaimed Hunter

21: Surprisingly the journey to the town took far less time then the boys had imagined, since the village looked to be at least 20 miles away, but somehow the trip took no more then an hour or so. But when the boys arrived at the village, the sight was not as they had expected. | The smoke was not coming from a hearth or a household fire, but half of the city was in flames fighting against an entire army. Tucker quickly decided that the group travel to the back side of the city where there was no fighting going on. “What is going on here” shrieked Hunter. “I have no idea this looks like the ancient doomsday.” cried Alan.Hiding in the shadows of the surviving houses, men rushed passed them with spears and swords. This was no place to be for 6th graders.

22: Turmoil broke loose here and there and everyone was running in a panic. The occasional glint of steel told them that hiding was better then revealing themselves. “That’s a funny hat your wearing.” chuckled Ian. “This is a Chinese bamboo sun hat.” said Tucker. “Oh no, we are in China. This must be the Warring Era!” “Smooth Hunter, way to open the door.” said Alan. “Me! Your the one who opened the door!” insisted Hunter. “Can you guys be quiet. They will hear us out there!” said John. Nightfall descended onto the city but the fires remained bright and lit up the entire valley. The battling had appeared to die down so Alan decided it was safe for the group to come out. They went into a temple to try to find some peace and rest for the night when they came upon an old warrior who motioned for them to come over. They sat beside him next to a shrine

23: “You are not from here, why have you come into a time of much discomfort stress and war?” said the sage. “Your right, we are not from here, we have journeyed from the future and are trying to find a way back. By the way what is going on here?” asked Ian. “ For many years the states of china have been fighting to rule the kingdom, but everyone claims to have the mandate of heaven, or “the son of god”. As for government the Zhou dynasty has been ruling for hundreds of years but over the past few years a new dynasty has been overtaking, the Qin. They are the very people in which are taking over the city walls as we speak.” said the sage. “But what about Confucius, Lao Tze Ching, and the leader of legalism? where do those play into the picture?” said john. “ As of now, legalism is greatly needed to bring order to this chaos, but down the road Confucianism is said to be the favorite of the 3 schools of thought.” said the warrior. “Ahhhhh yes.” said John, “But can you tell us how to get home?” “Well you must wait for the city to fall tomorrow and when this very temple collapses a portal to your world will appear. When it does, hop in before anyone can see you.” said the sage.

24: “Look the portal is here!” and he was right the portal was right on time as expected. Though the boys were rather sad at the surrounding landscape and everything was pillaged, but they had to go back home so unwillingly they went through the portal and were thrust upon the museum floor. The next morning boys did as they were told and waited in a building next door until the fighting stopped at nightfall again. Tucker peeked his head out. “Look the portal is here!” and he was right the portal was right on time as expected. Though the boys were rather sad at the surrounding landscape and everything was pillaged, but they had to go back home so unwillingly they went through the portal and were thrust upon the museum floor.

25: “Let's just stay where we are so nothing else happens”, argued Hunter. It was too late though because someone had their hand on the handle and with a sharp turn and a pull. Tucker sent them hurdling towards their next adventure. | As we arrived back to the museum we each had our full share of adventure. We visited almost all of the odd doors except one. We had two hours left before that rotten teenager would leave us alone and know that we were not little kids anymore. “I’m so tired right now we should just sleep until the two hours are up” said Hunter with a sigh, “I just wish this night can be over with”. “With one door left and two hours remaining what could go wrong”, said Ian. “I’m with Hunter”, exclaimed John. He laid down on the floor and tried to fall asleep. “I think we should open this next door”, said Alan.

26: After arriving into the next door they found themselves on a rocky shoreline. They weren't exactly sure where they were but by the clothes they were wearing they knew the time they were now in was once again back in time. Everyone found themselves in old clothes and sandals. | Greece

27: "Why are we wearing these bedsheets?" Hunter questioned. "These aren't even comfortable." He was right The scratchy clothing was almost unbearable. They were coarse and color was a yellowy white. Ian looked at his clothes puzzled "Where are we?" I eon'5 know. We could be in Egypt again, but this isn't a desert." examined John. "I know where we are" said Alan. "This has got to be Greece. The rocky mountains, the rocky shore its like one big rocky.....thing. Plus there are not any ghosts here." Hiking through the Greek countryside was hard and the sandals offered limited protection against the prickly shrubs. They stayed against the shoreline so the five adventurers would not have to cross the high peaks looming next to them.. They walked for what seemed

28: like hours, but where they were in a different time not everything was what it seemed. They had all agreed that somewhere along the way they must come along a small fishing village. As the moon rose and fell the homeward bound friends were walking, hoping that they would find something. Greek signs lined the path showing little information to people that don't speak Greek. Coming to a cliff it seemed useless and that the 5 kids would never return home. "Look!" Alan exclaimed. Out onto the seemingly endless plain laid a small town. Walking the road was tough but walking down the cliff was tougher. Scrapes and bruises now lined their bodies. They found themselves int the middle of Athens. There was a problem though. Id did not look like the huge city that they had learned about in Social Studies it was a small town with barely anybody in it. Empty houses, creaky boats, and load gulls made this town look like a ghost town. It was a pitiful sight. "Well it's civilization at least ....sort of" stammered Tucker "With civilization comes people" Everyone spoke Greek but by the panic of the people and the flailing of hands something was wrong.

29: "It is the Romans" said a stranger. "Who are you and how do you speak English?" questioned Ian "I am a peaceful traveler my name is not important just call me Avius" Avius said. "Okay Avius we need to get .... What are the Romans doing?" questioned John. "They are coming to take over. In a few days this land will be overrun by the Romans." ?Avius stated. "What can we do to stop this?" asked Alan. "You must learn why we are peaceful and stop the Romans from invading." pleased Avius. With a swift motion of his hand the five travelers were whisked to a different part of Greece.“What do we have to do? Tell the Romans that Greece is a great place?” asked Ian. “I guess so” said Hunter When they turned around Athens was no longer a small town but a huge city with white walls and magnificent statues. Confused in a confusing world the boys marched through the gates. Where a hovel stood seconds ago now was a mansion.

30: “The Romans are going to invade and we have to stop it.” said Tucker. “This is going to take forever.” Walking through Athens was a magnificent journey. The people their was wealthy and the buildings there were fascinating. The rickety docks now were rock solid and boats filled with goods and supplies were being loaded and unloaded. “Greece was a huge sea trading country.” said John. “Yeah, where do you think their going?” asked Ian. “Probably to another city-state.” answered John. Ian looked confused. “Ha ha ha, a city-state is part of the same country but has a different government.” John said. “Maybe that’s one of the important things about Greece!” exclaimed Alan. As the boys continued their walk through Greece they saw elections being made, shows being preformed, and watched a keystone being placed in an arch. “How do they build those arches so well?” asked Ian. “It’s pi, you know 3.14 and ummm some other numbers.” said Alan. “I though it was going to be apple pie.” sighed Hunter. “Philosophers create these theories that help people in every day life.” continued Alan. “Plato and Socrates are the most important and i personally......” The walk through Athens took a drastic change for the boring as Alan went on about government.

31: “The Greeks are most accredited for the creation of Democracy.” “We get it Alan, thanks.” said John. “Hello again.” came a voice. “Hey mister whats going on here!” questioned Tucker. “You are learning about my people very well. Now come with me.” said Avius. The boys felt a deep blackness cover them. They awoke in a field with men wrestling and throwing stones. “What is this?” asked Ian. “This is the very first Olympic game.” stated Avius. “Cool i always wanted to be in the Olympics for running” exclaimed John. “Good so you all know what the Olympics are?” asked Avius. Everyone nodded. “It’s when the best competitors come together and compete to see who is the best.” said Hunter. “Yes, now go to Rome and learn it’s ways. You will see that we are not that different. When you do and only then will you be allowed home.” With another swish of his hands the five kids were whisked away to Rome.

32: Rome | Hey where is Ian” asked Alan. It was true he was nowhere in sight. The remaining boys searched but in finding a single person in Rome is like trying to find someone in New York City. Nobody knew where Ian was. “Okay what do we have to do? Maybe if we find how Rome is similar to Greece we can find Ian and get home.” said Hunter. | Rome was just like Athens with it’s white walls and fancy houses. There was only one difference and that was the huge stadium in almost the center of the town. The Coliseum was large and had the arches just like the Greeks did.

33: It was agreed the city of Athens. ships being loaded and unloaded, people doing debates and soldiers marching.“There are arches just like the ones in Greece” said Tucker.“Yeah but I don’t think that the Olympics take place here.” said Alan. The roads were large and expansive. Probably the best in the world the boys examined. “The senate probably decide to put these roads in.” said Hunter. “They make most of the decisions in Rome.” “It seems so peaceful here.” said Alan. “I bet it’s the Pax Romana.” “What?” asked Tucker. “It means Roman Peace.” said Alan. “I don’t think you want to hear about the..” “No!” shouted Hunter. “We’re fine thanks” said John. At last they came to the coliseum. “Maybe they play sports here.” suggested Alan. Unfortunately he was wrong. The Coliseum had a fight going on. And in the center of it was Ian. “Great now we are gonna have to get involved in fighting.” said John.“Well if we don’t, who will?” asked Alan. “You of course.” said a voice. The boys rushed down next to Ian like a whirlwind. “That Avius is getting on my nerves.” said Tucker. As the five boys stood there arguing, they did not notice the men circling around them.

34: “Ummm, guys were in trouble here.” said Ian. “Who are they?” asked Hunter. He pointed to the large group of men now surrounding them. “I don’t know.” said Ian. “But they don’t look happy.” “SO Rome and Greece are similar but I guarantee Romans aren’t as peaceful as the Greeks.” said Alan. The boys minds became clouded. Almost as if in a trance they headed for the battle’s exit. Walking through the door back into the museum the trance ended and they fell onto the floor and slept.

35: The five boys had finally adventured to all of the ancient time and made it back safely. By the time they opened the last door and returned into the abandoned museum the sun was beginning to rise and the birds were chirping. They could smell the fresh dew on the grass and feel the cool breeze flowing on from the shattered windows. They couldn’t wait to tell their friends, especially Jeremy. They knew he wouldn’t believe them but it didn’t matter. They had just experienced something nobody has. The five boys had been around the world and through history in a single night, the greatest night of their lives. | Returning Home

37: Citations: 500 333 - Roman Coliseum. Inside of the Roman Coliseum 800 534 - Keywords: acropolis athens greece 800 531 - The Baltimore Museum of Art's most notable collection is the Cone 1200 900 - Tower of Buddhist Virtue & Wisdom Sea 375 500 - One of a few hundred statues of Hindu Gods, you will 1512 1080 - Ziggurat of Ur — Fotopedia

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