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Hinduism & Buddhism

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S: Hinduism & Buddhism

BC: Ruth Period #3 your favorite :D

FC: Hinduism & Buddhism

1: Introduction | There are many,many differences between Hinduism and Buddhism. As I find these religions interesting, I'm going to offer you the courtesy of previewing my small work of art comparing and contrasting these fascinating religions. I have researched, pondered, and turned the meaning of these things over and over in my mind. I have asked questions, answered them to the best of my ability, so, while I present you this (dare I say it?) wonderful piece of art, I hope you'll enjoy my finding the nitty-gritty of Buddhism & Hinduism. | Hinduism(left) Buddha(right)

2: You only lose what you cling to. - Siddhartha Gautma | Gandhi Page | A man who was completely innocent, offered himself as a sacrifice for the good of others, including his enemies, and became the ransom of the world. It was a perfect act. Mahatma Gandhi

3: This(to the left) is a picture of an example of Tibetan Buddhism. Tibetan Buddhism is also called Lamaism. Lamaism is a branch off of early Theravada Buddhism, but is different in more ways than similar.

4: Research Question: How and/or why has religion changed over time in India? Well, in Ancient India, there were many different religions: Hinduism, Islam. Buddhism, Christianity, and et cetera. As far as I know, these religions are still going on today. In Ancient India, The Vedic religion of the Aryans became Hinduism in India when they migrated. India's religion, over time, just keeps evolving.. Though India has changed alot, religion has changed with it. Not too much has changed, though.

5: The picture on the top is just a flashy way of saying, Hinduism, OM. The fancy rainbow symbol means Hin-duism. The one below it is an illustration the Buddha while meditating just before attaining enlightenment. A big Naga (snake with psychic powers) came up behind him and lifted him from the ground, and spread its hood above him to protect him from the rain which was just starting to fall. Many Buddha-images are also made with the Buddha being sheltered by the Naga.

6: "the doctrinal differences between Hinduism and Buddhism and Taoism are not anywhere near as important as doctrinal differences among Christianity and Islam and Judaism. Holy wars are not fought over them because verbalized statements about reality are never presumed to be reality itself." — Robert M. Pirsig

7: Buddhism- founder:Siddhartha Gautma, Eight-fold Path(scriptures), The Middle Way, meditation, nirvana | Both- no one holy book, cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, dharma, karma & reincarnation, Good Deeds, no supreme being, worldwide religions, split in groups | Hinduism- polytheistic, Vedas & Upanishads (scriptures), trinity of gods - Brahma - Vishnu - Shiva animal sacrifices, caste system | Buddhism & Hinduism Comparison Chart

8: Geographical Dominance: Place of worship: Founder: Place of Origin: Scriptures: Principles: Belief of God: | BUDDHISM Tibet, Sri Lanka, North America Pagedas, watts, temples Siddhartha Gautma (Buddha) Nepal, India Sutras, Pali Canon, Tipitaka Desire leads to suffering Buddhism does not believe in a Creator God, it does, however, have numerous non-creator deities. | HINDUISM India, Nepal Temple (Mandir) doesn't have one Indian subcontinent Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, Gita to follow Dharma Several beliefs depending on school of thought: polytheism, monotheism, pan-theism, et cetera.

9: Clergy: Practices: Use of statues and pictures: Rites: | BUDDHISM priests, priestesses, monks, nuns meditation, contemplation, offerings in temple common samsara/pali: cycle of death and rebirth | HINDUISM no OFFICIAL clergy, but has Gurus, Yogis, Rishis, Brahmins, Pundits, priests, priestesses, monks, nuns meditation, yoga, comtemplation, yagna, communal worship, offerings in temple encouraged Some upper-caste Hindus believe in a thread ceremony for men.

10: Literal Meaning: Life after death: | BUDDHISM Buddhist means follower of Buddha numerous reincarnations; may be punished in certain Hells; ultimate Nirvana | HINDUISM The word Hindu has geographical significance and was used originally for those people who lived beyond the river Sindhu or the region watered by the river Indus. Hindus themselves, call their religion "Sanatana Dharma, " meaning "Eternal Law." a constant cycle of reincarnation until enlightenment is reached

11: Means of Salvation: Goal of religion: Concept of Deity: Human Nature: | BUDDHISM letting go of desire to gain enlightenment and nirvana believes in numerous deities desire leads to suffering | HINDUISM reaching enlightenment by the path of knowledge, the path of devotion, or the path of good deeds to break the cycle of birth, death, & rein-carnation, and attain salvation dependent on school of thought: monism, polytheism, monotheism depends on sects

12: Population: Branches: Place & Time of Origin: Views on Afterlife: Angels: View of the Buddha: | BUDDHISM 400-500 million Theravada, Maha-yana, Vajyana Nepal reincarnation;Hells;ultimate Nirvana had spiritual beings called "pevas" central figure of the religion | HINDUISM 1 Billion Myriad, Jainism, Sikhism Indian subcontinent; beginning with the Vedic civilization circa 300 B.C. reincarnation until enlightenment, then moksha have Rishis, messengers of gods some Hindus claim Buddha was an avatar of Vishnu, others say he was a holy man

13: Time of Origin: View of Oriental Religions: | BUDDHISM 2500 BC(E) | HINDUISM 3000 BC(E)


16: This is a religion map of India. The yellow bar at different places means the people are Hindu, green is Muslim, blue is Christian(woo-woo!), red is Sikh, and purple is Other.

17: Did You Know.... | 1. Chess was invented in India. 2. India's been around for 100,000 years, and not ONCE has it invaded any other country. 3. India is the 7th largest country in the world, the largest democracy and one of the oldest civilizations. 4. Before the British invaded in the 17th century, India was one of the richest countries in the world. 5. "Pi" was invented by an Indian mathematician. 6. India is one of the largest exporters of computer software products and exports software to over 90 countries. 7. India is home to the world's largest pilgrimage destination called the Vishnu Temple. The temple is located in the city of Tirupati. About an average of 30,000 people visit this temple donating about $6 million US dollars, everyday. 8. Yoga originated in India about 5,000 years ago. 9. India has 300,000 mosques, the most in the world. 10. Christians and Jews have been living in India since 52 A.D. and 200 B.C.

18: Bibliography:D

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