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History childrens book

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FC: History in the Making

1: Table of Contents | 1.Ancient River Valley Civiliation 2.Classical Greece/Rome 3.Post-Classical Africa/Asia 4.Post-classical(Medieval)Europe 5.RenaissanceReformation 6.Enlightenment/Revolutions 7.World War 1 8.World War 11 9.Cold War

2: Ancient River Valley Civilization | Between 3000 too 450 B.C such river valley civilizations formed independently of each other along the Indus, The Nile, the Tigris, and Euphrates and the Yellow River. These civilizations shared certain characteristics that distinguished them from the collections of Neolithic communities that preceded them. From roughly 3000 to 1500 B.C.E, a complex urbanized civilization existed along the Indus River. The people had a code call Hammurabi's code.

3: What if People did not learn how to farm? What would they do for food, water, and just going on day to day? If people didn't know how to farm in the Ancient River Valley Civilization then they would have no food and would not be able to live. Farming was one of the main ways to get food and other needs. Farming would bring in money for the poor and food for the family. They used farming to there advantage.

4: Classical Greece/Rome | Classical Greece was in the time periods of 2000 B.C.-300 B.C. While empires were forming in Africa and Asia, the ancient Greeks ere building city-states on the lands surrounding the Aegean Sea. Over several centuries, these city-states(particularly Athens) produced a civilization that would have a profound impact on the rest of the world. Mycenaean Civilization starts to develop and people settle there. People who settled there were known as the Mycenaeans. According to Roman legend, the city was founded in 753 B.C by Romulus and Remus. Rome was built on seven rolling hills at a curve on the Tiber River. Rome had a Republic government. In the early republic, different groups of Romans struggled for power. One group was the patricians.

5: What if the Rome empire didn't fall? If Rome didn't fall then Rome may of colonized America a lot faster. Technology would be about 600 years more advanced then it is now because there would have been no Dark ages. Everything would of been more developed then it is today. People would of been more successful and smarter with how to make things and what too make to get everything more developed.

6: Post-Classical Africa/Asia | Post-classical Africa was a time that was big with farming and gathering there own goods. The Nile River Valley developed into an important agricultural center for growing wheat, barely, and other crops. During the Post classical time of Asia the growth of a civilization was increasing. More people where coming into Asia. Farming in Asia was also a big part of how people got there own food and goods. The Silk road was a really big deal because it opened trade for people to use.

7: What if the Mongols had not open the Silk road up to safe travels? If Silk road had not opened then trade for people would have been a lot harder then normal. Trading goods would of been a lot slower. The Silk road without safe travels wouldn't be good because they would have too use different routes and unsafe conditions to transport goods.

8: Medieval Europe | During this time there was a social class that was going on. They were labeled as Lord , Knights, Church Officials, Noble, And Peasants are last. The Lord which is the most powerful would grant land called fief . In 600s to 700s, the Muslims tried to conquer and settle in Europe. By the 800s to 900s, their foal was also plunder.

9: what if the Black Plague didn't attack Western Europe? If the Black Plaque did not hit Western Europe then the one-third of the population wouldn't of died. If the Black Plague didn't happen then trade would have been more successful and would of gotten more developed. Prices wouldn't of rose as high as they did. More labor would of been needed which means more jobs for people to have.

10: Renaissance/Reformation | The Renaissance was a time period when many things were made and many things started to happen. The printing press was made by Gutenberg. The Renaissance means "rebirth"..They call it rebirth because of the old Roman and Greek Civilizations. There were gains in art, music, literature, and political. The Reformation was a 16th century movement for the reform of the Roman Catholic Church ending in the establishment of the Reformed and Protestant Churches.

11: What if Gutenberg didn't make the printing press? If the printing press wasn't done then ideas wouldn't of been spread as easy. They would still have to use the block-printing which was a slow process. The Printing press was used to make the first bible fast. Also if the printing press wouldn't of came out then who knows when something like it would of came out. People also wouldn't have access to as much information. The Reformation for example maybe wouldn't of been as good because people couldn't get the information they needed for it.

12: Enlightenment/Revolutions | The Enlightenment refers to the intellectual developments of the 18th century. The men and women who were part of this movement were call philosophes. The reforming ideas of the Enlightenment found expression in the American Revolution and French Revolution. The Industrial Revolution was a big part in Europe because it brought more population and more technology was brought.

13: What is the Enlightenment ideas were not embraced by the colonist? If the Enlightenment ideas were not embraced by the colonist then the American Revolution may of not happened. The Enlightenment ideas brought many things to the light. Maybe Thomas Jefferson had not written the Declaration of Independence.

14: World War I | World War 1 was fought during 1914-1918. This war was between the international conflict between Central Powers -Germany, Austria-Hungary , and Turkey, and the Allied Powers- Mainly France, Britain, Russia, Italy, Japan, and (from 1917) the U.S. Once ArchDuke died the were chains of threats going out. Germany first swept through neutral Belgium and invaded France. Once Italy joined, they called it a triple alliance. By early 1915 opposing armies would build trenches on the Western Front. These would protect them from the enemy's this set up the stage for Trench Warfare.

15: What if the Austrian heir to the throne was not assassinated? Austria would not have declared war were it assured of the unconditional support of Germany. Once he was assassinated a lot of chain reaction threats were accord and Austria got involved. a third party, Serbia, and they wouldn't of gotten in, but since they did they brought ammunition for Austria and so they got involved because of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand.

16: World War II | World war II was fought during 1939-1945.World War II killed more people,cost more money, involved more nations then any other war in the world. During this war a major attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. The fight was between the Axis and the Allies. After Pearl Harbor the U.S. was deciding weather to or not to use the atomic bomb, or the A-bomb. They needed to use it because it was the closet possible way to ending the war. They dropped the bomb on August 6, 1945, the United States dropped the A-Bomb on Hiroshima, a Japanese city of 365,000 people. Three days later, on August (, a second bomb was dropped on Nagsaki, a city of 200,000 people. Japanese surrendered on September 2.

17: What if the U.S. did not drop the A-Bomb on Japan? If the A- bomb, or Atomic bomb, wasn't dropped on Japan then Japan wouldn't of surrendered as quickly as they did. They would have keep fighting and cause the U.S. to go to war with them even longer. If the A-Bomb wasn't dropped then Japan would of won the fight between us, unless we would of told then that they could keep the condition that they wanted which was too keep there emperor.

18: Cold War | The Cold War is a war that was fought after World War II. This war was between the USSR and the USA. The Cold War was to dominate international affairs. This war started because of many different reasons. The U.S. feared of communist attacks, and Russia feared the A-Bomb from the U.S. making the first move. Russia also didn't like capitalism. There was the Cuban Missile Crisis which Khrushchev built 42 missile sites in Cuba. A spy plane spotted them from the U.S. and JFK declared they were to close to the U.S. grounds and declared they would be moved immediately.

19: What if the Soviet Union landed on the moon first and not the U.S.? If the Soviet Union would of landed on the moon first then the U.S. would if fallen behind. They would of made the field of science and technology a competition trying to see who can do what first. The U.S. would find new inventions on trying to discover new things before the Soviet Union does. They would of built something for people to find new planets and try to land on other planets.

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