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History Essays

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BC: My 8 History Essays

FC: History Essay Questions

1: #41-48 Essays

2: #41 | The Boston Tea Party was made up of the Songs of Liberty and they were dressed as the natives. Sam Adams, their leader, did this in the Boston Harbor. They believed that the British shouldn't be here and the Sons of Liberty scared their officials. They scared them by 'tar and feathering' them. The Boston Tea Party led to people not letting British Tea come into their bays or harbors. This some what relates to the Tea Party nowadays. The difference is that they aren't torturing people like the Sons of Liberty were doing to the British then. The old Tea Party made their stuff themselves. The Modern Tea Party is taking what they have said and using it.

3: The Modern Tea Party doesn't have leadership, just a group of normal people wanting a change. The old Tea Party did have a leader, Sam Adams. They are too the same in ways. Both parties were just average people. All wanting a change in the government. Or the change in direction the government is going to. They both want representation without taxation.

4: #42 | The Intolerable Act: Closed Boston Harbor, Baned town meetings, elected officials replaced by British appointed officials, Protection of British soldiers from crimes, troops held in colonists' houses. The Intolerable Acts differ from all the other Acts of KG3 because the Intolerable Act was basically a punishment to the colonists. KG3 did this to the colonists because he wanted them to suffer for dumping tea into the harbor. The Intolerable Acts were most of the Acts that were already laid down by KG3, but more as a punishment towards the colonists. In return we of course broke them. The Sons of Liberty most likely scared those officials too.

5: In response to the Boston Tea Party, KG3 said "We must master them totally or leave them to themselves and treat them as aliens." The Intolerable Acts are really called the Coercive Acts by the British. The other Acts of KG3 were done just because the British were in HUGE debt from the past wars. Like the French and Indian (Native)War.They made us suffer for what they did. Also, we helped in one war and they are making us pay for helping??? Doesn't make sense.

6: #43 | T-Paine: 'All men,not just land owners, should have the right to vote.' Meaning everyone has the right to vote even if they are homeless. I agree and disagree with this because why should they be able to vote if they aren't doing anything to help the cause but vote? They aren't working they should be able to vote. Also, everyone has different views and some people may be homeless but are maybe politically active and know who to vote for and such. T-P: 'Ridiculed the idea that Kings rule by the will of God.' Meaning that God did not give them the right to be King. I agree with this because all Kings are greedy and they can be corrupt.

7: T-P: 'Argued that all monarchies were corrupt.' Meaning all monarchies are and can be tampered with. I agree with this because with more peoples view of the next decision so it doesn't turn out into a big mess. T-P: 'Disagreed with the economic arguments for remaining with Britain.' Meaning just because we came from their doesn't mean they are the only people we can trade with and help or economy.

8: #44 | The factor that pushed France and Spain to join us is the big victories we had that showed them that we could win the war with a little bit of help. Without winning some of the battles ourselves we would have never had the help of France or Spain. Also, France could get the land they lost from the French and Indian (Native) War back. Also, they already did not like the British so its a win win for them. They get an ally and they defeat the strongest empire in the world and show them who's boss. Along with Ben Franklin, if he wouldn't have convinced King Louis XVl to create an alliance, we would have never had their help. Even though Ben took forever to convince him.

9: Spain joined the war because they wanted to expand their empire more west. They also were enemies of the British. Without them we would have never won the war and we would be British right now or we would be Hilterish after WWl. Thanks to France and Spain we won our independence and Britain left us alone. Do to their help..we owe a couple of countries around 29 millions dollars. Therefor we are now in debt like England. Leaving us almost defenceless if we were attacked by anybody.

10: #45 | Without the alliance of Spain and France we would have never had a chance in the war. We would have been under British rule and most likely hung for being traders. Spain and France helped us win the war. If we only had 1 of them helping we would have most likely took a lot longer for the war to end. Without France we would have never won the Battle of Yorktown. Also, we would have not have had the great Generals we earned from France and Spain. Therefor losing the war. Our soldiers also wouldn't have had the clothing they had. A French General used it own money to by clothing and such for his troops. Without them we would have not made history.

11: France and Spain played a huge roll in our Revolution. Spain was important in the war because they had a empire south of our States. So, if Britain tried to attack us from the south the Spanish empire would stop them and they would be caught of guard. Spain also gave us troops, supplies, and money to fight with out army. Our Revolution led to the Revolution of France.

12: #46 | The Declaration of Independence is important in world history because it declared our independence from England and it told them about our natural born rights. The natural born rights that England have violated. Also, that they should change it or pay. So we declared that we have separated from England. If they don't give us freedom they will give us death. The American Revolution was historically amazing because it was the first colonies to completely separate from their mother land. Everyone else who tried to separate from their mother land failed. This is the first time ever in the world they won the war.

13: The creation of the USA is a worldly historic event because it was the first country to come from another country. We are the first Free country. We are the first country to have a Republic for a government. The creation of the USA started out by peace, then war. Our country was created by our founding fathers and the principle that started the foundation of our country.

14: #47 | The Boston Tea Party of course took place at the Boston Harbor. The Sons of Liberty were the people that spilled all the tea in the Boston Bay. Their leader was Sam Adams. He and John Hancock were the main people in on this. The Sons of Liberty dressed as Natives so they wouldn't be caught. The Patriots saw it has revenge to KG3. The Loyalists saw it as a sign of traders of England. It could be saw as an act of Patriotism because they were acting towards the best future for the States. They thought that KG3 was doing wrong and he should be stopped. So, they were just acting for their country...patriots.

15: This also could be seen as terrorism. People destroying the property of England. That is a sign of terrorism in their eyes. People threatening things to get their way and using physical force to get their way is terrorists. Only the Loyalists and people from England including KG3 saw this as terrorism.

16: I relate to John Adams the most. I think this because we are both loud and always think we are right and everyone else is wrong. Someone always gives us advise to do better in later things we do in life. John Adams and I would not get along together. We would always be fighting and interrupting each other and always arguing about who is right or not. John Adams and I are smart in way but he is based on better principles then me. He also wouldn't most likely like playing football. Any sports for that matter. We are different in a lot of ways but yet we are alike in some ways too. | #48

17: We both do get out of hand sometimes but we always make the most of our mistakes. I would like to hang out with John over a debate but only if we are on the same sides. We would drag on a case for weeks if we were on different sides. We would both loose and loose a lot of money. That is why I relate to John Adams the most.

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