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History of the Early to Mid 1800's

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FC: History of the Early to Mid 1800's

1: Ideas that changed History

2: He believed that he saw visions that led him to launch a new Christian Church. Smith formed a group in New York and later moved out to different states until Smith himself was killed. A new leader, Young , took over and moved the Mormons to Salt Lake City Utah, where they live now. | Mormonism As a polygamist, Joseph Smith founded the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints.

3: Gold The gold rush made many people settle out West in search of Gold and a new life. The gold rush more than doubled the world's gold supply.Many new communities and cities were established, which led more people to settle out west.However, only some of the Forty-Niners found Gold.

4: Land Grants Many territories were bought in the 1800's. Also, many land grants were given to people. However, Mexico wanted the Spanish to settle Texas. | Mexico wanted more Spanish/Mexicans to settle in Texas So that they could have Texas, But more Americans settled in the Texas land. This is a big factor that started the War against Mexico.

5: Natural/Geographic Events That Changed History

6: Elie Canal Thousands of laborers built the 363 mile long canal. It is known as the Erie canal. It was finished on October 26, 1825. They also installed locks in between so that they could let ships pass by. They would raise and lower water levels to do this. After the Erie canal, many more canals were constructed in the U.S. By 1850, more than 3,600 miles of canal had been constructed.

7: Oregon Trail Oregon Fever spread through out the Mississippi Valley in the 1840's. Many groups interested in Oregon formed together to gather information on Oregon. Soon thousands of people traveled out west to Oregon. The trip out west to Oregon became known as the Oregon Trail.

8: Mountain Men Mountain Men were the first Americans to reach Oregon. The organized the American Fur Company which soon became one of the most powerful trapping companies. The furbearers were very abundant in Oregon because of the climate and land features. The trappers soon worked for trading companies.

9: Social Events That Changed History

10: Battle of the Alamo In 1836, the Mexican forces attacked the Alamo which was guarded by 180 men and Davy Crockett. The Texans held the Mexicans off for a while, but were unable to win. Soon the Texans were defeated and Davy Crockett was killed, but this helped bring Teas its independence.

11: Battle of San Jacinto During the Battle of San Jacinto, the Texans defeated the Mexicans, capturing Santa Anna. The Texans made him sign a treaty which recognized the independence of Texas.

12: Trail of Tears In 1835, the U.S. government made a few Cherokee to sign a treaty, but 17,000 wrote a protest. | In 1838, government soldiers removed the Cherokees from their land. Instead of fighting, they gave in and marched West. Brutal weather along the way killed thousands of Cherokees. This became known as The Trail of Tears.

13: Political Events That Changed History

14: Andrew Jackson In the early 1830's President Jackson thought that the Bank of the United States of America was unfair and was unconstitutional Two men named Clay and Webster made a Charter that would lead to Jackson's defeat if he Vetoed it. Soon later, Jackson saw the bill, and vetoed it but was soon reelected.

15: Zachary Taylor In 1849, California's population grew tremendously. This needed more government action. Soon President Zachary Taylor asked that all Californians apply for state hood. Many did and they chose representatives to write a constitution for the state. Unfortunately California ran into problems about slavery, but was soon compromised six months later.

16: President Polk Under President Polk, the United States grew by more than a million square miles. He bought and added new lands and territories to the U.S. He bought land from states like Utah, California, Arizona, and Montana. He also fought to have slavery in the West.

17: Economic Events That Changed History

18: Buying of Stock and Start of Economy During the early 1800's many people started to start new industries like merchants, and farming. Soon large corporations developed which led to people buying stocks to finance and improve the economy.

19: Jobs start to Take Shape Many people that traveled to California stayed to run farms, shops, and businesses. This greatly affected California's economy that was soon to come. But still some people left California in search of better jobs, like cotton farming.

20: Cultural Events That Changed History

21: Levi Strauss Clothes In 1873, Levi Strauss developed denim jeans. These jeans were very rouged, and were sold to farmers and miners around the country. This started a new development in jean and pant manufacturing.

22: Many people also took part in cornhuskings. This was where families stripped corn of the husks . Western families did a lot of events together to help pass time. Corn was also a huge crop to the economy as well. | Activities and Sports In the 1800's families in the west played sports like wrestling, while others sewed and quilted blankets for the families needs

23: Technologies That Change History

24: Cotton Gin The cotton gin was invented by Eli Whitney in 1793. This Machine removed the seeds from cotton. It was far more productive, and could take the place of 50 men.

25: National Road The National Road was built around 1806. It helped tie the nation together.When the national road was built, it allowed people to get to places faster, plus it helped people to start settling farther west and it encouraged them to move to new lands which increased the economy.

26: Steam Boats The Steamboat was invented by Robert Fulton around 1807. With the steamboats, people could travel faster on rivers and other water ways. They started a new age for river travel, they were also much much faster than sailing ships. The steamboat was the start of future fishing boats and war ships.

27: Conclusion Things that caused pass events were buying of new territories and settling out west. Because of this, people found different kinds of jobs, Indians were moved to new reservations, and states were founded as people started to populate them. Things that have changed since then are ow we treated the Indians, our technology like light and phones, and our economy. The present is different than the past because back then you had no light, so you were limited to times you could work outside or play. You had no form of quick communication so you would have to wright a letter or travel a day or two to talk to somebody. There are even more things that changed, like cars instead of carriages and better conditioned payng jobs.

28: Conclusion continued...... Back then people viewed their world as a new beginning with all of the new technologies being invented new lands being discovered. Some people wished for better times, and not a whole lot of wars and fights with the Indians. The settlers and other people went with the flow of the "History" and fit right in. Some wished for better technologies and jobs too. Decisions greatly transformed peoples lives. It changed history more than anything. It affected what people thought of Indians and their feelings toward them. Because some people fought the Indians others felt that the Indians were mean and didn't own the land. But soon their minds changed as the Indians and people got along.

29: Continued...... Also the things and companies that they invested in changed how the economy is today. And last where they settled had a great effect because it added new crops, new jobs, and new activities to the world and the United States Of America

30: Bibliography Brinkley, Alan. The American Republic To 1877. student edition. Columbus, Ohio:McGraw-Hill Companies, 2005. 305-379. Print

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