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Hitler Youth

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S: Hitler Youth

BC: Jamie Vollet 6th Block Hitler Youth | Members of the Hitler Youth in training.

FC: Hitler Youth Hitler Youth members sing as they march at a vacation camp. Jamie Vollet

1: Dear Diary, April 3, 1943 I thought I'd tell you about my ceremony into the Hitler Youth. It was one of the most exciting days of my life, even though my parents did not agree with me joining. It was on April 20th, 1936. It was the day that my life changed. When the Nazi leaders came to my village to register kids, I signed up right away! All of my friends were doing it and we were going to be able to go on camping trips, campfires, and parades! The night of the ceremony was very exciting and overwhelming. Me and many other kids stood in a large hall while the parents watched. We were right next to the Blood Banner..that was amazing. Once the ceremony began, our Nazi leader gave a speech, then we recited the oath. Right after that, trumpets blared and people started singing National Socialist songs! We were now a part of the Nazis. The Hitler Youth. Adral Dwars The Hitler Youth Hour of Commemoration in front of the town hall.

2: -August 1940: British air raids began against Berlin. The Hitler Youth boys saw their first action to be air raid wardens and gun assistants. -March 13, 1942: WELS (Defense Strengthening Camps) held a three week mandatory war training for all boys 16-18. They started this because of the bomber raids occurring. -January 26, 1943: Anti-aircraft batteries were officially manned solely by Hitler Youth boys. A troop leader reads to his fellow Hitler Youth during a social evening. 1937. | Members of the Hitler Youth with Adolf Hitler in Obersalzberg during WWII. -July & August 1943: After the declaration of total war, the 12th SS-Panzer Division Hitlerjugend was formed. Boys aged 15 and older joined. 10,000 arrived at training camp in Beverloo, Belgium. -October 1943: Younger boys were assigned to operate search lights. One day, a search light battery received a direct bomb hit, killing the entire crew of boys (ages 14 and under).

3: -April 23, 1945: 5,000 of the Hitler Youth received orders to defend the Pichelsdorf Bridge. The relief army never came and when Russian tanks arrived, 4,500 boys died or were wounded. -May 8, 1945: 455 soldiers and one tank left, they finally surrendered to the American 7th army. Hans and Sophie Scholl were members of the Hitler Youth before later joining the White Rose, a movement in opposition to Nazism. | Members of the League of German Girls practiced their gymnastics routines everyday. -June 6, 1944: HJ Division was one of the three Panzer divisions held in reserve by Hitler. They were released and sent to Caen to fight the Allies. -End of June 1944: 60% of the HJ Division was knocked out of action, 20% killed, and 20% wounded or missing. -September 1944: 12th SS-Panzer Division Hitlerjugend numbered only 600 young survivors. 9,000 had been killed.

4: This article in the New York Times discusses Adolf Hitler's speech on May 1st, 1933. He states that beginning that same year, compulsory manual labor would be introduced to all Hitler Youth members. Hitler was beginning to rule over those who supported him and make children work. | "Hitler Youth Roil Older Generation" talks about how the opposition between generations in Nazi Germany had been intensified and distorted through the glorification of "Youth" in Socialist propaganda. The very young began to believe they were superior to elders. This shows that the Hitler Youth was getting to the children's minds.

5: Artifact 1: BeVo style patch that was worn on the sports shirts for the Hitler Youth. | Artifact 2: Nazi board game that taught the Hitler Youth military tactics. | Artifact 3: Proficiency badges of the Hitler Youth. | Artifact 4: Hitler Youth poster. "The youth serve the Leader. All teenagers in the Hitler Youth."

6: Dear Diary, January 29, 1940 This past week was the hardest thing I've ever had to go through. I will never forget it, even though I wish more than anything that the vision of Herbert bleeding profusely will go away. It was the worst day of my life. It was Sunday the 24th, just like any other day. Herbert and I walked to the countryside and found our unit of Hitler's Youth. All fifteen of them were there. Our leader handed us leaflets and told us to watch out for the Reds. We paired off, and of course I was with Herbert. We walked our way up the streets, stuffing flyers into doorways and such. After a couple of minutes, I briefly spotted a group of boys. We knew they were Reds, so we quickly headed off, afraid that they would follow. Sure enough, they did. I panicked, and we began to run...they quickly caught up. Before I knew it, I was struck in the back. I shrieked and ran into the darkness. I thought Herbert had followed me. He hadn't. The Reds bolted after Herbert, and I remember him running as fast as he could away from them. As they chase him down the street, I saw things that I will never forget. They pushed him down, kicked him, and stabbed his poor back six times. As the Reds ran away, I sobbed while I watched my best friend slip away and die before my eyes. Herbert's funeral was on Wednesday, and so many people were there to mourn his death. Herbert is now the youngest of the Hitler Youth to be killed. He was just 14. I'm glad all of Germany has learned of Herbert's story, and I know he will watch over me and the rest of the Hitler Youth as we fight for Adolf Hitler. Adral Dwars

7: This article talks about how on July 15. 1933, the Hitler Youth took over the former home of a Berlin banker. THe home was used before as a Jewish girls' academy, but the Hitler Youth seized it and turned it into a training school for the youth. | The article, "Nazi Heads All Youth Groups" discusses how on June 17th, 1933, Herr von Schirach became the head of all German youth organizations. | On July 10th, 1934, Hitler Youth leader Herr Klein issued an order that all Hitler Youth members must salute Adolf Hitler on every possible occasion. If not, they would have been expelled. This shows how demanding the Nazi's were with the Hitler Youth.

8: I'm Sorry Mom, I'm Sorry Dad I'm sorry Mom for not listening to you, for joining the Hitler Youth when you told me not to. I'm sorry Dad for choosing the Nazi over your opinion. I know it's not like me. I'm sorry World for supporting communism. I didn't know it was wrong. My friends said it would be fun. I'm sorry Germany for losing the war. The Hitler Youth was just not mature. | June 1st, 1945 I'm sorry Mom. I'm sorry Dad. What we were taught was oh so bad. The Jews were tortured, and the Jews were killed. But under all that, they were very strong willed. So I'm sorry to them, and I'm sorry to you. I didn't know what had happened. But I'm going to start new. Children in the Hitler Youth march through Berlin.

9: The Hitler Youth drawn up in rows listening to a speech at a special Hitler Youth camp. | German Chancellor and Adolf Hitler speak to the Hitler Youth at Nuremberg stadium. | Adolf Hitler gives a donation for the new Hitler Youth hostels. | Adral Dwars Age: 14 Status: child Gender: Male

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