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BC: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to imprisoned most of your life? Tortured, in pain, and suffering. Enter Adira, a young girl who is captured and forced to work in the camps. She experiences love, loss, and emptiness. What will her fate end to be?

FC: Holocaust By: Anna Lavelle

1: Dear Diary, It is the ninth day I've been in this box of a train. It is hot, cramped and disease infested. So far eight people have died in this box. Three young babies (two girls and one boy), one old woman, | three teenage boys, and my father. It is like a overwhelming cloud of despair is towering over Germany. My fathers death haunts me at night. I wonder if he is looking over us at night, watching us, keeping us safe. My mother is struck by my dear fathers death, showing signs of it during the day when she hums his favorite tune and at night when she is awakened by nightmares. I try not to show my vulnerable side, because that is not they way act nor will act, not when she needs me this much. I have tried to reason with my crazy mother convincing her against her foolish

2: ideas to escape what they call concentration camp. Some common sense would do her well, because the odds are against her. One thing I have always wondered is why anyone would do such a thing as to kill so many innocent Jewish people. Oh goodness, the car has stopped. Maybe someone is rescuing us, Maybe this is all some terrible nightmare and I am being awoken. Lovingly, Adira

3: The strong, slender brunette girl stepped lightly over the rotting bodies splayed on the floor, Her throat caught when she saw the beautiful brown eyes of her father staring off into the distance. She wiped the fresh tears off her face and threw a pitifully fake smile atop her grim expression. As she walked towards her mother, Adona, she thought to herself, don't cry you wimp, mother needs you right now more than ever, don't be such a baby, your mother is going insane and you are sitting here sniffling in the corner, This was how she stayed motivated, insulting herself. | When she met her mother, Adona said with a wavering yet confident voice "I have it, We will escape at the time when the stars peek out over the clouds and the moon beats the sun, All the cursed soldiers will be sleeping, they will never suspect a thing. They won't notice a young girl and an old woman missing. The worst thing that could happen is us being reunited with, Israb" Her voice cracked on the last word, her deceased husbands name. "Mother you are acting ridiculously. Father would want nothing of this nature to be considered, Why don't you just be obedient and maybe the soldiers will release us." She said

4: demandingly, grabbing her mothers flimsy wrists. "Adira, watch your tone of voice with me. I do what I believe is right and this is it. Anyway, you didn't know your father the way I did. No one did. Leave me be" said her mother in the strictest voice she could muster up. She turned to the blank walls as if that ended the conversation. Fine, Adira thought to herself, let her be senseless, she if I care. But she knew that she

5: would be apologizing within a few minutes. As she pushed the memory to the back of her head, she walked over to one of the trustworthy men. "What is going on? Why has the car stopped?" she | asked inquisitively. "We don't know, perhaps we arrived at our destination." he answered in a melancholy tone. "What is our destination?" "Wherever Yaweh takes us." | It turns out Yaweh wanted to take them to the concentration camp. It was a very unfriendly place filled with German soldiers that gave them cold stares of pure hatred. They split them up

6: by men and woman. They took off their clothes and showered the thrown together group. She missed her mothers soothing touch. They gave them new clothes and shaved their heads. She couldn't stand to see her beautiful wavy long hair hit the floor. Before they went in she saw a beautiful Nazi soldier give her a warm smile that seemed to recharge her. She needed to know who it was. Dear diary, I have been in concentration camp for a month now. It is nothing like what I expected. I expected it to be bad but not this cruel. Every morning we wake up at $4:00 in the morning, the kapo comes hollering "Wake up, get your shoes, and get to the bathing area."

7: Then we go to the cafeteria and suck down the awful gruel they call breakfast. Then we head to our stations and do our work. The women and children usually work in the kitchen and clean rooms and such but there wasn't enough boys to do the work in the fields so they chose some strong girls and women to assist the men. I am among those unlucky few. Everyday I spend hours working so very hard and then I go in and work on the things inside. The mysterious boy's name is Alon. He watches the Jews while they work.. We have had so many interesting conversation while his enchanting smile sometimes distracts me. He didn't want to be a soldier but when they drafted his community he was chosen because he was the youngest and strongest in his family. We talk about eloping and getting married, He has a heart, an overwhelmingly large heart that is pulling me towards him like a rope. I think it is love, Mother has passed on, dying a horrible death. Yesterday she collapsed on the floor, all her energy and power gone. A German doctor came in and announced that she was sick but what with was unknown. They killed her because a sick woman would be of no help with the work. I can still hear her piercing scream ringing through my ears. I have no family. With pain, Adira

8: She woke, expecting a usual day filled with work, pain, and regret. Being at the Concentration camp made you regret being Jewish, regret being who you are. | The kapo came into the room with slouched shoulders "Get to the cafeteria, important announcement" As if they were robots, Adira's group rose and got ready, When they arrived at the cafeteria all the other groups

9: were already gathered there. "Now that everyone is here I can begin." said the strange speaker. "I bring news of joy. The Jewish people are freed. You will be tortured no more. Go home to where you belong and lead a happy peaceful life." Cheers of joy erupt from the tables. Adira jumped up and ran to Alon with a hug. Yes. Love happiness freedom, perfection.

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