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S: Good Night Mr.Tom

FC: Good Night Mr. Tom | Mixbook Created By: Kathy, Alexander, Alyssa, Mady, & Grace | Written By: Michelle Magorian

1: In the novel Good Night Mr. Tom, by Michelle Magorian, abused and fearful Willie moves to the countryside to the town of Little Wierwold to live with Mr. Tom to escape bombings. After making friends and spending time with Mr. Tom, Willie learns to love and live in a world with friendship and affection. One day, a telegram arrives and Willie has to go back to London. After weeks passing with no word from Willie, Mr. Tom gets worried and goes to look for Willie who he has learned to love as a son. | Summary of the Novel

2: THEME In the book, Good Night Mr.Tom, the main theme is love. Michelle wants people to learn to be loving and caring towards others, even if they seem different from you.

3: Example 1 (pg. 108) In this example Mr. Tom is loving towards Willie when he throws Willie a surprise party on his birthday. Mr. Tom also gives him lots presents because he is caring and thoughtful.

4: Example 2 (pg. 283) Tom is also very loving because on page 283 he cares so much about Willie that he adopts him so that he does not have to move away. This was a very loving gesture.

5: Example 3 (pg. 318) Willie is also loving towards Mr. Tom, and after a while Willie finally warms up to him. On page 318, Willie calls Mr. Tom dad and says that he loves him. This really meant a lot to Mr.Tom and made him very happy.

6: CHARACTERIZATION OBSTACLES The main character Willie faced many adversities during the Holocaust time period. Obstacle 1 One obstacle Willie faced was fear. He feared parts of the world because of the lies his mom told him, and because of all the times he was beaten by his mom.

7: Resolution After making and spending time with friends like Zach, George, Carrie, and Ginna, Willie eventually became less afraid because of his friends. He also overcame fear by spending time with Mr. Tom, where Willie learned to love many things, such as Mr. Tom himself and even art.

8: Obstacle 2 | Another obstacle Willie faced was sadness. Willie was hit with a traumatizing sadness when he discovered his best friend Zach had died in a bombing in London. He also faced sadness when he had to leave Mr. Tom and all his friends to return to London.

9: Resolution | To overcome this obstacle, Willie had to remember that he wasn't alone and there were always people waiting for him. He also had to learn to accept and move on in life.

10: Lessons Willie learned along the way.... # 1. Willie learned that not everything people say is always true. Before Willie left his mother in London, she told him many things about the world & people around him that weren't necessarily true. So once Willie started living with Mr.Tom, he was suddenly afraid of the world around him. Although after just a few short days of living with Mr.Tom, Willie learns the truth about how wonderful life can really be.

11: #2. Willie learned how to truly trust people again. Willie had only loved and trusted one person in his life, his mother. After Willie found out that his mother had been treating him poorly and lying to him, he lost his trust towards others. Willie thought that just because his mother lied to him, everyone else did too. Although after several weeks of living with Mr. Tom, Willie learned how to trust again. Mr. Tom trusted Willie, and in the end Willie trust Mr.Tom.

12: #3. Willie learns how to love again. | In the beginning Willie loved his mother, even after how horrible she treated him. Willie’s mother always told him that he was treated well compared to the other kids, so Willie thought that it was normal to get beaten all the time. At first while living with Mr. Tom Willie faced many obstacles, but Mr. Tom helped him overcome them. Throughout this book Mr. Tom and Willie grew a very close bond, so when Willie had to go back to London it was hard on both of them. Willie and Mr. Tom together faced many difficult changes, and by the end of the book Mr. Tom loved Willie like a son and Willie grew to love Mr. Tom as his father.

14: What I learned.... #1. I have learned that people from the town weren't just running from being shot or taken away to concentration camps, but they were also running away from bombings.

15: #2. After the attacking ends, many people suffer from nightmares, flashbacks, ect. from fear and traumatizing events.

16: View points of people | I used to think only the Jewish people were targeted during the Holocaust. Now after reading the book Good Night Mr. Tom I learned that many Germans in London were also being attacked during the war.

17: I used to think that people who had nothing in common could never be best friends. Now after reading Good night Mr. Tom I believe that you should give them a chance because they could be different then who they seem to be.

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