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HOLOCAUST Novels (Anne Frank Copy)

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FC: Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl Anne Frank Made By: Alyssa, Sammie, Jake, Annie, Kendall , Bella

1: Summary of Novel In the novel, Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, by Anne Frank, Anne goes through a crazy adventure that shows her what it means to survive, even though she didn't in the end. With being trapped in a small, secret place, she finds meaning to life and love. In the beginning, Anne is just like any other ordinary teenage girl. She likes school, she is boy crazy, and she gets a diary for her thirteenth birthday. But, what started as a crazy teenage girls life ended up being a horrifying tale. She soon has to be hidden with another family, in a secret third floor of an office called the secret annexe, to avoid being sent away to a concentration camp. During the time she was hidden, she wrote in her diary, that she named Kitty, about her everyday life. While hidden, her family grew apart and she had trouble fitting in with the others in the house. She started to experience depression, and soon became very distant from the others. After a while, Anne became close with a boy, living in the house, named Peter. They soon grow an interesting relationship that is crossed between friendship and love. Towards the end, you could tell that everyone was expecting to be safe. In the end, though, the astonishing adventure had an abrupt stop, and ended in a tragedy... _ #2 Discuss (2) things he/she learn s along the way? #1 #2 PART 3 VIEW OF CULTURAL/ETHNIC GROUP 1.What did you learn from the novel about this cultural or ethnic group during this time period? (2 examples) #1 #2 1.How did your view of this cultural or ethic group change as a result of reading this novel (2 changes)? ( I used to think. Now after. I believe.because ) #1 #2

2: Anne Frank

4: THEME In the novel, The Diary of Anne Frank, the diary of a young girl, Anne really shows the readers how much sacrifice was involved when she was hidden. So the theme of this book is sacrifice.

5: In the novel The Diary of Anne Frank, by Anne Frank, Anne resembles the true theme of sacrifice. For example, on page 225, Anne talks about how much she misses the outdoors as they are not allowed to go outside in order to stay hidden.

6: THEME Another example of Anne having to sacrifice something important is on page 113. Anne had to give up her friends and distant relatives, like her boyfriend Harry, in order to keep herself hidden. This is another sacrifice for the young Anne Frank.

7: And finally, on page 156, the reader sees that the people who hide had to give up decent meals as their supplies ran out or spoiled, and they couldn't buy more or go out and go shopping. Their meals usually consisted of old milk and grains.

8: CHARACTERIZATION ADVERSITIES or OBSTACLES The main character, Anne Frank, faced many adversities during the time she was hidden. Obstacle # 1 One of Anne's obstacles were that her mom and her were arguing all the time.

9: Obstacle # 1 Resolution Anne had overcame this obstacle by trying her best to keep a distance between her and her mother, and being nice.

10: Obstacle # 2 Anne's second obstacle was being alone or lonely in the "secret annexe" because she had become very independent.

11: Obstacle # 2 Resolution Anne had overcame this obstacle by being in love with peter and having him keep her company. She had kept him company as well.

12: Lessons that Anne learned along the way.... One of the lessons that Anne learns along the way is that you can't judge a person before you get to know them. For example, she learned not to judge Peter when she first met him. She thought he was a weird, quiet boy. But now, she found he was very nice and they became great friends.

13: Another lesson that Anne learned over the course of her time in hiding was that some of the best gifts come from the heart. An example of this in the book is when she received a poem from her dad. He wrote very heartfelt memories and qualities of Anne that he enjoyed. She realized that her dad truly loved her.

14: VIEW OF THE HOLOCAUST What did you learn from the novel about the Holocaust? # 1 Something that we learned was that people had to go to extreme measures to hide or get away from the Nazis, just because they were Jewish or disliked by Hitler. #2 People in concentration camps were barley given food, and had to work long hours of unpaid labor. Also we learned that while in a concentration camp, people never knew if they were going to live another day.

15: #3 We found out from Anne Frank's diary that many people had to go into hiding. Wile they were hidden, people had to give up the outdoors and decent meals, just to stay hidden and safe.

16: I used to think that everyone changed during the war, or the war changed people. Now after reading this book, i believe that same people stay the same throughout the war because they might have a lot of confidence or don't get affected by it." -Sammie "I used to think that the Germans at least had a reason for starting the Holocaust, now after learning about the Holocaust I believe that the Germans, specifically Adolf, just had sick minds because there is no logical reason to hate a race to the extent of trying to rid of them permanently." -Jake "I used to think that one person couldn't change the world, but i was wrong. Now after reading Anne Frank, I believe that some people in the world may seem nice, but one you get to know them they could be a bad person. Know your facts before you do something." Kendall | How We Changed

17: "I used to think that if something horrible was going on that people would try and stop it, but now I see that lots of people will just stand back and watch while not helping." -Alyssa "Before reading Anne Frank i really didn't think it was hard to hide from the Germans, but after reading i realized that you could barley talk, couldn't use the bathroom or bath for a long time, or trust the person next to you." -Bella "Now after learning about the Holocaust, I believe that anything like that could possibly happen again because history can repeat itself at anytime." -Annie

18: Anne | Frank

20: The Secret Annex | The secret annex Residents

21: The Secret Annex

22: Additional Facts Anne's father is the one who got her book published Anne and her sister both died of typhus in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Anne's father, Otto, was the only surviver of the Frank family. Anne and her sister's grave are still at the concentration camp.

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