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Honors American Lit Writing Gallery

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FC: Ms. Keefe's Honors American Literature Class's Writing Gallery 2009-2010

1: This represents the work of students at PALCS during 2009-2010 in Honors American Literature. It is a work in progress.

2: Jaden B. Whitman-Inspired Free Verse | I see America. I see the American spirit. I see the joy, of living, of dreaming, of freedom. Freedom, our founding fathers said, is for all man-kind. Rich white men, they meant. Why do we honor them thus? They stalled our country, prohibited women, African Americans, Irish, from being free. They thought about their selves, not others. | Do we really have equality today? Or are we just following the flawed, unjust, and painful logic of the past? We must move forward, my friends. For the past cannot help us. For it is but the ghost of mistakes. Innovation, I say. Never become satisfied, placid with today, but look for ways to improve, yourself, your country, your world.

3: Learn from the past and move on to the future. We must make our country, world, and species coexist with each other. We must learn peace, for war will be our destruction. We must learn to love the earth we live on. We cannot turn our backs on the world that encouraged life. | We, the next generation, have a responsibility. We are responsible, to improve, to adjust, to enrich our country. We are Americans. We are free. We are the future. | We are Americans. We are free. We are the future.

4: Colleen C. Whitman-Inspired Free Verse The silence and noises Speak louder than voices The faces and actions Of people who live in freedom Make me despise my own being The laughter and singing Is joyful at best The eyes that shine as they sing their tune Hide the hidden meaning of their life I can look and see But never understand How this country so free Ended up to be so dead We can celebrate and dance And pretend not to understand | Or we can kill and cry And know this is what it has come to The leaders are our fathers And we may cry out to them But war and death blind our eyes The choices they make tear out our right to fight This independent country that we live in Contrasts itself with the light and the darkness Hope is a thing everyone does Hope that this won’t end up in the dark Hope everyone can realize their part Hope our fathers will realize their loss Freedom is worthless When we abuse it.

5: Devorah S. Whitman-Inspired Free Verse I stand Looking out into the night, the fog wreathing the streetlights in a golden glow. Cold rain chills, but beyond it the fog blankets the night, sleepy and soft. I stand Waiting on the street corner as traffic goes by, People from place to place, caring only for the next turn, and for the hot meal ahead. I wait Knowing it will come. Where will it take me? Out among people who have forgotten who they are, who they might have been. I wait Waiting in the still fog, the flashing lights, the drops of icy water dripping from the tree over my head. People go by, hunched in their coats, careless of what is around them, of the chill beauty of this night. I see Out beyond the city lights, the hot smog that eats at our planet, out beyond all these things... I know it is there; the great beauty of a world once wild. I see The tree-clad mountains standing over the open plain. A wild, savage country, Made tame, beaten and subdued... But never defeated.

6: Abby E. Whitman-Inspired Free Verse America seems to glimmer with all the different universal themes. Chinese, Japanese and so many more come through for us to see. All of them connecting into a beautiful sight of what we call America, glimmering so bright. America seems to talk to us with all the electronic dreams. So advanced in many ways, that it almost seems to come to life. All of them coming together to form one advanced place, America. America seems to look greener than before, With all the buildings and plants we are looking after more carefully. We are saving our selves and our world with "green," All coming together to form one big safe place called America the Great.

7: Anthony C. Whitman-Inspired Free Verse As I sit here on this porch, I see all of America, The great things and the bad. The wonderful trees, the grass, the leaves, The old billowing billows of hay. As I sit here on this porch, I see the great blue sky, with its glorious white moving clouds. The many good things, the bells, and their rings, The great beyond world out there. As I sit here on this porch, I see the good and the bad, the bad more depressing and gloom. | The smoke and the smog, the rotting of a log, The destruction and chaos of all. As I sit here on this porch, I ask myself, Why do all these things occur? Why don't we step out, of our old and long route, and change this world for the better. As I sit here on this porch, I ponder these things, Why do I still sit here and watch. I get out of my chair, and I comb up my hair; getting ready for the strange path ahead.

8: Jazz M. Narrator's Journal - "The Raven" I write this daunting night; this night of ceased thought and ceased fright. I write tonight to tell of that sight; the sight of the raven. The raven I saw one week before. My heart was pounding as I heard the sounding of the knocking on my chamber door. In my head I thought it; I moved and I sought it. That undying noise filled my room. I opened my window to find a raven; a raven with raven plume. It danced on the window sill, and it danced into my frightened view. I was surprised to see, to see what I thought should not be. A phantasmal raven strutting and staring; the feeling of drowning was quite overbearing. Quite overbearing as the raven marked its perch upon the bust above my door. The sight of the raven, and the black it was wearing, a mask of death; a specter of mourning. Perhaps an illusion, I had thought. Perhaps it was a confusion wrought with mourning that I have sought. I lost Lenore, the reason I had lived for, and I was tormented by a raven; a raven called Nevermore. That night I sat, mulling my mourning, and I was then visited by a forlorn warning. This warning of thought and obsession soon to be brought; brought to me by a raven; a raven called Nevermore.

9: If only I had listened to the warning, I may live to see the next morning. Since that night, that night of the raven, I have been plagued with the thought of what may have been. I am fixated on Lenore; my thought process has become poor. I watch the purple curtains, as my thoughts of remorseful loss have become uncertain. I sit in my chamber restless, unsettled, and unstable. I sit in my chamber on my velvet lined chair, watching and waiting for a phantom of dark plume; a raven so precisely called Nevermore.

10: The Raven Parody Once upon a class so boring, cheek-in-palm and nearly snoring, Day-dreaming of frolicking through world domination ruins - While I doodled, it looked so cool, suddenly a noise filled the room, As if someone forcefully unleashed power, power that inhaling it leads to doom, “Tis the buffalo wings,” I said, “they served in the cafeteria. Only this and a side of egg salad.” Ah, I can exemplify, the meal was a lot better than mine, My burger was still raw, and so cold were the fries, Eagerly I wished for a torch and burn the smell that scorched, Under the collar of my shirt, my nose did flee For the daunting aroma seriously reeked, Trapped in here forevermore, or at least until three. - Ariel Rivera

11: More to come!!!

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