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Hope and the Tadpole

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Hope and the Tadpole - Page Text Content

S: Hope and the Tadpole

BC: The End

FC: Hope and the Tadpole

1: Happy Birthday Hope! Love, Jessie

2: Once upon a time | there was a girl named Hope. Hope loved to go on nature walks. She liked looking at pretty leaves, collecting rocks and putting acorns in her mouth.

4: One beautiful spring day Hope was taking a walk behind her house when she came to a small pond.

5: She crouched down and peered into the gurgling water. She stuck her finger out and poked at a leaf floating on the surface of the pond.

6: Just then Hope heard a soft crying sound. Surprised she looked around, "who's there?" she asked.

7: A small voice came from the water. "It's me!" Hope looked down. A small tadpole was poking his head out of the pond.

8: The tadpole was green with a round dome head and two great black eyes full of crocodile size tears.

9: "Awwwww," sighed Hope, "what's wrong little tadpole?" Choking back tears the tadpole cried, "my tail! It's shrinking!" "Oh no!" exclaimed Hope, "that's terrible!"

10: Then the tadpole sobbed so hard that his large head plopped under the water. When he bobbed back up he cried piteously, "It is! I don't know what I'll do without a tail... I won't be able to swim!"

11: "Oh dear," said Hope, chewing worriedly on her lip. She scrunched her face up, thinking hard. "Wait! I have an idea! We can go see Mother Nature. She'll know what to do!"

12: "Mother Nature?" asked the tadpole, cocking his big head to the side. "Yeah!" exclaimed Hope, clapping her hands, "she's helped me before!" All of a sudden a sparkly, colorful train appeared from nowhere - the magic train!!

13: Hope jumped to her feet and climbed aboard. The train spun around and around and Hope was transformed into Princess Esperanza! "Yipee!!" she squealed. The tadpole looked up at the Princess and blinked his huge eyes. "Wow," he whispered as his head again bobbed back under the water with surprise.

14: Smiling Princess Esperanza looked down at the tadpole, "let's go!" she exclaimed. "But, ummmm," stuttered the tadpole, "I can't leave the water." "Oh," said Princess Esperanza, frowning. Just then a button on the train started to blink.

15: The Princess pushed the button and a small, clear plastic bucket came out of a side compartment of the train. "Ooo, perfect!" squealed Esperanza as she grabbed the bucket and carefully scooped up the tadpole. They climbed onto the train and shot high into the sky.

16: They flew higher and higher until the air became windy and cold. They flew on and on and the clouds became pink and fluffy. All of a sudden a beautiful castle appeared floating in the pink sky. Princess Esperanza turned the train and glided to the castle gate.

17: She grabbed the bucket, hopped off the train and ran up to the castle gate. Before she could put out her hand to knock a little door opened at the bottom of the gate and a little doggy head poked out. "Who's there?" asked the doggy.

18: "It's me! Princess Esperanza! I have a real problem! I need to see Mother Nature." Hearing this, the doggy squeezed out of the little door. "What's the problem?" he asked. Princess Esperanza thrust the clear bucket towards the dog. The tadpole bobbed to the top and looked out at the doggy, blinked, and cried,

19: "I'm losing my tail!" The doggy cocked his head to the left, and then the right. "But Princess, Tadpole, didn't you know? This is part of your life cycle." "His what?" asked Princess Esperanza, confused. "The frog life cycle," said the doggy, and with a wink, he threw back his head and howled out a song.

20: Every animal has a life cycle, life cycle, life cycle; Every animal has a life cycle the stages from young to old. Now let's hear the frog's cycle, the frog's cycle, the frog's cycle; Now let's hear the frog life cycle and why he's lost his tail. At first there is a little egg, little egg, little egg; At first there is a little egg and then the shell dissolves.

22: Then there is a little tadpole, little tadpole, little tadpole; Then there is a little tadpole that starts to grow back legs. Soon the tail gets real small, gets real small, gets real small; Soon the tail gets real small and now he is a fro-o-glet. At last the tail disappears, disappears, disappears; At last the tail disappears and now the tadpole is a FROG!

24: The doggy finished his song with a wiggle of his behind and Hope started laughing and clapping with glee. "That was wonderful!" she exclaimed. She turned toward the pail, "You see! I told you Mother Nature would help!" The tadpole blinked, "Er, um," he started, glancing over at the dog and then breaking into a big grin, "you were right Princess, of course!" and he flapped his new webby feet happily.

26: "Come on! Let's go home!" Princess Esperanza cried. She leaned over and kissed the doggy on the top of his head, swept up the bucket with the froglet and hopped onto her magic train before the frog could blink his big eyes.

27: A little while later they arrived home. The Princess slowly walked the frog back down to the creek. She tipped the bucket forward. The frog hopped out. "Hey, look at that! You can hop! That's great!" said Hope. The frog looked up at her with big eyes, blinked, said, "crroooaakk" and hopped into the water. "Goodbye," Hope whispered softly, then turned around and hopped home herself.

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