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How did the Famous Five improve life for women

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How did the Famous Five improve life for women - Page Text Content

FC: How the Famous Five improved life for women | Grade 6 Elbow Park | Carlie | October 7th 2009

1: In this | Introduction | In this project, you will learn a great deal about the Famous Five. The famous Five was a group of five women who changed politics forever. Their names were:Nellie MCclung, Irene Parlby, Henrietta Muir Edwards, Emily Murphy, and Louise McKinney. Each lady did something important for women. Their mission was to make women equal to men. They achieved this by changing laws and creating them. Two really big changes in the law were making women"persons" (Emily Murphy) and getting women the vote (Nellie McClung).

2: Nellie McClung was just one woman who is part of the famous five. One quote she once said that really appeals to me is " I want to leave something behind when I go; some small legacy of truth, some word that will shine in a dark place." Congratulations Nellie, you did, you got women the vote, which is a big thing. In 1914, Nellie McClung approached the Premier Sir Rodmand Roblin. When Nellie saw him about the vote for women, he strongly opposed to give women the vote. That same year, Nellie and her fellow reformers wanted to defeat him. Nellie achieved this by staging and mocking parliament, attacking votes for men. Manitoba was the first province to let women get the vote. This was on Jan. 29 1916 with a new Liberal Goverment. No sooner did Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia get votes for women. | The Vote

3: Men always thought that women were to fragile. That women just couldn't handle the extra stress of the vote. Men claimed women were to emotional. They were scared that they wouldn't get their way anymore and they also didn't want women over powering them. Thanks to the Famous Five for improving life for women by getting them the vote. | Why men didn't want women to vote

4: Pink Teas Pink teas were a way for women to get together and talk about important issues such as suffrage. They weren't aloud to talk about these topics outside of these meetings, so they were invitation only. Only women were invited because they didn't want men to figure out what they were talking about. Men would just drop of their wives and usually leave. They didn't want to go to a tea where there were only women. They particularly didn't want to got to a "pink" tea, so they would leave to avoid embarrassment. Only the hostess would know if there was a schedule or only a friendly conversation. Since only the hostess knew if there was an agenda, if any opposition showed up, it was her job to change the subject. Opposition would usually be men, but sometimes it would even be women who weren't invited. When the women left the pink teas, they never left the same way they had entered, they left with the "secrets under their hats!"

5: The Famous Five has improved life for women in such a way that women no longer have to have pink teas to discuss politics or suffrage.

6: Womens Fashion Back in the 1800-1900's, women didn't have a lot of rights . Women couldn't wear certain things or do certain things. For starters, they had lot's of clothing restrictions. They had to wear long skirts as a sign of modesty and to cover their ankles. They had to cover their ankles because it is said that the sight of a woman's ankle could drive a man crazy. Women sometimes had a pair of nice shoes with a big heel for parties, but usually women wore shoes with low heels that were very comfortable. They wore these shoes because their weren't many cars so they had to walk a lot. Also, the shoes usually laced up to protect their ankles.

7: More on Womens Fashion | Thanks to the Famous five, women are allowed to have more variety in their wardrobe. | One really big thing that women wore were hats!! Hat's were a symbol of status and authority. Women wore hat's to cover their bad hair, since there wasn't much water to shower or bath in. Another reason why women wore hats was to protect them from the sun so they wouldn't get sun burned.

8: Women's roles in life Education was something that women didn't have to much of in the 1800-1900's. Women weren't usually allowed to go to school past grammar school, until the age of about 10. If women wished to extend their learning, they would have to study privately. If a women was to get married, all of her possessions would go to the husband, including herself. Even though women weren't allowed to do many things, a married woman still had important jobs. She had to cook and clean. If there were children were involved, women would have to take care of them. | Thanks to the Famous Five, women have a lot more rights and freedoms, and are allowed to live life as "persons."

9: About the Famous Five | Her name is Nellie Letitia Mooney McClung and she was born on October 20th, 1873 in Ontario. She had 6 siblings, 4 sisters and 2 brothers. Nellie never wanted to be a teacher, but at age 16, she went to teachers collage. When she stopped being teacher, she wrote several books, but is most known for"Sowing Seeds In Danny." Nellie McClung is best known for getting the vote for women. She sadly died on September 1rst 1951 in Victoria, British Columbia. | Emily Ferguson Murphy was born March 14th 1868 Cookston Ontario, Canada. As a child, Emily grew up with 6 siblings and her mother and father. For 10-12 years, she fought for women to be "persons" legally under the law.On April 24th 1928, the supreme court declared women not persons. Then suddenly and unanimously, the supreme court declared women were persons!! This was on October 18th 1929, and is now known as the "persons" case. Unfortunately, she she died October 17th, 1933 in Edmonton Alberta,Canada.

10: Henrietta Louis Muir Edwards, was born December 18th 1849, in Montreal Quebec. She is 19 years older than any other member of the Famous Five. In 1875, she and a partner founded the Working girls association (precursor to the YWCA). That same year, she launched the first ever working womans magazine. Sadly, she died on November 10th 1931 | Louise Crummy Mckinney was born on September 22nd, 1868, in Frankville, Ontario. In 1894, she became an organizer with the WCTU (Women's Christian Temperance Union.) In 1917, she was nominated for the non partisan league. She then tried to stop all alcohol and smoking(Temperance Movement), but it didn't last. Tragically, she died in Clarsholm Alberta on July 10th, 1931.

11: Irene Marryat Parlby was born on January 9th 1868 in England. She was the eldest of her siblings. Her husband was the local president for the United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) until 1916-1919, she was the president of the UFA . In 1925, she made the Dower law to protect all married women. This made sure that husbands would not own everything in a marriage. She unfortunately died on July 12th, 1965 on the ranch her and her husband had built many years before.

12: Is the work of the Famous Five still relevant today? | In my opinion, yes. Thanks to the Famous, women are have so much more rights and freedoms. They are allowed to talk about politics and suffrage in public without anybody thinking twice about it. Because of this, women no longer have to have pink teas. Women can are now persons, thanks to Emily Murphy and the persons case. Women are allowed to have much more variety in their wardrobe. Also, women are now allowed to vote, thanks to Nellie McClung and the work of the Famous Five. | Ladies suffrage parade

13: What I have talked about In this project I have talked about three arguments. There was the the vote, there was the pink teas and what womens roles were in life.I chose these because they were things that the famous five had made significant changes for women. If there had been no famous five, women might not have the rights and freedoms they have today. Thanks to the famous five, women are no longer treated unfairly, they are treated as "persons."

14: Sources | 1. 100 Canadian Heroines by Merna Foster htm 5. 6.'t_women_get_the_vote_before_1900 7. 8.http://www.collectionscanada.gc/women/1002026307e.html

15: The End Thank you!!

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