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How to Do Just About Anything!

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FC: How To Do Just About Anything! | By Mrs. Voelkel's 4th Grade Experts Kensico School

1: How To Do Just About Anything! | By Mrs. Voelkel's 4th Grade Experts Kensico School

3: Dedication The Fourth Grade Experts would like to dedicate this book to Miss Brianna Spinelli because she brought this book to life. We will miss her cheerfulness and we appreciate all the things she taught us. Her future students are very lucky!

4: Dedication I dedicate this article to my family and my dog. | Introduction Hi! My name is Sofia. I see that you are reading "How to Play Tennis." I love tennis. I'm sure that you will too after you read my article. I play tennis every Monday. I'm not as good as my Mom but I'm getting there! Enjoy my article!

5: How to Play Tennis If you want to learn how to play tennis, follow these simple instructions: 1. Get in the ready position.This is how you do it: Grab the racket with both hands and make sure that your left hand is on the bottom. Spread your legs out. 2. Get ready to do a forehand. When you do a forehand, ypu make sure that your feet are spread out and pointed to the left. You hold the racket in one hand, whether you are a lefty or a righty. 3. Get ready to do a backhand. When you do a backhand, hold the racket with both hands whether you are a lefty or a righty. If you are a lefty, you put your left hand first. If you are a righty, you put your right hand first.

6: Dedication I dedicate this book to Miss Spinelli because she helped me with my introduction. | Introduction Hi! My name is Tyrique. Today we are going to draw a car together. Drawing cars is my favorite thing to do. Until you get a driver's license, drawing cars is fun. By following my steps, you will be able to draw a car.

7: How to Draw a Car Step 1: Get your supplies. You need a pencil, yellow, blue, and black markers, and lined paper. Step 2: Draw a line (not too big) on top of the paper. Draw a diagonal line down 7 lines on the lined paper. Step 3: Then go back to your first line and draw a line going down. Step 4: Draw a straight line at the bottom of the page then stop. Draw two loops evenly along the line. Step 5: Draw two wheels at the bottom of the page. Step 6: Color in your car however you want!

8: Dedication I wouldn't know how to ride a horse if it wasn't for my cousin Paige and my trainer Lily so I dedicate this book to them. | Introduction My name is Kari. I am ten years old. I started riding horses when I was seven years old. I will show you how to ride a horse. If you follow my instructions, you can enter a competition or you can show a horse if you are scared to ride one (like I was at first)!

9: How to Take Care Of and Ride a Horse 1. You have to brush a horse first. You can use a cury comb, face brush, body brush, or a hoof brush. For the body brush, make sure to brush in the direction the coat lies. 2. You have to use bug spray on the horse and on yourself. 3. Next, you have to tack up a horse. First, you have to put the blanket on the horse. Second, you put the saddle on the horse. Third, you put the stirrups on. You have to make sure that the stirrups fit your legs so they won't come out. Fourth, you have to put the bit in the horses' mouth. The reins go over the horses' head. Fifth, you put on the horses' hat. 4. When working with the horse, you should wear gloves so you do not get a rash. You should also wear a helmet. Also, make sure your helmet is on tightly so it will not come flying off. 5. Before you ride your horse, you should exercise your horse so he or she won't be going too fast. When you are on the horse, you can walk, trot, or canter. On some horses, it is bumpier than others. It will feel different going from a horse to a pony because a pony is harder to steer. Also, ponies are stubborn. Now you can enter a competition! Now you know how to ride a horse!

10: Dedication I dedicate this book to my Collie, Zach, because he is man's best friend! | Introduction I will be drawing a Porsche sports car. If you want to see great cars, see the movie "Fast and Furious." You shouldn't try to draw difficult cars at the beginning. I like drawing cars and I hope you do too!

11: How to Draw a Porsche Sports Car There are four easy steps to draw a sports car. Here they are: 1. Get the materials you need to draw your car. The materials are markers, pencils, colored pencils, and paper. 2. Pick a car to draw. I like the Dodge Viper. 3. Draw the car you have chosen to draw. 4. Get a frame to put your picture in and display your picture!

12: Dedication I am dedicating this book to my cousin because he loves trains. | Introduction I want to show people how to make trains because my cousin wants to know how to make train tracks. This process can be very long and you need a lot of money to buy the supplies you need because you need a lot of things to make trains. But it is fun to do and I hope you like it!

13: How to Make Train Tracks Step 1: First, you need a very big piece of wood. You need to put legs on the wood and keep the wood in a good spot where no one can touch it. Step 2: Then you need grass, roads, houses, and tracks. You put the grass on the track first and then you put the tracks on the grass. Then you cut pieces of grass where you want your road to be. Then you put the houses on top of the grass. Step 3: Next you have to glue everything in place (except the road which has velcro already on it). You need to use a hot glue gun to do this or else it will not stay down. Step 4: Now you are done with your train tracks!

14: Facts Some Pokemon need an area to evolve. Nosepass needs the mountains to evolve. | Introduction I am a Pokemon master and I am going to help you to become a Pokemon master.

15: What type of Pokemon is that? There are 17 type of pokemon.There are fire, water, grass, normal, electric, bug, ghost, flying, fighting, pyschic, steel, rock, ground, ice, poison, dark, and,dragon. What about the name, height and weight? Each pokemon has a height and weight. For example, Pikachu's height is 1' 4" and his weight is 13.2 lbs. How do I pronouce that Pokemon? Next to the pokemon, there is a pronunciation guide. Like Pikachu: pee-ka-choo. How do Poekmon evolve? Each Pokemon starts with a pre-evolution then it has an evolution. Some Pokemon need a certain area and stones. There are stones and stuff for a Pokemon to evolve.

16: Dedication I dedicate this to my mom because she is nice. | Introduction I picked T.V. because my favorite show is Johnny Test. I started watching T.V. when I was one year old. Sometimes people I know get very excited when they see someone do something funny on t.v. This would cause them to jump out of their seats. I have a plan to deal with this problem.

17: Step 1 - Make people sit down on a couch. | Step 2 - Put numbers on the people and tell them to remember the number. | Step 3 - When they jump up, call out their number and they will calm down. | How to Watch Television Calmly

18: Dedication I dedicate this book to my cousin, Jake, because he might want to be a good hitter. | Introduction I became a great hitter by following all the steps in my book. I have been playing baseball since I was six and learned how to play when I was five. I'm on a team called the Kansas City Royals.

19: How to Hit a Baseball 1. First, you need a bat, a helmet, a baseball, a pitcher, and batting gloves (if you want to use them). 2. Stand sideways at home plate, looking at the pitcher, and bend your knees. 3. Hold the bat behind your neck with your elbows bent. 4. Keep your eye on the ball as the pitcher pitches it. 5. Lift your front foot and point it at the pitcher when the ball is coming. 6. Plan your time then swing.

20: Dedication This is dedicated to my mother. | Introduction Since I was a little girl, I have always wanted a dog. My brother and I used to cry for a dog. As I got bigger and bigger, I still wanted a dog. When I got older, I started reading books about dogs because I was interested in them. I started to read books about how to train dogs and I am still as interested in them as I always was.

21: How to Train Your Dog If your dog is aggressive: 1. If your dog starts growling, you should grab your dog's neck firmly. 2. If your dog is still growling, you should hold its neck firmly, hold its back, yell its name, and stay "Stop!" If your dog jumps on visitors: 1. Dogs are man's best friend, so if you have a dog, when visitors come, your dog might jump on them. When you have visitors, you should sit on the couch and if your dog jumps on you or them, you should push the dog away. 2. If your dog barks, tell them to be quiet. If they are not quiet, put on your dog's collar and get the leash you use to walk your dog and take your dog on a walk. 3. When your dog is ready to apologize, it will want you to rub its belly. If you want to buy a dog, here are some tips: 1. West Highland Terrier - Its coat is as white as snowflakes and as smooth as a soft cloth. These dogs are very intelligent and friendly to people and dogs. 2. German Shepherd - These dogs can grow really big. Their fur can be short or long. These dogs are really protective of people. German Shepherds are really active and need to be trained at a young age. They love the outdoors.

22: Dedication I dedicate this book to everyone that wants to be a famous singer. | Introduction I got the feeling to sing by watching TV and saying that it must be cool to sing everywhere in the world. Then I started singing with my cousins and we got the inspiration to be like the people who sing on TV. When we saw some people on Disney Channel writing their own songs, we thought it would be fun to write our own songs too. We wanted to be famous like them.

23: How to Become a Famous Singer/Songwriter 1. Watch a show where people sing (I watched Disney Channel and that's how I got the inspiration to sing). 2. Listen to the singers that you like. 3. Practice singing to make sure you like it or not. 4. If you like it, you can write your own songs or you can practice someone else's song. 5. If you want to make your own song, you need to choose a rhythm and then write the words. 6. Practice your song until you think it is great and check every mistake. 7. Practice introducing yourself and why you want to be famous. 8. When you are ready, make a video and send it to a program. For example, I would send it to Disney Channel. 9. Don't forget, you need to sing and introduce yourself in your video. Good Luck!!

24: Dedication I dedicate this book to my friend Tytiona because she makes me happy. | Introduction My name is Adriana. I think people should be happy because I don't like people being mad, angry, cranky, gloomy, sad, and lonely. I like to be happy because I don't like to be sad. I like when I make people happy because when they're happy, I'm happy.

25: How to Make People Happy Here are the steps that show you how to make people happy: 1. Don't fight. When you disagree, talk about why the person was angry and make up. Don't be angry at the person. 2. Smile all the time. Don't frown because it is not good to frown at a person all the time. If you frown at a person, they will feel sad. 3. Play with people. Play with people because, if you don't, it will make them feel lonely. 4. Share. If you share with people, they will share with you. It's not nice when you don't share. 5. Be nice to people. Don't be a bully because it is not nice to bully people for no reason.

26: Dedication I dedicate this article to my Dad because we both like cars. | Introduction I was born liking cars. I found my favorite car in a video game. It was the McLaren F1 LM. I liked it because it was the fastest car in the world until the Bugatti Veyron was invented. It also looks cool with its slanted doors. I also like how the McLaren F1 LM was built because it has a V12 engine, which can go 242 mph. I have a model of the McLaren F1 GTR that I received as a gift. When I am older, I would like to fix different vehicles.

27: How to Build a Rubber Band Car Materials: 5x6-inch piece of corrugated cardboard (has folds in it), ruler, scissors, one wooden skewer, tape (scotch or duct), 2 faucet washers, 2 CDs (with no songs on them), poster putty or clay, 1 rubber band (thick), pencils, pens or markers Steps: 1. Notch the Body - Cut a notch (when you cut a square out of the edge of the cardboard). 2. Make an Axle - Slide the skewer through the cardboard and through the notch. You might want to fight the skewer through the cardboard. 3. Customize the Axle - Put tape around the middle of the skewer. Make sure the tape is sticking up a little. 4. Assemble the Wheels - Put the washer in the middle of the CD. Leave about 1 inch of space between the cardboard and the disk. Use clay or putty to attach the washer and the CD to the cardboard - VERY TIGHTLY. 5. Attach the Rubber Band - Place the rubber band under a piece of tape on the other edge of the cardboard from the notch. Place at least two pieces of tape over the first piece of tape to make the tape tighter. 6. Power Your Car - Wrap the unattached end of the rubber band with another piece of tape. Now, wrap the tape around the cardboard so that the unattached end of the rubber band is not attached to the cardboard. Turn the skewer backwards so that the rubber band wraps around the skewer. Put your car on the floor and watch it go!

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