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I Love Mixbook!

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1: Living Location The Ancient Romans lived along the western coast of Central Italy. | Biomes They lived in forests, grasslands, and moutains. | Adaption Romans basically copied the ways of the Greek. Example: Architecture or lifestyle.

2: Greatest Legends Achilles (invinsible exept for his heel) Father:Peleus Mother:Thetis Wife: Deidamia Children: Neoptloemus Hercules Father: Zues Mother: Alcmene Siblings: Iphicles Hercules is known for his bravery and strenght. | Famous Wars - First Punic War: 264-241 B.C. - Hannible crosses the Alps: 247-219 B.C. - Military affairs in late antiquity - Punic Wars: 218-201 B.C.

3: Architecture Over millions of people needed homes, so they started building. | * Romans "perfected the arch." * Roads covered over 50,000 miles * Used concrete (egyptian method which is lime, water, sand, secrete, and ash. | * Romans payed attention to detail * Some stadiums today are based off of Roman buildings. * Walls were 20 feet thick.

4: Valentines Day Lupercalia The Romans drew names from a hat to chose their life long partner.

5: May Day They celebrated the coming of summer by gathering and planted food. | Decorated with Greenery Roman loved celebrations. They had a holiday around December 25. They feasted, gave gifts, were very merry and also decorated their homes with greens from the ancient Gods.

6: Timeline Before the Rise of Rome Stone Age: 3000 B.C. Bronze Age: 3000-1000 B.C. Etruscans: 1000- 500 B.C. Roman Republic Early Period: 500- 300 B.C. Punic Wars: 275- 146 B.C. Civil Wars: 146- 30 B.C.

7: Roman Empire Solid Clavdians: 30 B.C.- 68 A.D. The Flavians: 69- 96 A.D. Five Great Empires: 96- 161 A.D. Severans: 161- 235 A.D. Third Centery Crisis: 235- 312 A.D. Theodosians: 363- 450 A.D. Fall of Rome: 476 A.D.

8: Type of Government The Roman Empire was a monarch, but it is currently an autocratic. Monarchy- single person who holds power. Oligarchic- governent ruled by few people. Autocratic- unlimited power.

9: Emporers Julius Ceasar: 104- 44 B.C. | Augustus: 27 B.C.- 48 A.D. | Caligula: 37- 41 A.D. | Cluadius: 41- 54 A.D.

10: Roman laws allowed great flexibility in adopting new ideas. The greatest followed law was: If a person catches an individual commiting a crime, the decides their punishment.

11: Military Rome was known for their strong military. They defeated many armies.

12: Armor Helmet with feather Body sheild Red or bright clothes Weapons Spears/Pilum Swords Arrow/Bow

13: *Aureus (gold) *Denarius (silver) *Sestertius (bronze) *Dupondius (bronze) *As (copper) These items listed above were money to Romans. Accepted by Greeks.

14: Imports and Exports Imports Handmade pottery, glassware, weapons, tools, jewlery and textiles. Exports Green, olive oil, wine, grapes and olives.

15: Religion The Romans believed that all of their leaders were divine gods. Peoplewho refused to believe the emporer was a god was persecuted.

16: Mythology As the Romans expanded territory, they absorbed more cultures and beliefs. | Some Gods Jupiter Juno Minerva

17: Clothing The Romans had differnt clothing customs for different occasions. Example; Marrige cerimony. _____________________________ | The Males usually wore 2 garments, 1 tunicas, and 1 toga. | The females wore a dress that was sewn particaly together on both sides under a head dress. | The bride dressed in a long white robe and wore bright yellow shoes. | Clothing

18: Lifestyle The Romans Lifestyle was basically based on pleasure and comfort. The Romans developed traditions and a comfortable schedule to fit their concept of comunity and family. The Romans did have an appreciation for hard work, practical thinking, and dicipline. Even though they were attentive people, they had a desire to have a life full of pleasure and comfort.

19: Senators Entering the Hall | Funeral Ceremony | Temple of Pallas | The Appain Way

20: A Big Thanks To. . . ___________________________________ www.exonumia.com www.istockphoto.com www.kera.org florence4us.com www.kidspast.com www.karenswhimsy.com www.exampleessasy.com www.crystalinks.com www.atheism.com ngsprints.co.uk roadtoitaly.com www.death-by-www.shadows.blogspot.com www.bible-history.com

21: www.mnsu.edu www.historyforkids.org www.bbc.co.uk www.gods-heros-myth.com www.uvm.edu www.ccat.sas.upenn.edu www.history.boisestate.edu www.wsu.edu www.geocities.com www.livius.org www.rome.mrdonn.org www.ask.com www.unrv.com www.wikipedia.com ___________________________________ Roman Arcitecture by: Madeline Olsen

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