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I.N.S.P.E.C.T. - Page Text Content

FC: I.N.S.P.E.C.T.

1: Table of Contents | Page 2-3: Ideas Page 4-5: Natural/Geographic Page 6-7: Social Page 8-9:Political Page 10-11:Economic Page 12-13:Cultural Page 14-15:Technological/Scientific

2: Ideas | Most people were looking for easier and more efficient ways to do their jobs. Lots of people picked up inventing trying to make this possible.

3: Ideas | People were also looking for easier ways to get around. Traveling was a huge thing in these days. The way they traveled were by steamboats by river and canal, or by roads and turnpikes.

4: Another big thing that some people believed was that the Indians were less important than Americans. This led to the Indian Removal Act of 1830. Which eventually lead to the Trail of Tears. | Idea

5: Natural/Geographic | The California Gold Rush caused a huge boom in the population with people looking for riches.They called it boomtowns.Boomtowns are a community or town with a sudden growth in population.

6: The farms in the North were smaller,so most food was locally sold. In the South cotton was growing rapidly. The same thing with the West,but they also focused on pork,corn, and wheat. A lot of people moved to better farming places. | Natural/Geographic

7: Natural/Geographic | The land and development had the biggest affect. If people saw good farming and saw opportunities at money they went for it. They followed the money and whatever made it.

8: Social | Relations with the Indians were not good.Like listed before with the Indian Removal Act after that Indians and Americans didn't have a friendly relationship at all.They protested to be moved and after being forced to do so their feelings toward Americans was one of hatred and resentment.

9: Social | Most people were just looking for money. They were doing all they could to make as much money as possible. Whether it was by farming,investing, or even gambling. That's what most concentrated on.

10: Political | Between the time of and 1824 and 1845 America had a total of 6 presidents.The presidents were: John Tyler,William H. Harrison, Martin Van Buren, Andrew Jackson, John Quincy Adams,James Monroe. | Andrew Jackson was admired by a lot of citizens. Being a patriot, a self-made man, and a war hero. Although he was loved by the citizens, when he said "equal protection and equal benefits" he didn't exactly follow through with this, at least the Indians felt. | Andrew Jackson | John Quincy Adams

11: Political | Jackson probably had the biggest impact and most obstacles with his presidency in this time period.With the Indian Removal Act and with the Back of the United States president,Nicholas Biddle, not exactly getting along causing the bank to support Jackson not being re-elected. Which he still succeeded.

12: Economic | The Economy was growing rapidly between people trying to invent easier ways to do their jobs,moving for farming reasons, or just investing. The economy was going well.

13: Economic | Although the economy was doing good there was the Panic of 1837. This was a period in which banks failed,and business and employment went down significantly.Lots of people lost their jobs including farmers who with the cotton prices hitting a record low didn't have a source of income besides, causing them to lose their land.Unfortunately for the economy the president at the time,Van Buren, believed that the government should interfere with the nations economy as little as possible.

14: Cultural | These times were called the "Era of Good Feelings". This is when the political differences were pushed aside so the country could come together.

15: Cultural | The people in these days didn't have big extravagant parties and such. They mostly entertained themselves. They didn't dress super nice unless the were rich and men like the mountain men wore buckskin pants,moccasins, and beads.

16: Technological/Scientific | In 1793 Eli Whitney invented the Cotton Gin. It's a simple machine that removes the seeds from cotton fibers quicker and more efficiently then workers could.50 people working by hand compares to the same amount the cotton gin could make.

17: Technological/Scientific | In 1807 Robert Fulton built an engine for steamboats. This made it possible for steamboats to travel two way trips with more powerful and smoother rides.

18: Conclusion Topic: Indian Removal Act | Cause and Effect How did events affect people's lives,community,and the world? This had a huge affect on these peoples lives and community. They had to move pick up everything and move. Their communities and worlds will be changed forever from that event. Their decedents will forever remember what happened to their people.

19: Conclusion | Change and Continuity who has not benefited? why? I don't believe the Indians have benefited much from this act. Moving from their homeland and losing almost 4000 of their people doesn't seem like much of a success. Using the past What can we learn from the past? We've learned that all people are the same and you can't just make a whole nation move for your own good. Everyone is equal, and if we ever come to something like this again we'll know how to deal with it, which is civilly.

20: Conclusion | Through Their Eyes How did people in the past view their world? The Indians respected their world very much and believed that no one man owned it. So when they sold land it wasn'tn theirs to sell. Turning Points How did decisions or actions significantly transform peoples lives? The Indians lives would be so much different if the act wouldn't have happened. Our relationships with them would be much better and they would have a much bigger community.But mostly I feel our relationship with them would be much different.

21: Work Cited | Appleby,Brinkley,McPherson,Ritchie,Broussard,The American Republic. Columbus,Ohio:The McGraw-Hill Companies,2005.

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