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Illegal Immigration

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S: Illegal Immigration

BC: -the Dream Continues...

FC: Illegal Immigration

1: Have you ever been treated indifferently because you don't follow the crowd and you're different from the rest, or mostly because you look different or you just don't belong? Many of the people being treated this way are classified as illegal immigrants. The most talked about topic whose controversy has been reached throughout the world and who has also divided many is Illegal Immigration. An illegal immigrant is an individual who is residing in a country illegally ("U.S. Immigration Support"). I believe that Illegal Immigrants should be able to be given the opportunity to become legal citizens to be able to stop the violence being committed and the diversity that is being influenced upon many.

2: Many migrants decide to take a risk and move to a different foreign country in search of a better life. By entering the country illegally migrants obtain "illegal" status ("U.S. illegal Immigration"). I ask myself why? if America united is the land of the free, who does right to their fellow brothers, then why such difference between illegal immigrants? The Dream Act is a bill that can benefit to Alien Minors for Education ("VL Statement on the Dream Act"). This bill has currently been denied to all those students that need legalization to continue and want to exceed in their education.

3: Should I consider this the land of opportunities when every day in the news I always see someone getting arrested for driving with out license or the dream of each alien minor graduate being crashed because they don't have legalization to attend college. why waste time in competition against each other? when we can unite and become one. One of the many economic concerns in society today is how Immigrants influence the wages and employment prospects of US workers (Michael GreenStone). The question is? Are American Citizens wanting to take the place of illegal immigrants who work hard jobs and are paid a minimum wage? Unfortunately Americans Citizens complain about Illegal Immigrants taking their jobs but they don't want to work for less. | There is an estimate of 250,000 to 300,000 illegal immigrants per year in the US ("US Immigration Facts"). Americans in Society don't understand what this group of people classified as illegal immigrants have to go through just to reach their dream of giving their families a better life. | Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors.

4: This matter has become a major issue, leaving behind many wounded,dead bodies due to the violence between the law and those who take vengeance into their own hands;the racist. The immense trail of many broken dreams of those who wish to become someone better instead of an explorer of streets in their own neighborhood or a perfect lover of the one love they call "Drugs" and also somewhere along the lines the many Mexican-American children who have been separated from their Illegal parents. How many lives have to be taken away? How many well educated and talented young men and women do we have to waste? How many children do we have to Orphan? When will we be able to comprehend that a line doesn't have to divide us. | -no human being is "ILLEGAL"-Reahh

5: Many believe that Illegal Immigrants are keeping the American Economy strong due to their labor force in fast food businesses to high-tech industry ("US Immigration Facts")

6: Thousands of Immigrants took the streets of Los Angeles on May 1st to protest against president Barack Obama's failure to full fill his election promise to legalize over 10 million Illegal Immigrants. Over 400,000 deportations have been kept in record since President Obama took office ("A March for Immigration Reform"). As intellectual human beings we should be able of comprehending that even with President Barack Obama's correspondence of words and caring character is already of big help to the Illegal Immigrant community. His role of leadership and good example won't show evidence of a poor and contradicting being not showing support to the majority of the growing Latino vote that voted on his side.

7: Society needs to have a better understanding of how this matter of Illegal Immigration is not only affecting both parts of the beings involved but also the ones that don't have any fault of how they came here. We need to take in mind that many children were brought here by parents and were to young to have an understanding of free will. For Illegal Immigrants it is already hard enough to come from another country and leave loved ones behind to later come here and be rejected and sent away from the life that they have achieved here. Would you put yourself in the same situation of having achieving it all and later being taken away from the ones you love or all your personal belongings? If your not being able to take that in what gives you the right to grasp away everything from what you classify as "illegal Aliens".

8: Taking in consideration that this is a country known for its FREEDOM,LIBERTY, EQUALITY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL I now begin to wonder in my mind if those strong words that are expressed in our constitution, pledge and National Anthem are being looked upon on not only that but also being granted to each and every single individual. The Great America Mother of the free whose son is equality in which "United we Stand" where is the great example of unity and peace that has been practiced throughout centuries by our fathers? Where is the evidence of A so called "Free Land"

9: In My personal experience I believe that no matter where you are born or how you were raised it still doesn't change who you are and the part of where you come from. I am who I set out to be and my behavior, morals, beliefs and the roots where I come from will always be a part of who I am today. Illegal Immigration is only a classifcation of someones status within that country its nothing but a term.

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