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Independent Reading Scrap Book

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S: Independent Reading Scrap Book

FC: Storm Front Written by Jim Butcher | Scrapbook by Timmy Park

1: The pictures on the cover represent many things. The metal wand in the left corner represents the magic used by Harry Dresden. The magnifying glass in the bottom right corner represents Harry Dresden's occuation as a detective. The angel wings represents the search for jusatice and the fire background represents the turmoil, violence and misdeeds of the criminal.

2: Wanted Dead or Alive: Unknown Killer Mage | A dark wizard is on the loose and has already killed the first two victims in a gruesome act of destruction of human life. The victims were found with their hearts ripped out of their chest through some sort of magical means. | Reward: $1,000,000

3: The wanted poster is for a killer who does his first act in the beginning of the book. This part of the book is of a great importance, because throughout the book, Harry Dresden, the detective wizard, is searching for the killer. The dark wizard is very crafty and before long more people are killed. Dresden's job is to work undercover for the police and find the killer before it is too late. The picture shows a person with a question mark, because Harry Dresden has no clue who he is looking for. The background symbolises mystery because you wonder where the colors came from.

4: Throughout the years, I have collected the names of many faeries. One particular faery I know is named Toot. Toot can easily be captured by using honey and bread as bait and setting a magical trap around it. I often use him for my information on events and news. Once I have their name I can control them through my words

5: This is a note that Harry Dresden wrote to himself so that he could remember the names of all the faery names he had. For safety measures, the names are not included. The picture shows a faery, which Harry Dresden can control. Faeries and demons can be controlled by any wizard who knows their name. Dresden never gains complete control of faeries because that is illegal and unjust. If this part had not been included in the book, then Dresden would have had no means of gaining information about the side case he has about a missing husband. A women named Monica called him and asked him to solve a case about a missing husband. Needing money, he accepted. The background symbolises nature, because most faeries live freely outside.

6: 8 ounces of Jolt cola A drop of motor oil Bird's feather (shreded) 3 ounces of chocolate-covered espresso beans (powder) Shredded bus ticket Small chain Flickering shadow Beaker of mouse scampers | Quick Escape Potion Recipe

7: The escape potion has the ability to turn a person into the wind for a short period of time. Once they become the wind, they can fly to a nearby place in the blink of an eye. Harry Dresden uses one of the smartest potion making souls in the world. The souls name is Bob and his job is to help Dresden create potions when necessary. This potion later comes in useful when Harry is attacked by a demon named Kalshazakk. He uses the potion on himself and Susan, who is a supernatural reporter, to escape.

8: Dear Harry, Thank you for the wonderful date we had on Saturday. Although we never actually managed to go anywhere and my best dress was ruined, and yes, a demon almost killed me. Nevertheless, this story will definitely be one of the best articles I have ever written and the truth is, that's all I really wanted. Maybe next time things will go more smoothly. I still feel sick from that horrible drink you fed me, and I feel as if I did something a bit strange, although I am not sure what. When something supernatural comes up is when I will next see you. Until then I hope you will stay healthy and keep away from danger. From Susan

9: This is a letter that Susan Rodriguez wrote to Harry Dresden. On the Saturday that the demon attacked Harry, Dresden was supposed to go on a date with Susan, but due to the recent events, he completely forgot about it. Susan is a reporter for a supernatural newspaper called the Arcane. She will do anything for a good story. After the recent mysterious killings, Susan found Dresden and forced him into a date. During the date, she had planned to get as much information out of Harry as possible, but she managed to get her own story to write. The background symbolises class and beauty which Susan is.

10: One Women dead: cause unknown Linda Randall called 911 early in the morning to confess the killer of the recent killing of Tommy Tomm and Jennifer Stanton. Before she could name the killer, she was killed in the same way that the two other victims died from. Police investigator Karrin Murphy claims that the current investigation is under way, and there top suspect at the moment is Harry Dresden. Dresden and Murphy are co workers and often use each other as resources. The reason for the suspicion is currently unknown.

11: This news article describes the death of Linda, who was a close friend of Jennifer Stanton. Harry Dresden managed to talk to Linda and Linda agreed to tell him everything she knows. On the same night that the demon attacked him, she was killed in the same powerful and gruesome method as the two past murders. Linda was Harry's last clue on the case, and without her Harry didn't know where to start.

12: Killer Scorpion Attacks Office Building There have been many witnesses to the strange event that took place in an office building located in Chicago. Supposedly, a humongous scorpion was seen running after a man through the office building, as the man was dragging a women behind him. When the man went into the elevator, the scorpion went onto the roof of the elevator. Then, the elevator pushed itself up and smashed the bug to the roof. The two victims came out okay, but the elevator and fifth floor recevied major damage.

13: This news article shows the event where a strange talisman tries to kill Harry Dresden and Karrin Murphy, the chief of supernatural events in the Chicago P.D. The scorpion was given to Harry by Monica. By now Harry knows that the killer is Monica's husband, Victor. Victor manipulated the scorpion to attack whatever it sees. This background symobolises written proof of strange things.

14: Saturday Horoscopes Today will definitely be one of the worst days in your life, if not the worst. Someone is after you. Beware the storm, and try not to drag anyone else into it. Your love life will plummet so try to avoid it for now. One of your best friends will falsely accuse you. Try to calmly explain the situation and you might not be misunderstood. You might have to pick a fight with a very tough person, but do not worry, because they are on your side whether you like it or not.

15: This horoscope describes Harry Dresden's day on Saturday. The murderer is after him because he knows that Harry is the most likely to finishing him off. The storm is a magical power source for the evil wizard. Susan and him are not doing very well after the demon ruined there date. Murphy no longer trusts him because she found his business card with Linda's dead body. Dresden could have explained it and she would have helped him, but he didn't tell her anything so that she would not be in danger. Harry must also fight against John Marcone, a drug lord in the Chicago slums. One of Marcone's men took some of Harry's hair, which can be used to kill him by attaching it to a voodoo like doll. Marcone is willing to help Dresden because the murderer killed Tommy Tomm, one of his bodyguards, and is selling ThreeEye, which is a magical drug that makes people see the spirit world. Both of which are bad for business.

16: The killer of Linda Randall, Tommy Tomm, and Jennifer Stanton was killed in a capture attempt made by Harry Dresden. The killer, Victor Sells, was killed from hundreds of punture wounds made by some sort of stinger. Once Victor's lake house has been checked thouroughly, it was found that he was the seller and producer of the rare and deadly drug ThreeEye. | Meanwhile, the police arrested the accomplices of Victor Sells. Mr. and Mrs. Beckitt were caught naked driving to their home when the police stopped them and picked them up. They were later arrested under the charges of distribution of ThreeEye. | Killer and drug lord killed. Accomplices arrested.

17: This news article is about how Harry Dresden fought Victor Sells in a fight to the death. Dresden succeded in defeating Victor, and he also managed to stop the distribution of ThreeEye which was a very dangerous and addictive drug. After the true murderer was found, Harry was no longer considered a criminal. All of the mysteries were resolved. The reason that the Beckitts agreed to help Victor was so that they could get their revenge on Marcone, because their daughter had been killed off by Marcone's gang in a shootout.

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