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Indiana Jones

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BC: For the question is better the community or individual, i think that always it will be better to help the community, and work for it , because we need others for living In this case the movie represents the necessity of saving the people from the desire of one person, that is evil, and so, the hero commit all his energy and effort in doing it.


1: The movie occurs in 1936, in which the main character is professor Indiana Jones, an archaeologist who alternate his classes in the University with expeditions, and adventures for getting valuable historical relics. In this time the secret service of the Government of the United States have commissioned a new mission, get the legendary Ark of the Covenant, as they have information that the Germans under the command of Hitler's wants it , and thus will have the power of the relic to proclaim himself the Messiah. With that information, as he like it, begins a series of adventures, dangerous situations, and lots of action. | SUMMARY

2: HERO | Indiana Jones. Young archaeologist, intrepid and bold, highly intelligent, who lives his life in two facets, the serious teacher and the adventurer, looking for all kinds of ancient archaeological pieces, going to the most difficult corners of the world to achieve his goal . he is arrogant, charming, handsome, honest, with great courage, unselfish, seeking the common good. Always carried a whip in his adventures and a hat | Adventurer | Professor

3: MAIN CHARACTERS | HELPERS | Marion | She is one of the main characters, who helps Indy in search of the Ark, as his father possessed a medallion, key to have the exact location of the Ark. It is noted that they had a previous relationship, which makes the entire movie interesting with discussions and romance

4: He was a curator for museums on the United States, he became a frequent patron of Indiana Jone, entrusting frequent expeditions. he is who mediates between the secret service and Indiana to carry out this search .Also a Good Friend of Indy | HELPER AND MENTOR. | Marcus Brody

5: He was a well known man in Cairo, for digging, and had numerous connections, help Indiana decipher the inscription on the back of Marion s medallion and helped him in the recovery of the ark | Sallah | HELPER

6: VILLIANS | Rene Belloq | This is one of the most important villian of the movie, is the doctor who wants to take the ark, and who knows many of his secrets, he wants it for his power and will do everything to get it, even work for Hitler

7: Toht | Another movie villians, who is a Nazi agent, seeking the head of the staff of Ra, (medallion) that decrypts the exact location of the ark. Chases Indy, and captures and torture Marion. | Dietrich | Nazi soldier, that helps Belloq and Toht in the search of the ark, it confronts and chases Indiana with his army.


9: After Indiana arrived from the jungles of South America, which he was looking for a gold statuette, with many difficulties and tests that put his life in danger, he was wanted by Marcus and the Secret Service of USA to help them find, first than the Germans (Nazis), the lost ark. Relic which kept the 10 commandments and believed to contain the message of Messiah. Because if the ark falls into the hands of Hitler would be a problem and he will proclaimed as a redeemer.

10: CROSSING THE THRESHOLD. | Taking into account what they had been said , he accepted the challenge, and flies to Nepal to look for Marion Ravenwood a daughter of an archaeologist who was obsessed with the ark, to see if she would sell the headpiece of the Staff of Ra to him. Also in previous years Indiana had maintained a relationship with Marion, but he abandoned her.

11: Indy arrives at the bar of Marion, who rejects him, however arrived Toht a Geztapo agent, who is in search of the medallion, he grabs Marion and demands that she give him the artifact, but Indy protects her with his whip and starts a big fight, which ends with the burning of the establishment, both run away from the place with the medallion. | Shadows Realm Test, Allies and enemies.

12: They flight to Egypt, theyre looking for his friend Sallah, so he can help them find the site where the Germans are digging and maybe the site of the lost city where the medallion can be used. | Being on the streets of Egypt, some locals began to chase them to kill them and get the medallion, they fight, run, but at the end they captured Marion. Indy runs after the Egyptians but they are lost in the crowd. She is put in a truck with explosives, it blows up, Indy thinks Marion is dead

13: Indiana and Sallah meet with Belloq, he is interested in knowing what Indy knows about the place in which the lost city may be. Belloq has half of the medallion, and are digging in the desert, but has not found the place. Indy wonders how he has the half of the medallion. Belloq attempts to poison Indiana but Sallah saves him, because he sees the monkey that has accompanied them dead.

14: Indiana finds the way to find the site where's the map is, and realize that the medallion is important, because with the light of the sunset projects a beam of light direct to the map indicating the exact place where the ark is . | TESTS

15: Sallah and Indiana know where the ark is, they find that the Germans are digging very close, Indy realizes that Marion is alive, because they have her in Belloq's tent, but first he must get the Ark and then rescue her.

16: Indy and Sallah arrive at the site where the ark is , he must go down to a sort of buried city, but what he can not imagine, is that area is full of snakes, he hates them, yet with all his courage he enters. Using fire to drive them away so he can walk, Indy finds the Ark and began to arrange his departure. | Sallah is waiting outside, but is found by the Germans, who capture him, when Indiana asks for help, they are waiting for him outside. Once the Germans have the ark in their possession, they left Jones inside, also they throw Marion inside

17: Indiana and Marion manage to escape by pushing one of the Egyptian statues against the wall, making a hole in it. He must stop Belloq, Holt and Dietrich, because they have the ark. Marion and Indiana try to escape in a German plane but are discovered, again generated a shooting and a fight, finally they went out of there with Sallah

18: Indiana notes that they placed the ark into a truck, then mounted on a horse and starts chasing the truck, at one point rises, and begins to struggle with the occupants and take control. Belloq and Dietrich observe what is happening, and ordered that the Germans chase him. Continuing the fight he is almost run over by the wheels of the truck,he managed to recover and eventually he goes with the truck and the Ark. | SUPREME TEST

19: Now they all are in a ship of Katanga, a friend of Sallah, Indiana and Marion are together kissing, the ark is in the ship TEST Again they are intercepted by the Nazis, the ship s crew make them believe that Jones is dead, Belloq carried out Marion and the ark as well | REWARD | Indiana escapes into the water and he hides in the German submarine.

20: They go to a cave on an island, Indiana comes out of the hiding and he is disguised as a Nazi, taking the uniform of a soldier. The ark is brought to an altar, Jones is marching with the troops, suddenly he get a bazooka to shoot Belloq, but he is not capable of shooting because they have Marion. | FINAL TEST | Germans continued with the procession and the altar, Marion and Indiana are tied to a stick. Belloq opens the Ark and invokes something in Hebrew, Suddenly a powerful force is unleashed.

21: Indiana tells Marion not to look, they hold several minutes while listening to screams and strange noises. When they open their eyes, tMArion and Indy do not see anyone, they have all disappeared or vanished . Top of the Ark falls and close abruptly.

22: REWARD and RETURN | Indiana Jones and Marion are finally together in Washington, and had delivered the ark to the secret service.

23: The Ark was kept in a big warehouse | THE END

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