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Insect Report (Copy)

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S: 2nd Grade Insect Reports

FC: Insect Reports by Mrs. Roche's 2nd Grade Class

1: This book is dedicated to the hard working students in my class. Mrs. Roche 2012

2: YaYoua James Dyani Robert Benjamin

3: Kaylee Lydia Xeng Anthony Juliana

4: Elyssa DaShawn Tywin

5: Ladybug Did you know that 500 years ago people loved ladybugs? Ladybugs can be red, yellow, and orange with black spots. | Ladybugs like to come into your house to live. They defend themselves by squirting a yellow liquid. Yuck. Don't worry, ladybugs won't eat you, they eat aphids. Ladybugs are cool. By: Yayoua

6: Did you know butterflies can see color? Butterflies also have bright colored wings. The bright colors help protect them. | Butterflies Butterflies live where there are flowers, shade, and water. | They feed mostly on nectar from the flowers. I think butterflies are pretty By Dyani

7: Katydids Did you know katydids eat dead animals? Katydids look like twigs. Katydids like to eat plants. Katydids are cool. By James

8: Walking Sticks Did you know walking sticks have been around for 150 million years? Walking sticks look like real sticks. They live in oak trees. They defend themselves by staying still for hours. Walking sticks like to eat leaves. Walking sticks are the most awesome insects in the world. By Benjamin

9: Grasshoppers Did you know grasshoppers can leap 20 times it's lenght? Grasshoppers legs are specially made for leaping. That's how they get away from enemies. Grasshoppers eat plants so they have to live near them. Grasshoppers are cool. By Robert

10: Dragonflies eat flies, moths, butterflies, mosquitos, and hummingbirds. Dragonflies are awesome. By Elyssa | Dragonflies Did you know dragonflies lived on Earth for 300 million years? They live where there is a lot of plants and water. Dragonflies come in many different colors, which scares away animals.

11: Praying Mantis Did you know praying mantises are the only insects able to turn their heads and look over their shoulders? | Praying mantises can look like leaves or branches and live everywhere in the world. A praying mantis strikes out with its spiny legs if it is attacked. They eat millipedes, butterflies, and other praying mantises. They are amazing. By Xeng

12: Earwigs Do you know if earwigs fly or not? They actually do, but they don't fly very much. | Earwigs look black, but they are brown. They live under rocks and wood. In the summer, they eat flower petals. Do you know how earwigs defend themselves? They defend themselves by using their pinchers to pinch. By Tywin

13: Luna Moths Have you seen moths fly at lights outside at night? Moths are fat and fuzzy. They live near gardens because as caterpillars they eat leaves. As adults, moths don't eat. Some moths are not pretty so next time you see one, check it out. By Juliana

14: Their habitat protects and feeds them. Pill bugs eat rotting leaves and their droppings to get nutrients they missed. One kind of pill bug eats bees. Pill bugs can be striped or spotted or different colors. By Lydia | Pill Bugs Have you ever looked under a rock and seen a bunch of what looked like rocks uncurl and try to get back under their rock? It was probably a group of pill bugs. Pill bug have 14 legs. They use their 14 legs to run fast.

15: Ants Do you like ants? Ants have a head, thorax, and abdomen. Ants live in nests under rocks. Some ants can bite and they eat grasshoppers and spiders. Ants rule the ground. By Anthony

16: Bees /By Kaylee You might think you know everything about bees, but did you know there are 20,000 different kinds of bees? | Bees have very strong wings so they can fly away when you swat it. If it gets angry, it will sting. | Bees live in nests in a hollow tree or a log and eat pollen and even honey. So, next time you see a bee, remember all these facts and don't swat at it.

17: Fireflies By DaShawn Did you know fireflies are actually beetles? Fireflies are brownish or blackish in color. Fireflies live in backyards, woods, and also fields. They light up to warn predators they don't taste good. Next time you see a firefly, take a good look at it.

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