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FC: INSPECT Find the meaning of inspect through history. By: Marie Howe

1: I- Ideas President Jefferson had an idea for an expedition in America through the Missouri river. It was because they purchased new land, the Louisiana purchase. The people to do that was Lewis and Clark. It was dangerous because they were the first people to do this and nobody knew what was out there. They could have had there journey end many of times from the Indians who lived around there.

2: N-national Geographic | After Louis and Clark went on there journey the people of America started to move west with the Louisiana purchase. The downside to this expansion was mainly for the Indians. They were driven out of there homes because people moving west said they claimed the land they were on. This would cause many conflicts with us and the Indians. President Jefferson would lie about the treaties with the Indians. In 1831 the was the Trail of Tears to try and move the indians out of the land.

3: S-Social New social advantages were beginning to start too. African Americans were just starting to | be recognized as actual people. They got to vote. In the late 1800's the white people started to try and make the Indians like us. Women even got some rights. They could have a job and vote! | Even though all this started happening, there was still bad things. In 1830 the Indian removal act was passed. In 1834 Indian territory was created. Indians weren't known as citizens until about the 1920's.

4: P-Political Politics were as important then as they are now. There were still changes going on though in our government that would effect now. In the era speaking of the president were Jefferson, Jackson, Van Buren, Harrison, and Tyler. The struggle of political rights took place in the 1820's and 1830's. People questioned the limits of democracy then. When Jackson was president it came known as the Jackson era; because so many things happened to America then. One of the laws that came into place was that now you have to be 18 or older to vote. Also in the election in 1824 was important too because there was only one party, republican. In the election Johna Adams made Jackson seem like a murderous man. Jacksons people made Adams seem like he kidnapped. First election that was lies.

5: E-Economic From an economic standpoint the world was definitely changing fast. Since people started to move west and America started to finally expand, new inventions were created. New stores were put up. There were trains by 1832 across America so that would make it much easier to transport things. So all those things make money. Factories were being made like crazy too. America was booming and especially from the gold mines of California, people went crazy for it. The downside is that young children mostly worked in theese factories for long hours; about 14 hours. For very little pay. A few mill girl workers made a book called the Lowell Offering about the hard work in mills.

6: C- Cultural People throughout time change fashion and beliefs.Peoples fashion depended on how rich they were and what they did as a job. For example | people who were below or average tended to wear only clothes that would suffice working and day to day things and they may only have one nice thing to wear.What was fashionable for men at the time was if you were 16 and older pants; they usually went up to the waist. and a button up shirt, a white vest and any dark colored overcoat.For women although it was much more elaborate they wore corsets made from sometimes whalebone. The dress style in the 1820's was an empire waist with and elaborate lace design on the bus and hem. Children copied some of this. The style was generally conservative. People stuck by the bible.

7: T-Technological There were very many technological advantages at this time too. New factories meant new inventions. BUt all those inventions | means there has tio be a law in 1790 there was a law passed called the patent which gives the inventor to make money off of the things he makes. | Such as in 1793 Eli Whitney invented the cotton Gin. Which helped all those slaves get the seeds out of cotton. Also in 1814 George Stephenson makes the steam locomotive. This definetly heplrf in the transportation of things.

8: So now you know how INSPECT described the lives and how things worked in the 1800's. The past decisions effect America so much today, even the little things. Such as laws like the patent what would happen to the growth of America is we couldn't do that? | If we didn't get into fights with the Indians; if we didn't push them from there land would we still come across wild theese people living like they used to? If you question your answers then obviously our decisions change what would happen later. Thats what history is for; to learn from our past.

9: Work Cited Page 1: American Republic To 1877, published by National Geographic. Page 2: http://ngeorgia/history/nghistt.html Pgae 3: American republic To 1877, published by National Geographic Page 4:

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