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International Board on Books for Young People

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International Board on Books for Young People - Page Text Content

S: International Board on Books for Young People

BC: This book was created to satisfy course requirements in: LIB 5190--Critical Evaluation of Library Media for Children Dr. Kimberly Becnel, instructor Appalachian State University, North Carolina Fall Semester 2010

FC: IBBY: International Board on Books for Young People | Vanessa Campbell, Laurie Johnston, and Lee Ann Perry

1: "The International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) is a non-profit organization which represents an international network of people from all over the world who are committed to bringing books and children together" (IBBY, 2010).

2: The History of IBBY | Believing that books have the power to build bridges across cultures and peoples, Jenna Lepman created IBBY in an attempt to bring children together through books. She was convinced that after the war, German children needed more than just food, clothing, shelter, and medicine. Good books from around the world would enrich the lives of children everywhere. | IBBY was founded in Zurich, Switzerland in 1953. Today, it is composed of 72 National Sections all over the world. | "IBBY's policies and programmes are determined by its Executive Committee: ten people from different countries and a President, elected biennially by the National Sections at a General Assembly during the IBBY Congresses. They work on a voluntary basis. The daily management of IBBY's affairs is conducted from its Secretariat in Basel, Switzerland" (IBBY, 2010).

3: IBBY seeks to promote its philosophy, the Right of Every Child to Become a Reader by improving children’s access to books, increasing the quality of children’s literacy, and promoting the development and publishing of quality children’s literature throughout the world. | “ . . . reading and books can save lives. They can change lives. They can give children in the most desperate circumstances a way to begin to live again and to understand what has happened to them. IBBY believes that every child, rich or poor, safe or in danger, with a home or without, has the right to become a reader. This has been IBBY’s continuous message" (IBBY, 2010).

4: "To promote international understanding through children's books To give children everywhere the opportunity to have access to books with high literary and artistic standards To encourage the publication and distribution of quality children's books especially in developing countries | Mission

5: To provide support and training for those involved with children and children's literature To stimulate research and scholarly works in the field of children's literature" (IBBY, 2010).

6: Albania Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Bolivia Canada Chile Colombia Croatia Cuba Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Ecuador Egypt Estonia Finland France Germany Ghana Greece | Guatemala Haiti Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Iran Ireland Israel Italy Japan Republic of Korea Kuwait Latvia Lebanon Lithuania Malaysia Mexico Moldova Mongolia Nepal Netherlands New Zealand Norway | Ibby National Sections

7: Pakistan Palestine Peru Poland Romania Russia Rwanda Slovakia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Thailand Turkey Uganda Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States Uruguay Venezuela Zambia Zimbabwe (IBBY, 2010)

8: IBBY Documentation Centre of Books for Disabled Young People | IBBY Activities | Offers information, consultation, and documentation services for those who work with disabled children and youth, as well as a strong collection of books for children and adults with language and reading disabilities.

9: Children in Crisis Programme Purpose: to provide support to children affected by "war, civil disorder, or natural disaster" through bibliotherapy using books and storytelling and the building or replacing collections of appropriate books. 2010 Initiatives: Haiti Chile (IBBY, 2010)

10: Books for Africa, Books from Africa A virtual exhibition of 84 books for Africa from Africa | Yamada Programme: The Books for Children Everywhere Campaign

11: Tsunami Relief Programme Reading to Recovery in India, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Maldives | Creating Libraries, India The establishment of two libraries in India, in Tezu and Mandi where there previously were none | Books Where There Are No Books, South Africa Encouraging children to gather local stories and turn them into books. | Animarse a Leer, Uruguay Training and support for people who work with children and youth | (IBBY, 2010)

12: International Children's Book Day April 2

13: ICBD began in 1967 and is celebrated each year on April 2, Hans Christian Andersen's birthday. | Each year a different National Section chooses a theme for ICBD. The Section then chooses an author to write a message to the children of the world and an illustrator to design a poster promoting literacy. | ICBD celebrations occur in both school and public libraries and often focus on children's books. Events may include guest writers and illustrators, writing competitions, and book awards (IBBY, 2010).

14: Awards | Hans Christian Andersen Award | Named after the Danish author, "the Hans Christian Andersen Award, sometimes known as the "Little Nobel Prize", is an international award given biennially by the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) in recognition of a "lasting contribution to children's literature". There are two categories of award winners: authors, and illustrators" (Ghaeni, 2010). The winners are presented with a gold medal and diploma at the biennial IBBY Congress. | Nominations for all IBBY's awards are made by the National Sections and recipients are selected by international juries of specialists in children's literature.

15: Writing The Hans Christian Andersen Award for Writing has been awarded since 1956. 1956 - Eleanor Farjeon (United Kingdom) 1958 - Astrid Lindgren (Sweden) 1960 - Erich Kstner (Germany) 1962 - Meindert DeJong (USA) 1964 - René Guillot (France) 1966 - Tove Jansson (Finland) 1968 - James Krüss (Germany), José Maria Sanchez-Silva (Spain) 1970 - Gianni Rodari (Italy) 1972 - Scott O'Dell (USA) 1974 - Maria Gripe (Sweden) 1976 - Cecil Bdker (Denmark) 1978 - Paula Fox (USA) 1980 - Bohumil íha (Czechoslovakia) 1982 - Lygia Bojunga Nunes (Brazil) 1984 - Christine Nstlinger (Austria) 1986 - Patricia Wrightson (Australia) 1988 - Annie M. G. Schmidt (Netherlands) 1990 - Tormod Haugen (Norway) 1992 - Virginia Hamilton (USA) 1994 - Michio Mado (Japan) 1996 - Uri Orlev (Israel) 1998 - Katherine Paterson (USA) 2000 - Ana Maria Machado (Brazil) 2002 - Aidan Chambers (United Kingdom) 2004 - Martin Waddell (Ireland) 2006 - Margaret Mahy (New Zealand) 2008 - Jürg Schubiger (Switzerland) | Illustration The Hans Christian Andersen Award for Illustration has been awarded since 1966. 1966 - Alois Carigiet (Switzerland) 1968 - Jií Trnka (Czechoslovakia) 1970 - Maurice Sendak (USA) 1972 - Ib Spang Olsen (Denmark) 1974 - Farshid Mesghali (Iran) 1976 - Tatjana Mawrina (USSR) 1978 - Svend Otto S. (Denmark) 1980 - Suekichi Akaba (Japan) 1982 - Zbigniew Rychlicki (Poland) 1984 - Mitsumasa Anno (Japan) 1986 - Robert Ingpen (Australia) 1988 - Dusan Kállay (Czechoslovakia) 1990 - Lisbeth Zwerger (Austria) 1992 - Kvta Pacovská (Czech Republic) 1994 - Jrg Müller (artist) (Switzerland) 1996 - Klaus Ensikat (Germany) 1998 - Tomi Ungerer (France) 2000 - Anthony Browne (United Kingdom) 2002 - Quentin Blake (United Kingdom) 2004 - Max Velthuijs (Netherlands) 2006 - Wolf Erlbruch (Germany) 2008 - Roberto Innocenti (Italy) | from the Official Blog of the HCA Award committee 2010 (Ghaeni, 2010)

16: IBBY-Asahi Reading Promotion Award | This $10,000 award is given biennially to "two groups or institutions whose outstanding activities are judged to be making a lasting contribution to reading promotion programmes for children and young people" (IBBY, 2010).

17: IBBY Honour List | Books considered for the Honour List represent the best in children's literature from each country and are suitable for publication throughout the world. | "The IBBY Honour List is a biennial selection of outstanding, recently published books, honouring writers, illustrators and translators from IBBY member countries. The IBBY Honour List is one of the most widespread and effective ways of furthering IBBY's objective of encouraging international understanding through children's literature" (IBBY, 2010). | "Seven parallel sets of the books circulate around the world at exhibitions during conferences and book fairs. Permanent collections of the IBBY Honour List books are kept at the International Youth Library in Munich, the Swiss Institute for Child and Youth Media in Zurich, Bibiana Research Collection in Bratislava, at IBBY in Tokyo and Northwestern University Library at Evanston, Illinois." (IBBY, 2010).

18: Publications | Bookbird: A Journal of International Children's Literature Bookbird is a published quarterly by IBBY to share new ideas with those interested in children's books. Under the Spell of the Moon Illustrators around the world donated artwork based on a story from their childhood or culture to create this wonderful book that "celebrates art created for children around the world." 15% of all purchases go to support IBBY (IBBY, 2010).

19: Other Publications available from IBBY: *IBBY Honour List 2008 *IBBY-Asahi Promotion Award 1988-2002 *International Children's Book Day 1967-2002 *Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities 2005, 2007, and 2009 *Best Books for Young People with Disabilities: Jubilee Section 2002 Stories from Across the Globe *A Bridge of Children's Books *Hans Christian Andersen Awards 1956-2002 *Jubilee Congress Proceedings A Worldwide Challenge: 50 Years of IBBY *From Basel: To Those to Who Bring Books and Children Together | IBBY, 2010

20: National Sections *Receive the IBBY newsletter, Press Releases, and Bookbird *Vote in IBBY Membership Assembly *Nominate IBBY officers *Nominate award candidates *Pay annual dues *Submit report of activities | Membership

21: Supporting Members *Individuals or institutions *Support IBBY globally *Receive all IBBY information *Minimum CHF 1,000.00 for individuals *Minimum CHF 2,000.00 for institutions | Individual Members *If no National Section available *receive all IBBY information *Invited to all IBBY events *CHF 250.00 (Swiss Francs) | (IBBY, 2010)

22: "The United States Board on Books for Young People (USBBY) facilitates the international exchange of information about books and reading." | From USBBY: *A semi-annual newsletter *Co-sponsored sessions at ALA, IRA, and NCTE conferences *Subscriptions to Bookbird *Financial support to IBBY | USBBY

23: Opportunities to Help Hands Across the Sea IBBY Children in Crisis Fund Children in Crisis Fund for Haiti Relief The Lubuto Library Project The Zimbabwe Website Project The Lebanese Library Project | USBBY Membership Information Individual Membership, $40 per year Individual Student Membership, $15 per year Institutional Membership, $250 per year Institutional Sponsor, $500 per year Institutional Patron, $1,000 per year

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  • Title: International Board on Books for Young People
  • This book was created to satisfy course requirements in LIB 5190--Critical Evaluation of Library Media for Children, Dr. Kimberly Becnel, instructor Appalachian State University, North Carolina, Fall Semester 2010. It provides Information on the International Board on Books for Young People, including history, mission, membership, awards, activities, and publications.
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