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ISB Grade 5 Poetry

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FC: What's 5th Grade Poetry Really Like? | Written & Illustrated by Grade 5 students ISB Bangkok 2009

1: Poets James Grace Hollie Sofia Christoffer Olivia Idan Eve Kayo Christina Lena Kaitlyn Yuri Sarah Damien Chloe Jonathan Nicole | Illustrators Kayla Grace Nicole Sanjana Celina Malou Jacob

2: Magic Beautiful, blowing breeze My hair flying everywhere The leaves crackle as they dance in the air I close my eyes and think. Where does this magic come from? Chloe

3: The Clawed Dinosaur I read about you raptors I know what you have done I’ve seen what you look like I also know how you kill and run You raptors bite You raptors scratch You raptors ripe your prey to shreds And then you eat in a very quick way But if you raptors were here today I would never go out to play Damien

4: Stress Stress feels like someone pushing you to get somewhere on time Stress sounds like people yelling at you to do every thing at once Stress tastes like a hot pepper burning your mouth to bits Stress looks like someone cramming to finish homework Stress smells like the smoke of burnt trees after a wildfire Sarah

5: Too Handsome I see my brother already up In front of the mirror Looking at his own reflection He touches his cheeks and rubs his chin He makes his mouth into a perfect O To see if he has any scratches He wets his hair Tries to spike it up Looks at his own clothes Checks if there are any holes Gives a big smile in front of the mirror and says, “I’m too handsome.” Grace

6: Snow Light white flakes Tickling my cheek They melt and pile up On streets Around my house. Wings spread out As they fluttered to the ground Roll them around And throw them Pile them Or even draw onto them It’s the snow that whispers in my ears It’s the snow That makes mischief in the wind It’s the snow That makes me happy. Yuri

7: Insomnia Last night I woke up When I heard my watch beep, I woke up from slumber, I woke up from a deep sleep. Then when I settled down again My phone rang and rang and rang, I turned it off but back in bed My A.C. went clang!-clang!-clang! Then the batchroom tap started- Drip-Drip-Drop! And I wished with all my might That the drippy tap would stop! I fell asleep for a little, But still I wasn’t glad, When 10 minutes later, I was woken up by my Dad! Kaitlyn

8: Clarice I love my little Clarice My imaginary friend She's exactly an inch tall With a rat tail on her rear end She's got short brown hair And small pointy ears She wears a dress so white It makes her eyes look like spears She's got a body like a human But feet like a mouse She's got giant angel wings That hide behind her blouse Clarice is gone now Off on vacation But she'll be back soon My little creation Sofia

9: I Believe I believe something good comes from Something Bad I believe that in tears of happiness There are teas of Sad I believe to look at the Bright side I believe life is just one big ride I believe sun shines after the rain I believe if you don't get hurt you'll Never Gain I believe in living with no regrets I believe life is as Good as it gets Christoffer

10: Seashell, Seashell Sitting on the middle of a white soft sand near the shore A seashell who had a great adventure with a stream of soft wind and blue clear sea starting at the bottom of a coral reef to a deserted island on a man’s hand under an ocean of nowhere to an old fisherman’s house and now on a soft white sand watching the wide world whispering with seas, oceans and wind whispering “I miss it all”. The deserted island A man’s rough hand The cold stream of ocean of nowhere A fisherman’s kind appearance. I want my freedom I want my new adventure” “It’s ok, seashell, we’ll push you to the sea And let you start an another journey,” And off it went to another exiting adventure. Lena

11: Nature’s music It starts with the faint rustle and crackle of leaves Then it gets louder, and turns into a snap, snap, snap of the twigs And then the harmony of happy little birds Soon comes in the marching of the awakening animals And then finally the sound of little dew drops dancing on the delicate leaves Christina

12: I am frightened and worried. I wonder what’s going on. I hear the bangs and the crashes of bombs. I see people on the news with terrible cuts. I want to help but maybe it is just too much. I am frightened and worried. I pretend like it’s all going to be ok. I believe I can get through this. I touch my mother maybe for the last time. I worry about being lost in a place that’s going to be only me. I am frightened and worried. I understand that terrible things happen. I say it’s ok, but will it be? I dream that I can save the earth. I hope that people will live and be ok. I am frightened and worried. Nicole

13: Once an Amazing Beautiful New Vessel, Now a ghostly Reminder to every one hidden Deep, deep down In the Ocean Kayo | The Titanic The Titanic Glided slowly Floating on the Sparkling Ocean, On her maiden Voyage The cold icy Wind Danced Around her, As it whistled A mournful song In the Dark Lonely Night

14: Freedom Freedom Smells like fresh air that hasn’t been polluted. Freedom Looks like a boy running around everywhere. Freedom Feels like the wind brushing through your hair. Freedom Sounds like the cute little kids cheering with happiness. Freedom Tastes like every delicious thing combined. And Freedom, Is what EVERYONE wants. Idan

15: Betrayal Betrayal looks like A photo Of two best friends Torn right down the middle. Betrayal feels like Nails Piercing your heart. Betrayal smells like An ice cream cone Dropped on the cement. Betrayal sounds like The giggles Of girls Who you thought Were Your Friends Olivia

16: Free I cannot vote I cannot drink from any fountain One thing I can do is wish I will run to freedom It is in my grasp Colors do not matter Freedom is calling I am black and I am proud I am a fish in the ocean I am a bird in the sky I am a kid in the streets But I am a kid who is free James

17: The Show Butterflies tickle me Butterflies take over me Thinking about those eyes looking at me Butterflies take over me Head to toes I go on stage to say my first line But I feel a chill down my spine A centipede on me It’s little feet tickle me tense I say my first line the rest of the show I was fine Because I swung my hand back and hit all the interruptions And I did not mind Hollie

18: I am a biker and outdoor guy I wonder what people say about the earth is true, I see the earth as the coolest place ever and all the places around us, I hear of the fastest racing cars and their roaring engines, I want to see the volcanoes of Hawaii, I am a biker and outdoor guy. I pretend I am an animal, I believe my bike is the best, I touch my bike and feel the strongest, I worry about global warming, I am a biker and outdoor guy. I understand sports and try not to be a bragger, I say but sometimes I do not mean, I dream about summer and the end of school, I hope the world will become a better place, I am a biker and outdoor guy. Jonathan

19: Just a Little (Missteak) Mistake Something had gone wrong; it made me felt blue, I went outside, to cheer myself up. I looked at flowers and some trees. One dry flower suddenly fell down to my foot. It’s brown and crispy like myself now. I looked up to the tree and saw so many flowers blooming up high. Then it made me smile. When I made a little mistake, I didn’t notice how much good work I have done in my lifetime. That tiny mistake was just like a piece of twig that floats in the ocean. Eve

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