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Jack the Beanstalk

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S: Jack the Beanstalk

BC: Remember when Jack had that adventure called "Jack and the beanstalk?" Well this story is about him eating the beans. Who knows what will happen?

1: Jack the Beanstalk | Written and illustrated by: Winston Ross Blake Barker Patrick O'Connor AJ Valenty

3: Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a child named Jack who lived in a cottage with his mother. They were very poor. Jack was a thin, slim boy with weak arms but strong legs. His mom was a short, fat woman who was stressed and mean. One day, Jack's mother told him to go to the market and sell their three bull frogs. He took a shortcut through the forest to get to the market.

5: On the way through the dark forest Jack met a fellow who said, “I will give you three magic beans for your frogs!" Jack said, “Okay!” making the deal and went home. When Jack got home, his mother was not happy. “You sold our frogs for a few beans. I can't believe you!” Jack didn't wanted to be yelled at, so he ran to his room with the beans. His angry mother took away his dinner leaving the beans as his only supper so he ate two of them.

7: Suddenly, Jack started to grow into a giant, human beanstalk! He was so tall, he could touch the clouds! “Oh my!”Jack's mother shrieked in fear as Jack grew. “What?” Jack's voice was like thunder booming across the land! His shirt tore as he grew, but oddly, his pants stayed on. Jack was so tall, he could touch the clouds. He was like a human compared to an ant in height. There was a big dark cloud. As the clouds faded, one big cloud stayed in the night. The moon was full with bright glows of yellow. His mom shrieked in fear because Jack had grown so high he was almost in the clouds! Meanwhile...

9: An army scout saw and heard Jack and thought he was a scary awful monster, so the scout called the rest of the army. “Charge!” yelled the general. “Huh?” Jack didn't know what to think of the tiny army heading towards him “Kill the monster!” the army chanted. They all wore maroon battle armor and had catapults pointed at Jack because they thought he was a monster! “I'm not a monster!” yelled Jack. By now the army had reached Jack, but they were scared and didn't attack at first. Jack took advantage and took off for the woods!

11: Jack knew that everyone thought he was a monster, so he had to find the man who gave me the beans so he could find a way to change back. Jack hated being a giant because nobody liked him. Jack ran into the forest and found the man who gave him the beans sleeping against a log. “Wake up!” “What?” “I need you to change me back,” Jack said. “You seek the cure? Then you must go to the clouds!” said the man. With that, the man vanished! The clouds? Jack reached up at the biggest one and found solid ground on the cloud and pulled himself up. Once he was up, he almost fell through a giant hole in the cloud! When he looked up, he was staring at a castle!

13: Then Jack saw a giant as big as him coming toward him. “Hello?” said Jack, "Do you have something that could turn me into a human again?” “Why yes, I do, and it is free!” “Really?!” asked Jack. “Yes, I have a potion that I always carry around just in case I eat something bad! It is right here!” “Can I drink it?” Jack was suspicious because he did not think anybody would just carry this around, but he still drank it. Jack should not have trusted the giant, but it was his only hope. Jack started to feel weird, and he started to shrink. “Whoa!” When he looked at the giant, he had a evil grin on his face, not the former smile.

15: The big giant laughed, but not a good laugh, an evil laugh. "I'm going to get you now!” Jack realized that his plan was to make him smaller so he could eat him. Jack started to run away from this cloud island even though he knew he couldn't make it. Maybe there was a rope? Jack thought hopefully. He was at least thousands of feet in the air. Yet he still tried. “Ill get you!” The giant started to run to Jack and catch him. Jack was a fast boy even though he was hungry and tired. Jack ran literally across the whole island! Yet the giant still kept up with him! Jack ran past the huge hole in the cloud. The giant was tired. He walked toward Jack slowly. He wasn't cautious of the huge hole. He walked a little more and plop! The giant fell through the huge hole. “No!” was the giant's last word. Jack was tired but walked slowly back to the castle.

17: At the castle he told the giants who guarded the castle about how he had defeated their king. The giants were scared of him even though he was eight times smaller than them. They thought that even though he was small, he was strong and powerful. The giant guards hated the king because of how mean and strict he was. Jack forced them to give him food and new, better clothes. The giants showed him the treasure room so Jack wouldn't get mad because they were afraid of him. Jack sent a flying magical unicorn messenger to his mom that he is now a king in this cloud and wanted his mom to ride back on the unicorn and come here and live with him.

19: His mom comes to the castle and lives with Jack. Jack forgives his mom for being so mean. Jack becomes king and his mom never says one word about selling anything. “I want to destroy that last magic bean now," Jack said. He reaches in his pocket and notices the bean fell out during his running. “Whoops!” “At least I learned that size doesn't matter when I beat the giant.” Meanwhile... Back at in the world below a kid named Nick finds the bean and says, “I think I'll eat it!” To Be Continued...

20: Hi, my name is AJ and I go to the awesome Hill Country Middle School. I love to write and play a lot of sports. My favorite subject in school is L.A. | Hi, my name is Patrick and I am in 6th grade. I have a dog and a cat named Hogan and Penny. I love to play baseball and soccer. | Patrick O'Conner | AJ Valenty

21: My name is Winston I'm 12 and I have a dog named Coco. I am the youngest in my family. I play football and love MW3. My favorite subject is P.E/Drama. | Hi, my name is Blake. I go to HCMS and I am 12 years old. I love baseball and soccer. My favorite subject is P.E. | Winston Ross | Blake Barker

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