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Jane Goodall

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BC: Works Cited Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta. Up Close: Jane Goodall. New York: Penguin Group, 2008. Print. Jane and Grub-http://goo.gl/FuDpG Sack-http://goo.gl/5Kwkh Jane Goodall-http://goo.gl/oJ8O5 Chimpanzee-http://goo.gl/IkY52 Earth-http://goo.gl/edCxR

FC: Jane Goodall | By: Abby Fahey

1: Dear Diary, This morning started out great. It was just a normal day with Grub and I, watching the chimpanzees. It seemed so normal, but then at about 12:30, I got news that there were people at the student's tent that got kidnapped. I was so scared at first. My staff told me that Grub and I had to get out of our camp pronto, so we did. After we were safe and far away from the Gombe jungle, my staff told me that the kidnappers only kidnapped the white people at the camp. I then asked why they didn't kidnap me, but the staff said it was because the kidnappers didn't know that we were actually just farther into the jungle away from the main camp. The people who did get kidnapped, though, were just students from Stanford University. The dads of all the kids decided to go and ask for the kids back, but brought a boatload of money with them, just in case. I wanted to go too, but Derek wouldn't let me. He said it was too dangerous. I was mad because I felt it was my entire fault that this happened to those poor kids. I begged Derek to let me go, but he wouldn't budge on his decision. Finally, a couple of days later, the dads got their children back. Surprisingly, the students said they were treated very well, got three meals a day, and showers with changes of clothes to keep clean. All in all, I’m glad it is all over with and that the students that were kidnapped are all okay. | Diary

2: Jane Caring, Thoughtful, Hardworking, Persistent Daughter of Vanne, Daughter of Mortimer Lover of chimpanzees, Her son, Hugo, and helping Who feels Passionate about chimps, Love toward Hugo, Responsible to help chimpanzees Who has been to Gombe, Africa, Oxford England, and Stanford University | Biography Poem

3: Who needs to help people, her son, and her organizations Who fears losing family, not having enough money for organizations, and the chimps’ extinction Who would someday like to have people carry on her activities, to keep caring, to see her mom again. Resident of all around the world Goodall

4: Young Woman Makes Break-through in the Scientific World By Abby Fahey Jane Goodall, a 26 year old woman, had found out on October 30 that chimpanzees make and use tools and eat meat. Goodall was in the wilds of the Gombe Stream Chimpanzee Reserve studying the behaviors of chimps when she saw a group of them eating meat and making tools out of twigs. While out in the wild forests in Africa studying chimpanzees, Jane Goodall was watching these primates feasting on something pink, meat. She later saw other chimps hunting and acting like other established predators.

5: A few days later, Goodall was watching a chimp, named David Greybeard, take a twig, strip its leaves, and then stick it into a termite mound to catch ants. Once there were ants on the stick, David ate them ants, putting the stick into his mouth then pulling it out. As of right now, we define man as being different from the rest of the animal world because we change an object to use it as a tool. Now that we have proof of this happening with other species, “We must redefine ‘tool’ redefine ‘man’, or accept chimpanzees as human.” Loise Leakey, one of Jane’s close friends, tells us. | BREAKING NEWS!

6: Persistence A+ A- A A+ Scientific Discoveries D B- A+ A Relationships A+ B- A C+ Deal Making C+ B- A- A Overcoming Challenges A+ A A+ A+ Work Ethic A- A+ A+ A+ Motherly Skills A- B- C+ B+ | Persistence: Jane Goodall has wanted to work with and study chimpanzees all her life. She kept on trying to get a job that will supplement this want, and she eventually accomplished it with much luck. That's why Jane Goodall has been getting very good grades in persistence. Scientific Discoveries: In the beginning of Jane’s research, she wasn't discovering much at all. Then, she found out that chimps are very complex and are also very smart. So Jane got much better grades at the end of the “year.” Relationships: Jane was doing very well in this are, with a husband and son. Then, all of a sudden, Jane divorced Hugo. After a while, Jane got remarried, but her second husband unfortunately died.

7: Deal Making: When Jane was just starting her research, her friend Louise Leakey did all of the deal making for her. Eventually, though, Jane Goodall started to make a lot of deals and got her way as well. Overcoming Challenges: Ever since Jane was little, she was overcoming a whole lot of challenges. She had to figure out how to get a job with animals in Africa, which took years of hard, stressful work, but, in the end, Jane made it happen. Work Ethic: Jane Goodall has always had a very good work ethic. She puts a lot of time and effort into everything she does, even if she doesn't like what she is doing. But if Jane really loves her task, like writing a report on chimps, it will always turn out phenomenally. Motherly Skills: When Hugo (Grub, as Jane calls But when things were getting tough with home-schooling, Jane decided it was best for Grub to go and live with her mother, Vanne, in England. That's why in this particular area Jane didn't do so well. | Report Card!

8: Forming the Nature Club: When Jane Goodall was in elementary school, she and a couple of friends formed a club. Jane, of course, was the leader of the group and made all of the activities up. They would all be writing letters and reports about animals and other nature-related things. After they were done, all of the friends would share what they have learned. Finding Hugo: When Jane started to need quality pictures for the National Geographic magazine, she got a photographer named Hugo. After a while of roaming in the woods looking for chimpanzees, Jane and Hugo fell in love. Eventually they got married and had a son, also called Hugo. After a while of being married, Hugo became jealous of Jane’s stardom, and they divorced.

9: A tragic day: One day when Jane was taking care of Hugo (nicknamed Grub) she got a surprise visit from one of the staff members from the research site. They said that one of the students went wandering in the jungle looking for chimpanzees, and hasn't come back. There was a big search for her going on for a couple of days, and finally, the staff found her body. It was lying in a river and a tragic site to see. After that day, there was a rule that said all students must be accompanied by a staff member while walking in the jungle. Louis: Louise has always been Jane’s friend since she met him. He was Jane’s boss when she was working in Africa, and has helped Jane achieve her dream of working with chimpanzees. Jane could always count on Louis and Louise has always looked out for Jane. On one day, right after one of Jane’s favorite chimpanzee died, Jane received a telegram. It said that tragedy had struck again ad Louis had died because he got too sick and couldn't fight it anymore. Jane would always remember Louis as a great man.

10: Notebook: Jane Goodall is in the field all the time watching the chimpanzees. She needs to constantly carry her notes with her in her notebook so she can record things the chimpanzees may suddenly do. She also can refer to other things the chimps have done with the use of her notebook. First Aid Kit: Jane in the scary, treacherous forests of Gombe. There are wild animals and pointy plants that could scrape her all too easily. Jane will need to carry a first aid kit in case she gets badly cut or something happens to her while alone in the jungle. Water Bottle: Jane should be properly hydrated while walking along in the jungle. Especially because it is very hot and she is walking a lot. If Jane isn't drinking enough water, she could become too dehydrated to come back to her camp where the rest of the water is. | Jane's Satchel

11: Extra Pencils: When writing down her notes, it wouldn't be very good if Jane broke the tip of her pencil. She would have to remember everything she saw that day, go back to camp, or use a stick and a berry to write things down. That is why it is very important for Jane to bring lots of extra pencils with her. Binoculars: If Jane Goodall can't get close enough to the chimpanzees, it could be hard to watch what they are doing. That's why Jane carries around binoculars, so she can see what the chimps are up too. Snacks: If Jane is out on the field and she stays all throughout the day, she will get very hungry. Jane could get weak and could get a bad stomach ache without the proper amount of food in her system. She needs food even more so because she is walking around all day in the woods burning off more calories than usual.

12: Dear Mom, I have just made a major break through with the chimpanzees! Remember when we had George Shaller over, and he told me that I should make a goal that I want to try and find? Well, he told me that it would be a major discovery if I could find watch chimpanzees using a tool or eating meat. I was not prepared when I actually saw these things happening live in front of me. First, I saw David Graybeard sticking a straw into a termite mound. Once there were loads of ants on the straw, he put it into his mouth, still holding the one end, and sucked all of the ants off of it by pulling the straw out of his mouth. When the straw was broken, he took a nearby twig, stripped it of its leaves, and used that instead. I was absolutely amazed!

13: A couple of days later I was watching a group of chimpanzees fight over some food. I looked a little closer and the food that they were eating was a pinkish color. I then realized that those chimpanzees were eating meat! Later, I saw that some chimpanzees were acting more like predators and hunting for food. I am going to break the news very soon and tell the whole world what I have learned. I just can’t wait! This will change our perception on chimps forever. Sincerely, Jane Goodall

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