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JCE's Must See Books

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S: Must See Books as Reviewed by the JCE 5th Grade Students 2011

BC: Jacson V. Drew W. Tony F. Emily K. Darby H. Morgan E. Blake W. Alex C. Kellen T. Jamie C. Dominic D. Ben K. Dylan B. Ellie W. Monet S. Geanette H. Carrie J. Jazmine P. Britney P. Abbey M. Alea C. Tori A. Zachary M. William K. Michael C. Brooke B. Bailey L. Kristen A. | Tyler S. Drake W. Joey L-R. Bryan C. Dillon C. Seth K. Cory K. Tamir R. Connor D. Cory W. Maya D. Erin D. Hunter O. Kareem G. Clay G. Kaci J. Katie E. Jacob T. Tristan R. Jason Y. Haylie P. Breanna I. Emilee B. Gage A. Zachary R. Daniel B. Hunter D. Rileigh L. | Taya M. Gabe B. Chance W. Quinn K. Josh S. Dalton H. Rayn L. Anthony H. Nathan D. Ethan K. Sky B-H. Carissa C. Ashlie J. Akshatha B. Abby C. Sierra M. Julia S. Gwynn M. Megan S. Angela T. Abbey V. Xavier M. CK L. Madison T. Cassidi P. Destiny C. Abi B. | This book was created by...

FC: Books That You Don't Want To Miss... Check out some of these great books in our school library | 5th Grade Book Review Project | Intro To Technology Class Mrs. Feix Spring 2011 | Created by the JCE 5th Graders

1: Table of Contents Credits p 2-3 A Book p 4-5 A Friend Like You p 6-7 Alice The Fairy p 8-9 Aliens Are Coming! p 10-11 Artemis Fowl p 12-13 Baby Animals of Grassland p 14-15 Chester's Back p 16-17 Christina's Ghost p 18-19 Endzone Thunder p 20-21 Family Huddle p 22-23 Froggy Goes To Camp p 24-25 I'm Allergic to School p 26-27 Kitten's First Full Moon p 28-29 Baby Animals of Oceans p 30-31 Skippyjon Jones p 32-33 Snowmen at Night p 34-35 The Book That Eats People p 36-37 The Book That My Brother Ate p 38-39 The Pigeon Wants A Puppy p 40-41 The Two Bobbies p 42-43 Unexplained p 44-45 Wild About Books p 46-47 The Deadliest Jobs on Earth p 48-49 Where The Wild Tings Are p 50-51 If You Take A Mouse To School p 52-53 Moon Rabbit p 54-55 Baby Animals of Deserts p 56-57 The Stinky Cheese Man p 58-59 Oceans p 60-61

2: 2011 | Books That You Don't Want To Miss... JCE’s Must See Books is a joint effort of Intro to Technology Class and our school Library. Fifth grade students worked collaboratively to review some of the great books available in our school library. This book will be shared with younger students during Library time, hopefully generating excitement for reading! | Thank you to all of the people who have helped make this book possible! The teachers, librarian, and students have worked together to create this book and we hope that it will be enjoyed by JCE students for years to come.

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4: Type of Book A Book is a humorous fiction book about a girl who does not know what her story is. It is crazy and funny. | Summary A Book is a crazy, funny story about a girl who lives in a book but has no idea about what her story is. Her family members each think that the story is only about them. Then she goes on an adventure through many different types of stories. Along the way she meets farm people, a giant goose, fairy tale characters, a bunny, pirates, astronauts, and people from a mystery book. They try to convince her that it is their story that she belongs in. Will she ever find her story?

5: Who Might Enjoy This Book If you don't like boring long novels, then this is the book for you. You'll be amazed by what you see. | Main Character The main character is a girl. She has brown hair that is braided with pink bows and always wears her pink dress. Her father is a hard working clown. Her mother is a fearless firefighter. A boy grows up to be an astronaut. The cat looks for small things and moves fast. A fish is looking for the sea. The dog seeks interesting odors. The giant goose lays solid gold eggs. | Other Books By Mordicain Gerstein The Man Who Walked Between Towers Leaving The Nest The Story of May Roll Over The Room Follow Me Stop Those Pants

6: Type of Book A Friend Like You is a friendly non-fiction book about animal friendship. | Summary A Friend Like You is a book about having friends. It doesn’t matter if you are small or big. It doesn’t matter how different you are either. And it's telling you being a friend is easy. Would you like to find out how to be a better friend? How about you read it?

7: Who Might Enjoy This Book Somebody who likes friendship would like this book. | Main Characters The main characters are the mouse Remy and his cat friend Livia. It may seem strange that Remy and Livia are friends, but they are great friends. They live together on a farm. | Other Books By Tanja Askani This is not a series. However, Tanja Askani has written other books about animals and friendship.

8: Type of Book Alice The Fairy is a fictional book about a little girl and fairies. It is an adventure in a little kids world. | Summary Alice, a little girl who longs to be a permanent fairy, but is only a temporary fairy, gets into a little mischief trying to become permanent. Watch how Alice makes her way into becoming a fairy by going through a lot of tricky tasks. If you like Jell-O and cookies THIS is the book for you!

9: Who Might Enjoy This Book I would recommend Alice The Fairy to any little girl who loves to play pretend. So, If you are a little girl that has always longed to be a little fairy and be able to fly, change water to Jell-O, and your parents into animals, then this is the book for you. | Main Characters Alice- Is a little girl that thinks she is a fairy. She is a very sweet and kind little girl. She can be crazy and messy. When she plays fairy she has a yellow and pink wand and a light pink and hot pink dress and white wings and a white crown. | Other Books By David Shannon No David! Oh David! David Goes To School Its Christmas David! A Bad Case of Stripes Encounter Smash That Trash! Scoop That Snow! Duck On A Bike Too Many Toys! Good Boy, Fergus! How I became a Pirate

10: Type of Book Aliens Are Coming is a fiction, mystery, and cool book. | Summary Terror! That is what struck the night of October 30, 1938. People hear a brave announcer over the radio say that slimy aliens have landed in the U.S.A. People are running in the streets and in the countryside! Nobody knows what to do!!! Want more? You will have to read The Aliens Are Coming to find out!

11: Who Might Enjoy This Book People who like aliens or weird science fiction should read Aliens Are Coming | The main characters of The Aliens Are Coming are... Phillip- he is the brave news reporter that is at the alien crash sight The Announcer- announces that the weird aliens are coming The Aliens- the aliens are sticky, slimy, yucky beings from space | Other Books By Meghan McCarthy Strongman Joe Joe's first Flight Molly Pitcher

12: Type of Book Artemis Fowl series is fiction fantasy story about a boy who finds a world of fairies. | Summary The Artemis Fowl Series is about twelve year old multimillionaire criminal mastermind Artemis Fowl II. In the first book, Artemis discovers the People. Then Artemis Fowl II and Domovoi Butler capture LEPrecon Officer Holly Short. Later the LEP comes to Fowl Mansion and starts a standoff. During the standoff, they stop time and send in a troll! Oh no! I can’t tell you anymore. I guess you’ll have to read the Artemis Fowl Series yourself!

13: Who Might Enjoy This Book You might enjoy this book if you are a fantasy novel fan. Also, an action lover would read this book for days and days. | Main Characters Artemis Fowl II: Artemis is a 12-year old multimillionaire criminal mastermind Holly Short: Holly is a LEPrecon officer, and she is a fairy Domovoi Butler: Butler is Artemis’ faithful companion Foaly: a smart centaur who invents items for the LEP officers | Other Books By Eoin Colfer Blue Moon Supernaturalist Airman

14: Type of Book Baby Animals of the Grasslands is a nonfiction book about baby animals. | Summary Baby Animals of the Grasslands is about different animals. Baby Animals of the Grasslands tells facts about different animals that live in the grassland. Read this book if you want to learn more about grassland animals!

15: Who Might Enjoy This Book People that like animals and want to learn about animals | Main Characters Baby Ostrich Baby Lion Baby Bison Baby Kangaroo Baby Giraffe Baby Prairie Dog Baby Baboon Baby African Elephant | Other Books By Carmen Bredeson Baby Animals of the Ocean Baby Animals of the Desert

16: Type of Book | Summary Chester is a large cat with a big personality. His friend a small mouse wants to make a play, but Chester has other ideas. With his red marker, Chester decides to change it a bit from a cave cat to a big star. See Chester back and better in Chester’s back! | Type of Book Chester’s Back! is a humorous book because Chester’s got all kinds of tricks up his sleeve.

17: Main Characters Well one main character of the book is Chester and he is an absolutely LARGE cat!!! He likes being messy and ruining things and well, lets just say he loves, absolutely loves, being BAD!!!! Well yes you have it he is a very, very bad!!!!!!!!!! His friend always yells at him. ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!! | Other Books By Melanie Watt Chester Chester’s masterpiece Your Finally Here! Augustine Scaredy Squirrel Scaredy Squirrel makes a friend Scardy Squirrel at night Scaredy Squirrel at the beach Scaredy Squirrel has a birthday party Have I got a book for you! | Who Might Enjoy This Book I would recommend this book for people who like humorous fiction books about fat cats, or loves a good laugh. This book is probably best for younger kids that like cats and lots of other animals.

18: Type of Book Christina's Ghost is a realistic fiction book that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. This book has chills and thrills and can entertain anyone even the undead. | Summary Has a ghost been spotted? Christina thinks she has. She’s on summer break and when she finds out that she has to go spend it with her Uncle Ralph in his old and spooky mansion, that just makes it worse. Then one day, when Christina was getting ready for bed, she heard a loud thumping noise coming from the attic. As she climbs the ladder her mind changes when she hears the thumping again, only this time, louder. When Christina discovers where the thumping noise is coming from, she is scared and amazed. Could it be a ghost who could’ve been linked to the murders that took place in the mansion thirty years ago or is it just the pipes? If you like mysteries and scary stories, then you should read this book to find out if ghosts really do exist!

19: Who Might Enjoy This Book People that might enjoy Christina’s Ghost are kids or adults who like mysteries, murder stories and are ready to get spooked. Christina’s Ghost would also be good for people who are feeling disliked and/or cut off from everyone and everything around them. | Main Characters Christina is the main character of the book. She is a little girl who is not looking forward to spending the summer with her Uncle Ralph. Another main character is Uncle Ralph. Christina is spending the summer with him in his old Victorian mansion. With no kids to play with she has to stay and work for the summer with no payment. The third main character is the boy ghost. He is a ghost that Christina thinks died there many years ago. She wonders if he could be her link to all the other murders that happened years ago in the shows that went on in the attic. | Other Books By Betty Ren Wright 1) Getting Rid of Marjorie 2) The Secret Window 3) The Dollhouse Murders 4) Ghost’s Beneath Our Feet 5) The Summer of Mrs. Macgregor 6) The Ghost In the Window

20: Type of Book End Zone Thunder is a fictional book about a boy who wants to be a Football Team Captain. | Summary End Zone Thunder is a book that keeps your adrenaline rushing. It is about a football player named Hank Wilde that wants to be team captain. But Jonas Fine tries to out play him and be team captain. So their coach makes them compete all night until the coach tells them to go home so its their last game and coach chooses Tyree as the team captain instead of Hank or Jonas. So Hank and Jonas decide to work together and when they do THUNDER and LIGHTNING strike!

21: Who Might Enjoy This Book People who like comic books or fictional football books would like End Zone Thunder. | Main Characters: Hank Wilde - Position: Receiver Jonas Fine - Position: Receiver Tyree Bonaventura - Position: Quarterback Tou Yang - Position: Utility | Other Books By Scott Ciencin It is in the series of Sports Illustrated Kids Graphic Novels. However, not all of the books in this series are by the same author.

22: Type of Book Family Huddle is a nonfiction story about sports and the Manning family. | Summary Family Huddle starts in the Manning family’s yard. Archie is QB and is passing to the boys. Olivia, their mom, was laughing after Peyton landed in the lawn and got licked by the neighbor’s dog. The boys did one more play before they left for Grandma Sis’ house. After they play some football for awhile they leave Grandma Sis’ house. If you want to learn more about the Manning family, then read this book!

23: Who Might Enjoy This Book People who might enjoy this are people who enjoy books about families and sports. | Main Characters Eli Manning - is very good at QB sneaking Archie Manning - is really good at throwing long passes Peyton Manning - is a young QB with skill Cooper Manning - is a young, future star QB Olivia Manning - The mother of the three boys and the wife of Archie Manning Grandma Sis – Is the grandma to the boys. Gan Gan – Is the wife off Pa Pa and the grandma of the three boys. Pa Pa – Is the husband of Gan Gan and the grandfather of the three boys. | Other Books Eli Manning Peyton Manning Archie manning They do not have more books, this is the only book based on the story about them.

24: Type of Book Froggy Goes To Camp is a humorous fiction book. | Summary Have you ever seen a frog camping? Well Froggy does in this book. Froggy is excited to go camping. Froggy is so excited that he forgets his sleeping bag and his bathing suit. He goes back to get them. Froggy gets to camp, but he is nervous about it. What happens to Froggy in this book? Does he back down or does he have fun? All of these questions will be answered in Froggy Goes To Camp.

25: Who Might Enjoy This Book People who like silly books might enjoy this book. | Main Characters Froggy – he is small, green, adventurous and friendly | Other Books By Jonathan London Other books in the Froggy series include: Froggy Gets Dressed Froggy Goes to School Froggy Plays Soccer Froggy’s First Kiss Froggy Learns to Swim Froggy’s Halloween Lets go Froggy Froggy Goes to Bed

26: Type of Book I'm Allergic to School is fiction and funny. | Summary In the story I'm Allergic to School, the kids are singing, being silly, and just having so much fun with the poetry. I really liked I’m Allergic to school, and I hope that you all like it too. Mostly, this book is about kids thinking they are allergic to school. In this book, there are songs and poems. This book would be most appropriate for kindergarten - 5th grade. If you think that you might be allergic to school, then read this hilarious book!

27: Who Might Enjoy This Book Children of all ages from 5 to 15 (and also some parents) might enjoy this book! | Main Characters All the students Peter, Katie, Keith, David, Michael, Kenny, Christopher, Hannah, Greg, Kevin, Roger, Billy, Julie-Anne, Jennifer, Hank, Tasha, Paul, Ben, Jen and staff. | Other Books By Robert Pottle Moxie Day Maine: The Way Life Should Be

28: Type of Book Kitten's First Full Moon is a fiction story that is at times serious and other times humorous. | Summary Kittens First Full Moon is mainly about Kitten seeing her first full moon. She says when she sees it that it looks like a bowl of white milk. She sticks out her tongue to try and drink it but she eats a fly. Poor Kitten! Kitten says "I want that milk," wiggles her butt, and jumps, but Kitten hits her head on the stairs. She really needs that milk and she wants it really bad. The kitten gets closer and closer and closer, but she does not get it. Next, she tries climbing up on a tree and jumping into a pond (because the reflection of the “bowl of milk” was shining on it) to get the bowl of milk. Will she ever get the milk? Read this book to find out!

29: Who Might Enjoy This Book People who like problem solving stories will fall in love with this book! Many people who read Kitten’s First Full Moon fell in love with it! READ IT TODAY!!! | Main Characters Kitten - has many ways to do things she wants to do Narrator - tells things kitten does | Other Books By Kevin Henkes My Garden Little White Rabbit Old Bear A Good Day

30: Type of Book This book is a non-fiction book about baby animals that live in the ocean. | Summary Baby Animals of the Ocean is about baby animals growing up. It has a lot of cool facts. Read to find out some interesting facts about ocean animals and their environment.

31: Who Might Enjoy This Book The type of person who would like to read Baby Animals of The Ocean is someone who is into underwater animals like the baby hermit crab, baby sea turtle, and baby dolphins. It is also good for a school project or research. | Main Characters Hermit Crab Clown Fish Sea Horse Blue Whale Harp Seal Bottlenose Dolphin Sea Otter Sea Turtle | Other Books By Carmen Bredeson The book Baby Animals of the Ocean is part of a series of books about baby animals including: Baby Animals of the Grassland, Tundra, and the Forest

32: Type of Book Skippyjon Jones is a humorous fiction book about animals. | Summary Skippyjon Jones is a book about a dog who wants to be a cat. So he went on a mission to see what it would be like to be a cat. Then he comes along to a mean cat, but you will have to read for yourself to see what happens to Skippyjon Jones. What will happen? You will never know until you read the book.

33: Who Might Enjoy This Book People who like to laugh and go on adventures might enjoy reading Skippyjon Jones | Main Characters Skippyjon Jones is a Chihuahua. But he wants to be a Siamese cat. Mama is the mom of Skippyjon Jones. Sisters - His sisters' names are Jezebel, Jilly Boo, and Ju-Ju Bee. | Other Books By Judy Schachner There are a series of books about Skippyjon Jones, including Mummy Trouble

34: Type of Book Snowmen at Night is a comical children’s fiction book. | Summary Winter is here! Kids are building snowmen, and running around in the snow. One curious little boy wonders, “What do snowmen do at night?” As people, we know that snowmen can’t come alive. But is that true? Read Snowmen at Night to find out the deepest, darkest secrets about SNOWMEN!

35: Who Might Enjoy This Book Snowmen at Night is a book that may be enjoyed by young children who are very curious about what snowmen do at night. | Main Characters The Snowmen - they are white and puffy Young boy - the young boy is curious | Other Books By Caralyn Buehner: Snowmen at Christmas A Box of Snowmen Snowmen Pop-Up Book

36: Who Might Enjoy This Book Someone seeking a thrilling but scary book would enjoy reading The Book That Eats People. | Characters in The Book That Eats People The Book Little Brother Little Sister Sammy Ruskin Mr. Singh Librarians Victor Glassford Juan police Chuck Anderson Judge Cox zookeepers Isabel Joey

37: Type of Book This book is scary and entertaining. | Summary Caution! This Is a book that eats people. If you read this book you will be eaten. Do not let your little brother or sister read this book because it will eat them. Remember: This is not a fairytale like The Three Little Bears. It isn't a book of how - to or a dictionary. One Day there was a boy named Sammy Ruskin who forgot to wash his hands after lunch. The book tasted peanut butter on his fingers. After Sammy got eaten by the book, his parents gave it to the library. What will happen next you ask? That is for you to find out on your own. So get reading! | Other Books By John Perry None

38: Type of Book The Book That Ate My Brother is a Fiction Mystery. The book is part of a series called The Return To The Library Of Doom. | Summary Have you ever seen a book that eats humans? Well you are about to find out about one. There was a frightened and uncomfortable Jack sitting and typing to the librarian for a solution on how to get his brother Tyler out of a book that ate him. Jack felt this rumble in the room. He opened the closet. Then out of thin air, Jack is gone. Then one day at a book fair this eager girl named Iris couldn’t wait to get her hands on the book called Harry Potter Volume Ate. Will anybody find Jack and Tyler? What will happen when Iris purchases this book? Read this book to find out.

39: Who Might Enjoy This Book People who enjoy scary mysteries and are in grades 3-5 | Main Characters Tyler- Tyler is very brave because he gets eaten by a book but he is still alive! He has always been determined. Jack- Jack is a very scared person when he finds out that a book ate his brother. He is a confident boy. The Book- Very slimy and veracious. It is very scary. Iris- A happy girl who can't wait to get her hands on Harry Potter Volume Ate. She is a determined girl. Barry- Iris' little brother, always happy. | Other Books By Michael Dahl On The Launch Pad From The Garden One Giant Splash Storytime For Lamb One Big Building The Everything Kids’ Giant Book Of Jokes Riddles and Brain Teasers If You Were A Verb Cut Chop and Stop

40: Type of Book Pigeon Wants a Puppy is a fictional story and super funny. It is a comedy about a pigeon that goes nuts! | Summary The Pigeon is at it again, and now the Pigeon wants a puppy! The Pigeon thinks he can take care of a puppy, but when the Pigeon comes face to face with a puppy, he’s in big trouble. The puppy gives no harm to the Pigeon but the Pigeon is still terrified and doesn’t want a puppy anymore. Now the Pigeon wants a... well you’ll have to read The Pigeon Wants a Puppy to find out!

41: Who Might Enjoy This Book The Pigeon wants a Puppy is a great book for young readers to start out with. If you like comedy about animals, then The Pigeon Wants a Puppy would be a great a book for you. The Pigeon Wants a Puppy is a great book to sit, relax, read, and laugh about! | Main Characters The Pigeon - very eager, funny, crazy, and full of energy Puppy - huge, has big teeth, a wet nose, is slobbery, and has claws | Other Books By Mo Willems Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog! Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay up Late! The Pigeon Has Feelings too! The Pigeon Loves Things that Go!

42: Type of Book Two Bobbies is a nonfiction book about two animals that survied Hurricane Katrina | Summary Why are there two Bobbies? There are two Bobbies because there is a cat and a shepherd and their names are both Bobbie. The cat Bobbie is a white cat with brown spots on it. The dog is also white with brown spots.Where do they live? Well they live in New Orleans. They get found by a worker and then he takes them to animal shelter. They found out that the cat was blind. The shelter will only be able to keep them for a short time, will they find a home? Will they be able to stay together? Read Two Bobbies to find out what happens to these unlikely friends!

43: Who Might Enjoy This Book People who like cats and dogs will enjoy reading Two Bobbies. | Main Characters Bobbie the dog helps Bob cat, Bobbie has no tail and has redish & brownish fur Bobbie the cat is a blind cat and also has no tail. | Other Books By Kirby Larson and Mary Nethary None

44: Type of Book Unexplained is a nonfiction mystery book about disappearances, ghost stories, and the hauntings of the ghosts. | Summary This mind twisting thriller will blow you away. If you like thinking about strange and unusual mysteries, then read this great novel. These are just some of the characters: The Bell Witch, The Vanishing Light House Men, and The Flying Dutchman are all part of the great stories in Unexplained.

45: Who Might Enjoy This Book You might enjoy this book if you enjoy nail biting mysteries that keep you on edge until the end. Also, people might like Unexplained if they enjoy learning of the many mysterious stories. | Main Characters In Unexplained there many characters, but these are a couple that stand out. The Lincoln Ghost - It haunts the White House. The Lincoln ghost was last seen in the Lincoln bedroom and was explained as a mysterious tall figure wearing a dark suit. The Ghost of Room 700 - The ghost haunts room 700 in the library in Port Elizabeth in South Africa. The ghost haunts the library every time Liberians take his memorial out of the library. | Other Books By Rupert Matthews Unexplained Ancient Mysteries Unexplained Strange Animals Unexplained Ghost Stories Unexplained Alien Encounters Unexplained Disappearances

46: Type of Book Wild About Books is a fictional rhyming book about animals. | Summary Wild About Books is about a bookmobile driver who accidentally drives into a zoo. The animals go absolutely WILD about books! What will the animals do? If you want to know, read Wild About Books.

47: Who Might Enjoy This Book People who enjoy fictional rhyming books, you will most likely enjoy Wild About Books. | Main Characters Molly- the bookmobile driver who is also a librarian, and a lot of animals that love to read | Other Books By Judy Sierra Tell the truth, B.B. Wolf We Love our School The Sleepy Little Alphabet The Secret Science Project That Almost Ate The School Mind Your Manners, B.B. Wolf Antarctic Antics Counting Crocodiles Monster Goose

48: Type of Book The Deadliest Jobs on Earth is a nonfiction book about some of the scariest, deadliest jobs on Earth. | Summary The Deadliest Jobs on Earth is a book about the most dangerous jobs on Earth and the people that are daring enough to do them.

49: Who Might Enjoy This Book If you like books about dangerous jobs, then you will love the book The Deadliest Jobs on Earth by Connie Colwell Miller. This book contains by far the most dangerous jobs on planet Earth. | Main Characters The main characters are the people doing the jobs, such as military, road workers, and firefighters. | Other Books By Connie Colwell Miller The Stinkiest Animals The Creepiest Animals The Deadliest Animals

50: Type of Book Where the Wild Things Are is a fictional book with plenty of adventure and monsters! | Summary Has your room ever transformed into a forest right before your very eyes? Max’s room has! Max was getting into more mischief than his mother could handle. He was sent to his room without dinner for the night. That’s when his room transformed!!! He sailed across a river on a boat. But...OH NO!!! He sees something scary and mind boggling!!! What it is, nobody may ever know unless you read Where The Wild Things Are!

51: Who Might Enjoy This Book People who are daring and adventurous would love this book. | Main Character Max is a boy who loves adventure. He loves it so much that he dresses up in his wolf costume. He also loves to make mischief, but he is not so good at controlling it. | Other Books By Maurice Sendak Chicken Soup with Rice, One was Johnny, Pierre, Alligators All Around, Higglety Pigglety Pop! , Outside Over There, In the Night Kitchen

52: Type of Book This book is a humorous fictional book about a funny mouse. | Summary This story is about a mouse that goes to school with a boy. The mouse wants something, so the boy gives him what he wants. However, each time he gets something, he wants something more. Read If You Take A Mouse To School to find out what happens to the mouse at school

53: Who Might Enjoy This Book If you enjoy a fictional book about a mouse and like humor books, then you might like If You Take A Mouse To School. | Main Character Mouse - He is brown, has pink ears, and wears blue overalls. Boy – He has light brown hair, and wears a yellow and red shirt, blue pants, & red and white shoes.

54: Type of Book | Summary Do you ever wonder what it's like to be lonely? Little rabbit does. Moon Rabbit is about a lonely rabbit that is looking for a good friend. Will he find one? Read Moon Rabbit to find out. | Type Of Book Moon Rabbit is a fictional book about a white rabbit who is lonely

55: Who Might Enjoy This Book People who might like MoonRabbit are people who like happy endings & books about friendship | Main Character Little Rabbit - A white rabbit that is lonely and loves to read and also loves to look at moon Brown Rabbit - a brown rabbit who loves to play guitar and is also lonely like white rabbit | Other Books By Natalle Russell Brown Rabbit in the City

56: Type of Book Baby Animals of the Desert is part of a series of nonfiction books about different animals when they are little. | Summary In Baby Animals of Deserts, the reader will travel to the hot, hot dessert and the deep blue sea, finding cute baby animals to read about. You will probably want to just give them a hug.

57: Who Might Enjoy This Book If you enjoy reading about animals, you will certainly love the Baby Animals series. | Main Characters The main characters of baby animals of the woodland forest is the baby possum, black bear, bald eagle, red fox, deer, red squirrel, bobcat, and panda bear.

58: Type of Book Fiction/Fantasy This book uses other fairy tails and puts them in a book. | Summary The stinky cheese man is copying other characters such as the Gingerbread Man. This story involves many traditional fairy tales, which are made fun of in this book. Read to find out what happens in these unusual fairy tales.

59: Who Might Enjoy This Book Kids and adults might enjoy this book. | Main Characters Chicken Licken The Princess The Really Ugly Duckling The Other Frog Prince Little Red Running Shorts Jack Giant Cinderupmpelstiltskin Tortoise Hair The Stinky Cheese Man | Other Books By Jon Scieszka Robot Zot Knuckle Head The True Story of The Three Little Pigs The Frog Prince Continued The Book That Jack Wrote Math Curse Squids Will Be Squids Baloney (Henry P.) Science Verse Seen Art Cowboy and Octopus

60: Type of Book This book is a nonfiction book about ocean animals. | Summary Oceans begins by explaining legends of the ocean such Moby Dick, sea serpents, and the kraken. It talks about technology in the ocean. It talks about the coral reef and the fish that live there. But the rest of the book you will have to read to find out!

61: Main Characters Sharks-They migrate around the Atlantic Ocean Dolphins-Dolphins are hunted by Great white Sharks Crabs- crabs have claws that can be used to fight off predators Octopus- has 8 legs to strangle its prey | Other Books By . | Who Might Enjoy This book People who like ocean animals would enjoy reading this book. | Other Books By Beverly McMillan and John A. Musick Sharks Oceans: Life in the Deep

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